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      Thanks for all of the information. You do make several valid points. Part of the problem with selling the house is paying the costs of moving – realtor fees (they don’t do it for free), moving, packing, storage (presuming we move to a smaller place/an apartment and do not get rid of every single thing we own).

      Being money is so tight, where do we get the money to move? I have been entertaining that idea now & then, but I still can’t figure out how we are supposed to afford moving out of here. Forget coming up with a deposit for an apartment.

      It’s not there. I am open to your ideas for helping overcome this problem. I have come to realize the government assistance is most likely not coming our way.

      Figured that out months ago. Thanks again. I really appreciate your taking the time.


      herberkids3 wrote: These are the nation-wide income guidelines. The first set of
      numbers is for the continental US. The 2nd set is for Alaska, the
      3rd set is for Hawaii.

      WIC is much more relaxed on guidelines than foodstamps. As long as
      there is a child under the age of 5, and you fall within the income
      noted, you will qualify.

      if you are denied for any reason, but fall within the income
      guidelines, ask for a written note as to why you are being denied

      the guidelines are the exact same, state to state, with the
      exceptions of hawaii & alaska.

      herlean- have you considered transfering your name off the title of
      the house? put it in your husband’s name, and tell them you pay
      rent. tell them you are seperating, but have no
      place to go, so you
      are paying rent and half the utilities for now.

      it’s crappy, i get it. i’ve been there before. but you have to be
      willing to go to the lengths they want to get the help.

      i know
      you’ve asked for help before, and it’s hard to get. we’ve given you
      a lot of information over the past few months, and while it might
      not all pan out, some will.

      you like the school system- i’m sure there are apartments in the
      same school system. you like the house- that’s great, but if you
      can’t pay the bills, it’s an asset you can’t afford. you want help
      with foodstamps, wic, etc, but don’t qualify- you have a way to
      alleviate this by selling the home and living much cheaper.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Wic & Foodstamps, selling houses, assets, etc.