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      Subject: Wipes Recipe’s

      The best paper towel to use for this is Bounty!!
      The best way to cut the roll in half -is an electric knife and an old
      tupperware canister, seals and holds the moisture in.

      Cut a roll of Bounty Paper Towels in half. Gently remove cardborad tube and
      place roll end up in a container with lid. Make mnixture you desire and
      slowly pour around over the end of paper towel.

      Let sit overnight and it’s
      ready to use..

      Diapering Wipes – 2 T Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil and 2 T Johnson and Johnson
      Baby Bath and 2 1/4 cups Hot Water

      Face/Hand Wipes – 2T Johnson and Johnson Bath Bath and 2 cups Hot Water

      Bug Wipes – I cup Avon Skin So Soft and 1 cup hot water

      Bathroom Wipes- I cups pine cleaner and 1 cup hot water

      Window Wipes – 1 1/2 cups glass cleaner and 1/2 cup water…

      ~*~ Don’t bother buying fancy dust cloths that are treated to attract dust
      when all you have to do is to dip a piece of cheesecloth in a mixture of 2
      cups of water and ? cup of lemon oil. Allow the cheesecloth to air dry and
      it will do just as good as the expensive cloth.

      ~*~ Make your own Premoistened Towelettes:
      Mix a few tablespoons of baby oil with one cup soapy water. Soak paper
      towels in this solution and tuck them into plastic bags to use in the
      nursery. Or carry them in a diaper bag or purse for quick cleanups.

      Hope these help


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