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      I just came across this site and read the e-book on how to feed a family of four on $200. It explained how the author would buy a side of beef for about $1.15/pound. I looked online at the farms in my area (ct, ma, ny) and the leat expensive i found was $5/pound.

      Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could get a better deal? I am willing to travel the northeast.

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      I always buy my meat from a local butcher shop ,but depending on the price of cattle is what you are going to pay. You can buy cases of meat at sams club -hamburger in rolls ,porl loins -we cut them up for chops . Also sometimes if you call stores -if they cut their own meat – if I buy 80lb -100 lb can I get a discount .

      Last time I bought a half of beef it was 1.35 lb ,but you have to pay for the beef and the processing it was about 600.00. Something to save for. Hope this helps -Bobbi

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      I am in Fredericksburg, VA and I buy my meat from a local farmer it comes processed double wrapped for the freezer and I pay $2.00 a lb. I would expect to pay more up North. But not that much more.

      Sorry I couldn’t help in your area.
      Tracy in VA

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      Do you have any packing companies nearby? We have a beef packing company near us. My aunt works there and just bought me 2 chubs of ground round (angus) for $20.00 $10.00 a roll!

      Make a friend at one and they can get overstock really cheap. Also buy from meat markets near holidays, I bought a case of beef ribs, brisket, pork chops, and whole chickens from the meat market here and only spent $150.00. That will feed my family for several meals!!

      Meat tends to go on really great sales near holidays.

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      you can also look for local markets to mark down their meats on certain days and buy it up, it you are going to freeze it anyway it does not matter if you buy it on the sell by date. This way you can buy smaller amounts more frequently and still sve a bundle. One store I go to freezes the meat and sells it really cheap.

      I usually pay 1.58 for boneless skinless chicken breasts. They also have pork and other things on sale as well. nice way to stock up, and save money.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Frugal Savings Where to buy meat in bulk?