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      They are somewhat more than what you would pay from a paycheck, but not much

      more, unless you are making big money.

      The only difference in paycheck is that you never really see or hold the

      money that goes out in taxes, so you don’t notice. You do pay all of your

      FICA (as opposed to your employer paying some of it) and you pay

      self-employment tax. If you put 25% – 30% aside and pretend you never had

      it, pay quarterly, you should be good. If that is too hard, you can even

      pay the IRS every single paycheck (electronically).

      If you start making a LOT of money, there are things to do – get a good book

      from the library and study up.

      On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 8:58 AM, cmboyd_1999 <> wrote:

      > here’s my question that would stop me from working at home… TAXES!

      > How bad are they if you work at home?

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