White Chocolate Party Mix

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      This is good for parties (or just a fun snack at home), but you could also make a big batch of this, split it up, put it in some cute clear bags, tie with a ribbon, & give as a gift.

      1 (10oz) pkg mini pretzels
      5 cups Cheerios
      5 cups corn chex
      2 cups peanuts (salted)
      1 lb M&M’s

      Combine all & set aside.

      Mix the following:
      2 pkg (12oz each) vanilla chips
      3 Tbs vegetable oil

      Heat in microwave (on medium) for 2 minutes. Stir once. Microwave (on high)for 10 seconds.

      Stir until smooth. Pour over cereal & mix well. Spread on wax paper lined baking sheet.

      Cool & break apart. Store in airtight container. Yield: 5 quarts

      Note: I typed out the recipe just as it appeared in my cookbook, but I don’t like to microwave chocolate. There’s too much of a chance it will burn & then be ruined. I place the chocolate & oil in a glass bowl.

      I take a small saucepan & put a couple of inches of water in it. Put the put on the burner, then put the glass bowl on top of the saucepan. (Make sure the water does not touch the bowl.) Simmer water while stirring chocolate.

      This will melt the chocolate evenly & there is less chance it will burn.)

      Variations: You could try this with chocolate chips or butterscotch chips as well!

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      that sounds yummy… into my fav’s it goes!

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      Great! Let me know what you think about it! 🙂

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      Will be giving this one a try for the kids!!! Um yeah.. my hand will be dipping in too on the weekends!!!

      Been doing the low carb thing and have lost 22 lbs as of this morning!!! Weekends are my days off though, have to give myself some wiggle room!………no pun intended:-(

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      Wow, its that time of year again when I gain alot of weight……this look fabulous….cant resist!!!

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