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      8/7 Budget101 Challenge Question: What is the Most Money saving-tip that you ever received or learned? Feel free to elaborate!

      In case you’re wondering what you’re playing for… The winner of Today’s B101 Challenge will receive an Amazon Gift Card (The Amount is a Surprise!) and this challenge expires aug 8 at 10pm


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      The best money saving tip I ever learned was how to make my own laundry sauce/detergent. We were buying tide laundry soap for $17 a Month which is $204 a YEAR. Since we’ve been making the laundry sauce, I’ve made enough detergent to last a year for about $5.

      That was the single easiest, best money saving tip I ever read online.

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      Don’t impulse buy! Remember that you can only spend the money that you have once!! Always think before buying — Say to yourself : Do I really need this?

      Give it a few minutes thought — you might find something else you really do need and not have the money to get it, as you have already spent it on something you really do not need. (Just because you have checks left in your checkbook doesn’t mean you still have money in your bank account!!) Thanks; Virginia

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      To stop buying a bunch of different products to deal with germs, wounds, acne, and various other things and invest in a big bottle of tea tree oil! it has so many uses. it has helped clear up so many issues for every member of the household plus can be added to any natural cleaner i make.

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      The best money saving tip I received was to wait 24 hours and think about it. If I lived without it I didn’t need it.

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      I converted 2 large trashcans into rain barrels for about $20. I got the cans for free from a local trash company. I use the water collected to water my ornamental plants, outside planters, and house plants.

      My summer water bill has dropped by half.

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      The best money saving tip I ever got was from my mother who waitressed when she was younger. She said, whenever you’re about to buy something you “think you need” stop and ask yourself is it worth ___ number of hours of your life?

      Basically, if you’re making $7 an hour and something costs $25- is that item worth 3.5 hours of your life? Because that’s what is cost you to have that item. Even at my age now, when I go to make a purchase I stop and ask myself it that item is worth those hours of my life that I’ll spend working just to obtain it.

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      The bet money saving tip I ever learned is this new homemade laundry detergent. I had never even thought of making it homemade and the dollar saved!

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      The best way to save money is don’t spend it in the first place! When trying to decide whether or not to buy an expensive/impulsive item divide the price by your hourly wage. This will tell you how many hours you will have to work to pay for it….not including interest if you charge it.

      When you see how many hours it will take to pay for an item, many times it makes the decision NOT to buy easy.

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      Mine would have to be Stacking Coupons (along with a sale or B1G1). My mother never used coupons, I never used them until I was 40 and discovered this site. Now most of our daily personal care items are free or just about free.

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      The best money saving tip I have learned is this ! Every month I pay myself first. I just add $80.00 to my Christmas Club. And at the end of the year I have extra money for Christmas shopping.

      I now live on a fixed income and wasn’t use to saving. I also drop the change in my checkbook to the next dollar, you wouldn’t believe how much you can save there too.
      ( this on came from my Dad ,now passed) but worth is’t weight in gold.

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      I buy the el-cheap-o basic pasta sauce and add my own meat and seasonings to get better than store brand pasta sauce.

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      When I was trying to save up some $
      I found a way to do it without causing me too much stress doing it. over a years time you can save almost $1,600!! ok, so first week you deposit $1.00 second week $2.00, third week $3.00 and so on..

      by week 10 you will have saved $55.00 week 20 will have $210.00 saved in that acct. week 30 a whopping $465 week 40 is now $820.00 week 50 and you will have $1,275.00 week 56 and you’re looking at a whopping $1,596.00… thanks to one of my nosy kids reading what I had written – I have been advised only my year is an excruciating 56 weeks, the rest of y’all are lucky to only have 52….

      which will still net $1,378 you will have saved somewhat painlessly!

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      @FreebieQueen 320240 wrote:

      8/7 Budget101 Challenge Question: What is the Most Money saving-tip that you ever received or learned? Feel free to elaborate!

      In case you’re wondering what you’re playing for… The winner of Today’s B101 Challenge will receive an Amazon Gift Card (The Amount is a Surprise!) and this challenge expires aug 8 at 10pm

      One of the best things to save money is to make your own vegetable stock. When you are preparing your veggies, put all the clean scraps, peelings, everything into a bag and freeze it until you are ready to make the stock.

      Keep adding to the bag until it is full (the size of a gallon freezer bag). Pop the frozen veggie scraps into your crock pot and add water to cover. You can, of course, add other veggies at this time if you wish.

      Set the crock pot on low and walk away. It’s great to do this overnight and when you wake up in the morning, the veggies are mushy and drained of their color. Strain and store the stock in clean mason jars in the fridge.

      Use the stock to make soups and stews. I even use it to make my rice and quinoa. The dogs like a tablespoon of it mixed in with their kibble, too.

      I used to buy organic veggie stock which costs $3 to $4 per package. I’d buy 3 or 4 a week because I make a lot of soups and stews. Now it is completely no cost to me because I am using up scraps!

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      Hello again, here’s another way I have found to try and save money ! As a grandmother I find I love to play bingo!!!! some times too many nights a week.

      so i have decided to stop playing some and only play one night a week. with the free time i have now i visit my grand kids and have tryed my hand at canning pickles and jelly’s . something my family missed out on when i work.

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      To remove almost any carpet stain, mix a few drops of clear dish soap and water. Apply to stain, using a steam iron and clean white or light colored towel place towel over treated stain. Put steam iron on towel and move every 15 sec. Stain will pick up into towel, be sure to continue to move to a clean area of towel each time you apply iron. you may have to add more water and soap as you steam.

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      Homemade gifts. Start with a basket, a vase or a mug…but never buy them at a department store. They are always available at thrift stores. Add a pretty bow and fill them with flowers, candies, baked goods, soup kits, homemade spice rubs and marinades, a magazine with tea and cookies, jams, jellies, homemade bath salts and a nice towel. The ideas are endless,…..and it makes you feel good!

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      add a slice of bread to your hardened sugars etc to bring it back to grain consistency

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      I’ve learned (and keep learning every day) that if you can buy it in a store, you can most likely make it at home for much cheaper! Food, personal needs, laundry and dish detergent, etc! My next purchase is going to be a sewing machine so I can make reusable “paper” towels!

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      The best money saving tip for shopping has been to leave me at home! My husband does the shopping and by staying to the list he spends less and in half the time. And I am ok with that! He’s a really good shopper. Not swayed by the “specials” on the endcap!

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      So far the best money saving tip I have learned is making my own laundry soap. I love it!

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      I think the best money saving tip I’ve ever learned is to never use change! I frequently shop with cash as that is the best way to know what you’ve got, so when I get change it goes into a jar at home, then after some time I roll it up and deposit it into the savings account. Even if the change due is only 1cent eventually it adds up! I can usually do quite a bit of Christmas shopping out of that savings account!

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      The best tip I ever got was to bring your lunch and coffee to work, this saves so much money at least 10 to 15 dollars a day.

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      The best money saving tip that I have learned is to make homemade cleaning items.. I make my own laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, and my own cleaning spray. The detergents use pretty much the same properties plus or minus an ingredient or two and the cleaning spray is super safe and really inexpensive, and it does a better job than actual “cleaning” sprays!

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      My best money saving tip has to do with paying down debt quickly and paying the smallest amount of interest or service charges. To do this I prioritize bills based on when they start adding interest and charges. This means that I have to read the fine print on my statements. I also have to communicate with my creditors and explain that to assure that their bill receives priority I am making payments more often (your landlord or a very small business may have trouble keeping track of multiple payments, so make sure you talk to them about it first.)

      Most companies do not charge a penalty if you split your bill into weekly payments (made at no cost electronically, of course). Some companies will charge you a service fee if you make more than 6 payments in a month, because it messes up their daily balance/interest calculations. When this happens you pay no interest for that month, and since they make their money off of interest, they make it up with a service charge.

      My Medical bills do not have added interest until sixty days have passed, so I break the bill down into scheduled payments and spread it over those sixty days.

      Bills that have a higher interest rate, like my student loans or mortgage, may get an additional payment after I have paid at least the minimum monthly payment. This payment is directed specifically to the loan with the highest interest. The idea is that if you pay the loan with high interest more quickly, the amount of your payment that goes to principal increases.

      If you find that you are in way over your head, negotiate with the company to pay off the principal amount you owe in one payment and receive a letter of settlement (make sure that the letter indicates that the entire principal has been paid in full, and that the company has waived the interest). Keep the letter, some credit card companies who were under pressure to make settlements in 2010 are now coming back and reactivating the settled accounts. A copy of the letter will put the quash on the company’s efforts.

      Using this method I was able to pay off all of my credit cards, have minimal month to month accounts, and now I can focus on student loans and mortgage. By paying an extra payment on our mortgage we are 3 1/2 years ahead of schedule on our loan that we took out in 2008.

      Because my payments are divided into weekly amounts, there are no more huge fluctuations in my checking account during the month. My daily average balance is a true indicator of the health of my account.

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      Making my own Laundry Detergent has saved our family close to $300 per year for a cost of $21 and change.
      YEARLY Price Break Down: Laundry Detergent at $18 x 8=$144, Bleach $2.50 x 4=10, Detergent Booster $3.99 x 2=$7.98,
      Fabric Softener

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      The best tip I ever learned was when I was asked to go to a couponing workshop. I learned how to not only coupon, but I learned how to stack manufacturer and store coupons on the buy one get one free items. I learned that with the correct stacking, I could actually end up with an overage! For example, the Splenda was bogo, I paid like 2.99 for 2 packs, but I had 2 manufacturer coupons for 75 cents each and 2 store coupons for like 1 dollar each, so I ended up with a 50 cent overage (meaning they deducted what I earned in overage from the end of my bill! I acutally got paid 50 cents to buy that splenda)

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      Cut up your credit cards and use cash only or debit cards so you can see immediately what you’re spending. Debit cards use money you have not money you wish you had. By doing this, I must stop and think about my purchases.

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      The best money saving tip I ever learned was to use meal planning. Being a stay at home mom puts my family on a tight budget. Meal planning helps save money on groceries and helps us eat healthier, too!

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      Making my own Laundry Detergent has saved our family close to $300 per year for a cost of $21 and change.
      YEARLY Price Break Down: Laundry Detergent at $18 x 8=$144, Bleach $2.50 x 4= $10, Detergent Booster $3.99 x 2=$7.98,Fabric Softener $18 x 6= $108, Laundry Stain spray $12.99 x 3= $38.97. Total of $ 308.95. (We bought laundry detergent every 6 weeks = 8.66, almost 9 containers.) The home made detergent has all of these products in it.

      I have used a bit over half the amount in 8 months and did all my spring cleaning and washing with it. It will surely last over a year.
      Christmas Gifts Under $5.00 – Buying everyone in our extended family (21 and counting) the same thing but in different colors. Slippers for $2.99, Stylish earmuffs 4 for $5.00, Scarves with an Initial came in blue or red 0.75 cents – best deal yet, Candy wreath made with a $1 hoop and candy from after Halloween candy sale .

      Most of the gifts have prices well over $10. I buy the sales on Black Friday, after Christmas, after Valentines and Target in July. This method has saved me money and stress.

      I enjoy wrapping the gifts because I can decorate them beautifully and still maintain the price under $5.

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      I measure a purchase not by dollars and cents, but by how much time it takes me from my family. As a working mom, I feel like I’m never at home and am missing out on so much. So for me, that box of cereal equals 15 minutes away from my kids.

      Name brand shoes that someone wants because “everyone else has them” can equal an entire day away from my kids. Now that may be fine, I just think about – is it worth it? Spending a day at an amusement park with my family is worth it.

      A pair of “beats” headphones is not. Driving a car with no air conditioning in the south outweighs working a whole week just to make a car payment on a new car.

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      The best money saving tip I was ever given was to base my grocery shopping list off of what I had in my pantry and my Bountiful Basket. This has allowed me to bring my grocery bill from $200 a week to $75 a week.

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      I have virtually stopped buying paper towels and plastic freezer bags. At the Dollar Market, I purchased inexpensive washcloths to be used instead of paper towels in the kitchen. For dirty jobs, I use old rags.

      Plastic freezer bags are washed and reused.

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      The best money saving tip came from my father. Debt is a killer. If you have a credit card pay the balance off every month.

      I use my credit card to pay for household bills that are automatically paid with my credit card, example cell phone and car insurance. I also use it to pay for all medical co-pays, prescriptions, vet bills, gasoline, groceries etc. I am 59 years old and have never paid an interest payment on a credit card.

      I use a credit card that gives back cash bonuses. Last year I earned $870.00 of free money!

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      Making our own cleaning wipes out of Pinesol and water. Each container sells for over $3 and lasts between 2-3 weeks. Pinesol is under $5 for the large container and it made enough to last us a good year.

      For the wipes we switched from paper towels to cotton flour sacks kitchen towels on sale at WalMart. We cut them into 3rds and fourths and use them for the kitchen, bathroom and general cleaning.
      We eat out once a week whether is Mc Donalds or Beni Hanas taking turns choosing the restaurant and respecting the choice. Eating a $2.00 huge slice of pizza at Sam’s may or may not be part of this agreement as this is a very tasty pizza.

      If it is the weeks choice for eating out we order a large one and bring it home for $10. This pizza is so big we always have left overs.

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      The best money tip I ever got was to quit work and be a stay at home mom–no child care, no work lunches, fewer clothes needed, fewer shoes, no office “showers”, and other gifts for almost unknown people, no “must contribute” for things I wasn’t interested in, no second car with extra gasoline, insurance, car payment, and general upkeep. It all added up to more than I was making.

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      I would have to say the best money saving tip I’ve ever learned I learned growing up. My mother taught me how to stretch my dollar by not spending more on name brand things and being able to purchase more items when buying the non-name brands, this includes food items for me. I also shop thrift stores and find many name brand articles of clothing dirt cheap, some even still have price tags on them.

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      raising 5 kids i learned early on to use coupons,coupons, coupons !!

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      The best money saving tip I have ever found is how to clean copper pots or copper bottomed pots. Simply smear ketchup on the bottom of the pot and let it sit OR open a small can of tomato sauce, smear it on the area and let it sit a few minutes. The discoloration will come right off and will leave a shiny finish to the copper!

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      The best money saving tip I’ve learned is to use Emergency blankets
      (the folded shiney thing you see with camping supplies?) unfold and put up to south windows……..you can still see out, but it’s about 80% cooler with the sun reflecting. One blanket (approx. $2) covers 3 windows.
      It saves strain on our air conditioners, it does not have to work very hard, and our electric bill shows how valuable it is.
      Everyone I share this with is amazed at how well, how inexpensive, easy to do, I have mine up with scotch tape, just a few places…..and how much they save in electricity costs.
      i consider it “solar savings”.
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      the best tip I have ever received was from my mommy..she said to make a list and only take enough cash for that purchase..and leave the extra locked in the trunk of the car..and If you really wanted to purchase something extra u had to walk to car in the rain, snow or heat..and If you were willing to walk and go get and back u must have really wanted it..

      many more times than not I get in the car and go home

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      @FreebieQueen 320240 wrote:

      8/7 Budget101 Challenge Question: What is the Most Money saving-tip that you ever received or learned? Feel free to elaborate!

      In case you’re wondering what you’re playing for… The winner of Today’s B101 Challenge will receive an Amazon Gift Card (The Amount is a Surprise!) and this challenge expires aug 8 at 10pm[/QU

      my best money saver is vinegar, the thousand uses for cleaning and health tips

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      One of the best money-saving tips I have learned is to sew. I made suits for my sons when they were young and still sew for myself. Now on the internet there are patternless sewing ideas and printable patterns for free so I can do more with less!

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      One of the best tips I have learned to save money is to compare price per quantity instead of buying quality. For example: I went to our local supermarket the other day and was looking at the prices for toilet paper. There was a 4 pack for $.86 and the 36 pack was $15.99.

      I started the math and realized that if I buy 9 four pack rolls then I would come out cheaper. $7.74 compared to $15.99.

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      Finding this site, I just found this site and I am so glad I have a 3-day weekend because I will be making A LOT of things I have just found on this site! Thanks so much

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      I would have to say the best advice I ever have gotten is to ‘waste not want not’ all food is used, all leftovers save, both sides of the paper written on, old clothes become rags. the less we toss in the trash, the less we don’t have. I even teach my kids to reuse, reduce and recycle. its a family adventure.

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      The best thing that I ‘ve done to save money has to do with the menu-challenge that I’ve sent out! Only purchasing from the mark-down bin has clipped my budget! It requires you to think on your feet for planning menus, but with purchasing larger items that are marked down…like a whole chicken to roast…you can plan several meals!

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      I have another great money saving idea. when I bought my first kindle, I found the free books offered on amazon. you don’t need a kindle you can download the kindle app for almost any device including your computer. I have ‘bought’ almost 3000 books and I haven’t spent a so much as a dime. I can get any kind of book from cook books, romance, mystery, sci-fi. you name it and it is there. there are also site you can sign up for that will price watch the books you want and will email if they price drops to a certain price. if you have amazon prime you can borrow a book a month for free. so when I want to finish a series, I borrow the book. you can also get library books from the library. I read on average 2 books a week. 300+ pages per book. If they weren’t free, I couldn’t afford to support my habit.

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      It wouldn’t let me edit my last post…

      I wanted to add

      I forgot, if you have a buddy with a kindle, you can loan most books to each other. so if your friend found a book you want, you can get to use it for 2 weeks.

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      The very best money saving advice came to me from a very good friend. She had me get a small note book, and keep track of every cent I spent in that notebook. She told me that if I bought a gumball, to write it down, on the page that I had dated for that day. She then instructed me to look at the book, and categorize my purchases, to see where I was spending the bulk of my money. That way, I had it in black and white, and could not argue or rationalize with myself. I knew for a fact how I was spending my money.
      The next step, she told me was to sort out Needs and Wants, and mark a legal sized envelope for each of the Needs. Add up the monthly total of what you need for each thing, and divide by how many times you get income for that month. If you have payments due quarterly or annually, then you divide that as well, so that you put exactly the same amount each time you get paid, into that envelope so that when the time comes to pay it, you have it. When you get payed, you are to deposit the money that goes into each envelope into each envelope. If there is no money for “Wants” then you either need to get a second job, or get some kind of training to qualify and obtain a higher paying job, or reduce your needs to allow for some “Wants”. What are you thinking that you need that you really don’t? Perhaps you don’t actually have time to watch 100 channels of T.V….maybe a subscription to Hulu or Netflix would suffice. $9.00/mos compared to $75.00/mos?
      Perhaps you don’t need to eat out as often as you do? Maybe you need to pack a lunch when you work or go to school, and set a limit for eating out to once a month or once a week. Are you spending too much on gifts or other entertainment? Perhaps you could make homemade baking or cooking mixes as gifts, or sew some gifts as opposed to gift cards…. Maybe you could read more books from the Library? See what I mean? There are usually things we can cut down on. When we make a budget and stick to it; or change it…but NEVER forsake it…THAT’S THE VERY BEST MONEY SAVING TIP I HAVE EVER RECIEVED AND IT HAS SAVED MY LIFE!
      P.S. After you have done this, and get a better feeling for how you want to really run your finances; you can go back to cards and checks if you choose, and if you trust yourself. I personally have kept to the system, because I am a firm believer in “If it isn’t broken, it doesn’t need fixing!!!”

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      Theses are my top 10…there’s many more, but these are my top tips:

      1. Homemade (from scratch) cooking. ((desserts, roasted whole chickens, rolls, biscuits, large roasts w/ veggies, breads, bread sticks, pizzas, casseroles, soups, etc…))
      2. Diluting Dawn dish detergent to use in the foaming pump bottles.
      3. Same thing with liquid antibacterial hand soap.
      4. Freezer cooking. ((Can take advantage of bulk or mark down meat purchases, convenience of partially prepared meals, easy way to use up left overs or to make planned overs, NOT WASTING FOOD, etc…))
      5. Crock Pots-a busy person’s best friend! Throw in ingredients, let cook, dinner’s done. 🙂 ((Less money spent on dining out or getting take out.))
      6. Coupons!! ALWAYS using them on sales, and esp on B1G1’s! ((Legally and morally))
      7. Home made gifts for holidays and special occasions.
      8. Making and following a menu plan. ((Great way to use up left over, create planned overs, take advantage of bulk/mark down/ loss leader purchases.
      9. Home made remedies!!
      10. Home made mixes-Food and Non food.

      Forgot to add another GREAT one…
      Becoming a member here, and reading the great threads on the forum!!!!
      I’ve found so much great information here, and let’s not forget the fantastic recipes!!
      showered with love

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      My best money saving tip is not to buy all those expensive household cleaners. I use vinegar and water to clean my sinks and surfaces in my kitchen and bath and I also use it for super clear and shiny windows. I also use peroxide to get stains like accidental doggy potty or baby or older adult potty and even wine or blood.

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      The best money saving tip I ever learned was not to count the amount of money I was “saving” but picking up these great deals, but to count the amount of money actually leaving my wallet every week.

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      The best money saving tip I learned was to buy in bulk – but only if you know you’ll use it in time. We’re a small family, so we use our vacuum sealer to buy family packs of meats and divide them up at home into smaller, our-family-sized portions.

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      When I learned the value and usefulness of making my own cleaning supplies/laundry soap/fabric softener, I was amazed at how much money was saved. (and how few chemicals you really need to get the job done. When I learned that essential oils were also anti-bacterial, I was thrilled. Tea tree oil is one of my favorites to use. and it only take a few drops mixed with water to clean. And making my own room deodorizer spray using lavender oil, man just knowing it’s natural and no added chemicals is enough for me, but also knowing that it only cost pennies to make….EXSTATIC!

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      Oh and I just found out that the Dollar Tree now accepts coupons!

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      Re: B101 Challenge: What’s the Most Money-Saving Tip you ever received/learned?
      I learned early in my days as chief grocery shopper to use coupons regularly and to write my check for the full amount of the groceries BEFORE the coupons were used. The resulting ‘change’ went directly into my savings jar along with the rebates I mailed in. One year, I had about $975 saved in that jar!!

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      Thrift stores and garage sales have saved me so much money, from furnitue, to christmas presents, gaming systems complete with games, home decor, kitchenware such as tuppaware and pampered chef for pennies, digital cameras (have found about four of these and all worked, bought them for a coupl of dollars each time and gave ’em to my kids. Now they (12, 9, and7) each have their own camera. No need to use moms. I buy jewelery, sarves, hats, books galore, camping gear, including a 5 sleeper tent, gardening supplies and tools, and one of my faves, clothes!! My style is different and unique, but it looks good and i always have fashionable accessories which I could not afford otherwise.

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      Probably the best money saving tip that I ever learned was to make my own homemade “convenience” mixes. I can’t imagine how much money I’ve saved over the last few years since I started making them myself, rather than buying them. I learned this tip in liss first book she posted years ago and between that and learning how to menu plan using what I have and using loss leaders, I have saved a small fortune. I know that we used to spend in the neighborhood of $1,000 a month or so and now we spend around $270 a month for everything, including cleaners because of this site.

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      Always know your bank balance. One $3 trip to taco bell can turn into enough overdraft fees to equal an entire paycheck.

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      The best advice I ever received was from my Mom….. She told me, “No matter how much you have, learn how to live poor.” This means think about every penny you spend before you spend it… Can you buy it cheaper? Can you make it cheaper still? Or, even better, can you live without it?


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      Always fill up your gas tank when it is at the lowest daily temperature outside (early in the am), the gasoline is denser and you get about 15% more for your money. (learned this from an Exxon-Mobil exec. who attends my church)

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      The best money saving tip I have found is curing my own ham. It’s easy and you can do it by just knowing how to boil water.

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      A very good money saving tip for me is using my office shredder for creating decorative paper filler for mailing packages, fixing gift boxes, and filling beautiful gift bags. I save and shred all types of gift wrap from Christmas and birthdays and shred them to reuse and recycle them instead of buying new tissue or fillers for my gift bags. It is good for the environment and great on my wallet. It is attractive and you can create your own color scheme from your own left over wraps and tissue!

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      Live within/under my means and have no credit cards. Use my debit card to pay bills and cash for everything else.

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      Make sure that if you are going to buy something that it is a “needed”and not a “want” Item,. I want items tend to be used once or twice then left on a shelf. A needed item gets used all the time and will get replaced if worn out.

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      the best thing i know is to utilize what you have to the fullest extent being thrifty doesnt always say cheep you want what you have to last and have the ability to use all of it

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      My most money-saving thing to do involves reading. In my home, there are three avid readers (one book or more a week). So, we have a library card which we figure saves about $500/year but the other thing we do is resell the books. For example, at Christmas time we bought our 9-year-old the entire Rainbow Fairy series on Amazon. We bought a used set for one-third what new would have cost us – then after she read them all, we resold them back on Amazon for nearly the same price we paid. Our daughter then took that money to pick out more books. It is almost like we are using the same money over and over again. Really the only cost to us has been the shipping which is about $10 for a large set of books.

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      The best money saving tip I’ve ever learned is how to make my own cleaners and convenience foods. We don’t buy something unless we absolutely NEED it. That’s how we’ve been able to pay off our house.

    • #441709

      I have been making my own laundry detergent for 3 years now. I use 1 box of borax (I usually call to get a coupon) 1 box of washing soda (I email to get coupons) and 1 small container of oxyclean/ sun(also coupons here) and 1 box of ivory soap flakes (thank you fred meyer). It lasts me about 6-8 months per each time I make it, and it’s all HE safe! I cook from scratch and make my own seasonings (Thanks bunches Budget 101…the chili seasoning is my fave!). We also over make waffles and freeze the rest and heat in the toaster oven, I have a niffty pop tart machine (clearance from target) to make pizza pockets or whatever pocket and don’t buy it in the store.

    • #441714

      Be content and live within your means.

    • #442369

      Congratulations to our randomly drawn winner: Drea! Thanks to everyone that took the challenge, we loved your responses and I’m sure others will appreciate all the knowledge you’ve passed along!

    • #441735

      I am curious. How does one cure a ham? Recipe please!!! I love ham

    • #441737

      Make do, use it up, or do without. Also I try to only buy on sale and with coupons.

    • #441863

      Never spend a $5 bill. Put in piggy bank and deposit twice a year.
      Don’t use credit cards to buy something on sale unless you can pay it off before paying interest. By the time you finish paying interest, you will find that it wasn’t a big savings at all

    • #442236

      Homemade Laundry Soap….

    • #442343

      Don’t buy anything unless you can pay cash for it. My husband and I have spent our marriage like this from day one. Oh you want a new truck. Ride the old one till you have enough for the new one. I can only imagine what we have saved on interest. It has also kept us from making purchases that we shouldn’t. Before we buy we think about how long it took to save the money and then we decide if we really want to spend the money.

    • #442428

      cloud9  smilieThank you so very much for the Amazon Gift Card! There’s an item that I’ve been dying to buy but couldn’t “talk myself into it” and I was able to buy it.multistars smilie

      I just LOVE Budget101! No other site does the things that you do for your members, so Thank you Liss! And thank you to everyone that participates and makes this site so much fun.

    • #443351

      The Laundry sauce is @1
      a close #2 is the Mocha Toffee Coffee recipe at$3.00 a cup I rarely would get
      this treat that is so special for me.

    • #444228

      One of the easiest money saving ideas that saved us money each year is applying a water heater blanket and turning down the water heater a couple of degrees. A typical water heater cost $500/year to use. You can save up to 10% off your bill with the water heater blanket and between 5-10% off additionally buy lowering the temperature a few degrees (it must be at a specific temperature to kill bacteria, higher than that is just a choice).

    • #446122

      Know were your money is going. wright it down make a budget and stick to it

    • #447346

      The best money-saving tip I’ve ever learned is to always check the thrift stores if you NEED something. Wants are one thing I try to avoid 😉 but when you NEED something you can usually find it at a Goodwill, Habitat Store or Humane Society thrift. This way you save money & help a worthy cause.

    • #447408

      In my household it is hands down the “art” of thrift store shopping. It actually took me a few years to perfect it, but I now have a wonderful satisfaction that I know if I need something other than underwear for instance, I will be able to find it for much less than retail if I put forth the effort.
      I made a lot of mistakes at first by buying wonderful items that I did not need, but simply bought them because they were such a great deal! If you don’t need it, any price is too much!!

    • #447418

      My biggest money saving tip is to fix the small things while they are small…small repairs can keep items functional n give you years of use rather than replacing with “new”.

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