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      3/4 cup witch hazel
      1/4 cup rubbing alcohol

      Mix the ingredients and store in a tightly capped, sterilized glass bottle.

      To use, moisten a clean cotton ball and clean your face with this solution after washing and before applying moisturizer. Your skin should feel tingly while using this clarifier.

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      This sounds awesome i am going to make some of this tonight !

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      Great for oily skin. I use plain Witch Hazel after I remove my makeup, and before I moisturize. I am 53, and have great skin.

      Also do steam, and lemon—pot of boiling water, lemon juice….towel over head, remember to breathe…..5 minutes. Splash face with cool water, and moisturize.

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      I use witch hazel and love it.
      It doesn’t irritate my skin, but alcohol based products can and usually do.
      While the idea of alcohol and witch hazel mixed is probably a really good one, especially for people with either normal or oily skin, for those of use with sensitive skin-not so much.

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      I use witch hazel a lot, for everything from brush burns (scrapes) to rashes, to cat scratchs, to problems in unmetionable areas Its my go to disinfectant/heal-all. purrrrrrrr-fect example, I have a rough neck cat that love to rough-house, and winds up ripping me up pretty good, but using witch hazel daily, the scratches are usually gone in a matter of a couple days (or at least to the point of being unnoticable)

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      I’ll give that a try. Or rather, I’ll have my stepdaughter try it. She has really oily skin and we’ve tried everything.

      The only things that really work are really harsh on the skin, at least for a 12 year old.

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      I wouldn’t let my young daughter use harsh treatments or products. They can really aggravate skin. Plus, who knows what the longer effects will be.
      The most important thing is for her to keep her skin clean.

      Then use a toner/freshner. Witch hazel is a great one. It doesn’t strip all the moisture from your skin.
      LOVE that stuff.

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      MrsPaws, that is why I am wanting to try it with her. I don’t like the smell of the chemicals and if it smells harsh, you know its harsh on the skin.

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      @lmitchell 265391 wrote:

      MrsPaws, that is why I am wanting to try it with her. I don’t like the smell of the chemicals and if it smells harsh, you know its harsh on the skin.

      i have super sensitive skin, especially on my checks and under my chin. those areas are already a mottled red color, but if i use anything harsh, the red areas get very flushed and much brighter red.

      the burning and stinging really gets to me…as of yet, with any brand witch hazel, i’ve not had an issue and hopefully won’t.
      my daughter is now 15, and has been using witch hazel for several years. Apparently, she inherited my sensitive facial skin, but without the redness… also like me, witch hazel doesn’t irritate her skin.
      Best of luck to you both with this amazing product.

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      if i may interject, could be u both have rosacea, i have this and any product with a alcohol base will burn ur skin, and make it worse, i have found using no soap on ur skin will help, wash face with nothing but ponds cold cream, a small bit of water and dry ur face with paper towels, never put a wash cloth, or a bath towel on ur face as this has the soap powders u wash clothes with and this is a harsh irritant to rosacea , if ur skin feels dry and itchy only use creamy baby oil hope this helps

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      Kathie45651-You’re correct. I do have rosacea. Mine includes only the redness and sensitivity.

      My son and daughter both have it mildly.
      As I got older, I noticed my skin became more sensitive…reacting negatively to most cleansers.
      I’m able to use fragrance free baby shampoos or baby washes as a facial cleanser, rinsing well. To tone, of course, I use witch hazel. To moisturize, I’ve found a few good good ones that don’t irritate or inflame my skin.

      Depending on the season determines which one I use.
      I usually prefer not to ‘name drop’, but these have worked well for me and aren’t very expensive at all…
      In cold weather and night use-either Jergens All Purpose face cream or Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Creme. Both are heavy creams and contain, among other ingredients, bees wax-which tends to sooth my skin.
      In hot and humid weather and especially day use-Olay complete all day uv moisturizer spf 15 sensitive skin formula.
      i’ve used other products that were okay, even some more expensive, but these three are the ones i keep going back to.
      *i’ve also used pure mediterranean olive oil. it didn’t irritate my skin, but i didn’t like the way it felt on my skin so use it only rarely, when my face has become chapped or such.
      i’ve not heard the bit about using only paper towels to dry my face with.

      i’ll have to try that one…thanks for the information! 🙂

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      I’m going to try this. I have rosacia as well. Winter is brutal on my skin.

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      This sounds really great. I can’t wait to try it. My teenagers & I have been looking for a facial cleanser with less chemicals as possible.

      This almost sounds like another product that quit costly. So looking forward to this

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      I’ve been using witch hazel every morning after I wash my face. I bought those round little make-up cotton pads, put them in a small jar with a lid and have them soak in witch hazel. After my face is clean then I wipe my face with them, especially around my eyes (it helps with puffy eyes).

      Also, if you have a problem with hemorrhoids instead of buying Preparation H (which has witch hazel in it), you can make up a another little jar up just for that! I also use witch hazel in making bath fizzies for my bath.

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      thats a good idea about using a jar and soaking those round cotton pads. I’m going to try it

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      I am going to try this it sounds very good for the face,sometimes my face feels like it is an inch thick on my forehead and chin. Sounds like it might be what i need thank you for the share

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      I love witch hazel for cleaning my face!

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      I will definitely have to try this out on my girls! What are some other uses for witch hazel?

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