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      Many local communities have a yahoo group for freecycle as well as one

      for selling items. List it first in as many free avenues as possible-

      cheapcycle (also called swap shop, or buy & sell), craigs list, even

      your local newspaper (though that will cost a bit).

      If those don’t work, then explore eBay. One great thinga bout eBay is

      that people can connect with people around the world to sell any thing

      you can imagine.

      The bad thing about ebay is that an item that once might have been

      worth quite a bit is now worth a LOT less. This has effected not just

      ebay auction sales, but retail sales, antique sales, collectible sales

      all around the world, both online and offline.

      The basic premis behind collectible items is that they are only worth

      what someone is willing to pay. 10 years ago, if someone sold a really

      nice vase that people wanted, and couldn’t locate, the person who wants

      it would pay a premium for it.

      Now, people log into ebay, and within moments, usually can find exactly

      what they want, from several sellers. The premium just isn’t there


      Collectible items just are not worth what they were before because of


      In other words, you probably won’t get what you want from the peices

      because of eBay’s long arm.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “pseuzanne” wrote:


      > I have a Lenox vase, 4 place settings, and some serving pieces that I

      > would like to sell, and I’m wondering where to do that. I looked up

      > Lenox vases on ebay, and most of them had no bids. Would I be better

      > off trying to sell them locally somehow? I know about craigslist, but

      > what are my other options? The pieces are not antiques.


      > Suzanne

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