White Chocolate Peppermint Bark

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      Great for Christmas gifts!!

      16 oz white chocolate
      2 red, white, green striped candy cane, crushed into small pieces

      Butter a baking sheet (grease with butter) and set aside.
      Heat white chocolate in double boiler over low heat until all is melted.
      Add crushed candy cane to white chocolate.
      Pour mixture onto wax paper-lined cookie sheet, spreading very thinly with spatula.
      Let the peppermint bark cool and break it into 5 pieces.
      Store in airtight container lined with wax paper, separating the layers with wax paper.

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      Sounds excellent… White choc. and peppermint.

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      sounds even great to add into coffee!!

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      you can even melt your choc in the microwave and just mix in the peppermint

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      Great idea Momof5, easy too!! Thanks!!

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      Sound so good! I absolutely love peppermint and chocolate. Chick-fil-A has a peppermint chocolate shake right now for the holidays and it’s my new addiction!


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      Did they just come out with that shake?? I just have to go by there now and try that!! Thanks!!!


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      My hubbie loves when I make peppermint bark! I give him a ziploc bag full of round peppermints & a hammer & he goes outside on the cement & gets out all his stress (while crushing my peppermints for the recipe!) 😉

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      I love it Rtebalt!! That is great!!!!

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