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      lets see if I can help. I have been an independent distributor for Mia Bella’s

      scent sations for 2 yrs. I am just now getting business lic, tax id and all that

      mainly because I have not pushed my business until now and was building up my

      stock etc…so, I had no reportable income. Now I am doing big vendor fairs etc.

      I pay quarterly taxes ( sales tax) which I collect from the customers. As far as

      income tax I am not sure what it will do to us. Right now all the money earned

      is going back into the business. I keep the business and personal finances

      seperate. I am a member of MUIB and the MOM Pack which I can send you links

      for. Both of these sights are great for tips, building business etc… also, I

      have my own group called business links for moms- my group is a central location

      where anyone can look at web sites, find homebased business etc… Feel free to

      look at my sight and there are many web hosts that offer free web sights that

      can get you

      started, Mine costs- feel free to look at it. myspace is also a great ad tool.

      as well as blogging. As for vendor fairs check the Chamber of commerce for your

      city. When I first was looking I did a search for my city events- all kinds came

      up. There are also several online stores that buy and resell. Your best bet is

      to open you own sight, join all the mom groups, work at home groups etc. and

      pass your info around….Good luck and if you have any questions let me know..


      — On Thu, 7/17/08, cmboyd_1999 wrote:

      here’s my question that would stop me from working at home… TAXES!

      How bad are they if you work at home?



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