Where the H*** have you been?

Stuff I’d Like to See General Where the H*** have you been?

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      I have to admit, my life has felt like I have been in the pits of hell the last couple months.

      We found out that the slumlord was selling the duplex we had been renting for the last five years — whatever — it was a crap hole that needed a lot (and i mean a lot) of electrical, plumbing, furnace, and structural work…so began the hunt for a new home.

      it is a whole other world when looking for real estate and being on a crunch time frame — and then there’s the deepest pits of hell when you find a house you can afford and it’s on the foreclosure list. why must you sign every page of what seems like a 1400 page novel??? Seriously — all our technology, and it’s still a long, drawn out process. ugh!!

      Sign, sign here, re-sign, resubmit, blah, blah, blah.

      In the end, 2 months later, we have a new house — all our own, that went through a $40,000 total house renovation (that they lost in foreclosure) — and so no renovation we need to do.

      We now live between 4 different yacht clubs (why don’t we own a boat? oh yeah, we are poor) — so we have great views, great breezes (soon to be great snows? 🙁 ), and wonderful elderly peaceful neighbors…

      geez —

      everything took a backseat when the threat of being forced out of your old house came to the forefront — i’ve neglected everything … thankfully, school was already done for the semester, and i was smart in not taking summer courses!

      also, since we moved from michigan to ohio — someone got smart a long time ago and created a reciprocity agreement between ohio and michigan — thus keeping our tuition costs the same as in-state residents, though we are a state further south.

      our drive time to eastern michigan university increased by 9 miles — but that’s nothing on the big scheme of things…

      I am glad to be done moving — now to unpack … yay… not.

      That’s almost as bad as packing —

      Changing everything is a major pain … telephone, utilities, internet/tv, blah, blah, blah.

      We bought our foreclosed, 2 bedroom/1 bath completed renovated house on 1 acre of land for a scant $17,000 … do you know how hard it is to get a mortgage for that low amount? LOL good grief!!!

      The summer/winter taxes are $580 twice a year (not bad for the location!!)

      and we finally told tmobile to shove it up their wazoo … we were paying $300 a month for 3 phone lines — crazy!! — instead we went with tracfone and no contract …

      since we have a regular landline, if someone wants to call us, pick up the phone!

      technology isn’t always a good thing… in the end, it almost seems like you are working to pay the big guy… time to get back to basics.

      on the flip side, my husband and i were accepted into emu starting fall 2013 (daughter is still at Washtenaw Community in Ann Arbor)… and school starts in less than a month.

      I need a vacation from my vacation — or somewhere life needs to slow down… before the start of the new semester.

      Anywho — I neglected every website on the planet — including this one. :/

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      Welcome Back! Sounds like life has been hectic, but, now it is time to take a deep breath and count your blessings. Good luck with school and all.

      Thanks; Virginia

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      wow, you have really been through a lot over the last few months. I remember when we bought our first house, I was in 7th heaven. I understand what you are talking about with the phones.

      we have a landline and I carry a tracfone. we pay for a years contract, and get double of minutes for life of the phone. I never run out of minutes.

      I don’t like cell phones, I think people spend entirely to much time on them. I really hate it when you are talking to someone and they pull the phone out of their pocket and start texting. I think the cell phones have made America ruder by the minute.

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      Hey lady, welcome back! So glad to hear that you’re getting settled in again and things are slowing down for you finally. I hate Slumlords! Congratulations on the new house, sounds like you got a great deal on it. Really glad to hear that they have a reciprocity agreement too! What a difference that makes!! Transferring credits is a nightmare, we’re going through that with our oldest son who graduates this year.

      Congratulations again on the New House!

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Where the H*** have you been?