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      I live in Sacramento, California where we’ve already seen temps at
      100 degrees this year. It gets higher during the summer. Last month I
      purchased window shades (some call them blackout shades) from Home
      Depot (around $20 depending on size) for my windows and sliding glass
      entry doors. They are a solid piece of plastic (?) that rolls up and
      down. They are white on the outside (I assume to reflect the heat and
      light) and your choice of a few colors on the inside. No, you cannot
      see outside when they are pulled, but boy do they cut down on the
      heat in my house!! Besides the heat the other concern is that the air
      conditioner normally runs all afternoon & evening on a hot day. After
      putting up these shades, when the 100 degree days hit, the air
      conditioner actually cycled off quite a few times. Wow! Because we
      have been willing to pay the extra $ on our summer energy bill to
      keep the air on, I am very anxious to see how this summer’s bills
      compare to previous years without the shades.

      BTW- I am new to this group and have been reading posts for a couple
      weeks. Good stuff!!

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