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      Witches’ Brew

      Serves 12-16

      2 cups boiling water
      1 6-ounce pkg lime gelatin, JELL-O®
      3 cups chilled pineapple juice, Dole®
      1 2 liter bottle chilled soft drink, Mountain Dew®, or Canada Dry® ginger ale
      2 cups chilled vodka, Smirnoff® (optional)

      Special equipment:
      1 large black plastic cauldron (available at party or craft stores)
      1 punch bowl that fits inside the cauldron
      1 plastic hand (available at party supply stores), sterilized in hot water
      1 block dry ice (available at supermarkets, ice cream shops or ice companies)

      Prep Time: 20 minutes


      * Pour the gelatin mix into a large bowl.
      * Slowly stir in the boiling water.
      * Stir at least 2 minutes, until the gelatin is completely dissolved.
      * Stir in the pineapple juice. Let cool to room temperature.
      * Wearing gloves, place the block of dry ice in the bottom of the cauldron. (Dry ice will burn skin, so handle it with gloves and tongs and keep it away from kids and pets!)
      * Use an ice pick to break the block into smaller chunks, if necessary.
      * Fill the cauldron with just enough water to cover the dry ice.

      It will begin to “steam.”
      * Place the punch bowl inside the cauldron, on top of the dry ice.

      The cauldron will appear to be magically smoking.
      * Entrap the sterilized rubber hand between the cauldron and the punch bowl, squeezing it tight so the hand appears to be reaching out of the mist for help.
      * Hot-glue the hand to the cauldron, if necessary, to hold it in place.
      * Carefully pour the drink mixture into the punch bowl.
      * Slowly add the chilled vodka and Mountain Dew® or ginger ale.
      * Stir gently to mix.

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      The adult version…this will be fun to try, thanks

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Witches’ Brew