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      Just the place I’ve been looking for! I am Beth good to meet you all. I’ve been exploring this site for a week and I do believe I have found the place I need to be. Looking forward to making friends and learning more.:080:

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      Well, we’re sur glad you found us! Look forward to hearing form you too!

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      Welcome to the site 🙂

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      Thank you all. I am still reading thru post. I am gearing up for the New Year and looking forward to sharing frugal tips and successes. I want a debt free home!!

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      Finally, I am Back! After I found this forum last year, Hughesnet begin limiting bandwidth and I had a heck of a time with several sites, including this one. Today seems to be running smoothly and the bandwidth issues seem to be solved. I sure hope so!

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      Hi Beth,

      I just started on here, but I hope to be seeing lots of you. I hope your computer issuses have been resolved.

      Mama Bear

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! WooHoo!