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      I was just wondering if anyone in the list is working from home?
      Right now I can’t afford to invest in a business but I’ve been trying
      really hard to find a work at home job. My husband got laid off of
      his job today and I’ve been trying to find a local job for a month
      now 🙁 it’s really hard for us, especially when hardly anyone is
      hiring! So if anyone knows of any legitimate companies (not the mom
      team or anything like that, it’s just not for me and nothing that
      requires start up fees because those are businesses or scams and I
      just don’t have the money) please email me! I’d really appreciate any
      information. Also I’m not much of a phone person and a 2nd phone line
      or cable modem is just out for the time being (all the legit jobs
      I’ve found so far are for telemarketers). Anyway, thanks.


      PS Don’t you just love the budget101 website? It’s so great!

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