White Castle Sliders

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      White Castle Sliders

      Get a pound of 85% lean ground beef, and divide into 16 equal sized pieces.
      Form each into a 2−1/2 inch square patties. Do this on waxed paper. Make
      the patties very thin.

      Then “cookie−cut” five holes in each pattie.
      (the pattern should resemble 5 on a dice) A CLEAN pen cap works nicely.
      Freeze these 16 patties. (It’ll make it easier later)
      BUNS: the buns are also small. My grocer has dinner rolls the exact size
      I need, but you might have to create your own using hot dog buns.

      hot−dog bun makes two White Castle buns. Simply cut in half (through top
      and bottom) and then cut off the rounded sides to make them square.
      COOKING: This is key.

      You need to finely chop a medium white onion.
      On a pre−heated 375 degree electric griddle, lay about 1−1/2 Tablespoons
      of onion for each patty you want to cook (generously spray with non−stick
      spray like Pam first) The onions should only be “one deep” if you will.
      Immediately place frozen patty directly on top of onions and press down.
      Cook for about 4 minutes right on top of the onions.

      The holes in the beef
      will allow the steam to cook the top side. (You don’t flip)
      Add a dash of salt and a pinch of pepper to each patty while they cook.
      Remove and place on UNTOASTED buns.

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      I am going to try these, we LOVE them, but Whities is alittle out of out way.

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      Thanks so much for this recipe. 🙂 We love these and they are expensive at the grocery store and we don’t have a White Castle anywhere near us. I have made just plain sliders but this will be much much easier 😉

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      We always bought these by the bagful. No White Castle near me now – so, to bring back old memories – I’m going to make my own bagful.

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      thought i’d post a response since no responses had actually already made them. had them tonight – they’re great. i actually made my own buns so they’d be the right size.

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      Sounds like something my family would love, I have to give it a try.

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      Love the idea to put holes in the parties. Will make this.

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      you can roll the ground beef onto a cookie sheet and then cut them.

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