What would you do if you had a Scotch Laminating Machine?

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      I know we have a ton of crafters here on the site, so I thought we’d offer a Crafters Challenge!

      One of my favorite crafting items is my scotch laminator. I use it for a ton of things, like making recipe books with washable pages, homemade photo books, sealing important documents, etc. I love mine so much I thought I would give one away here on the site in time for back to school!

      Interested in having one of your own? Reply to this thread and Share your crafty idea for what you would do with it if you had one! One randomly selected entry will receive a brand new laminator and pouches.

      Challenge Ends at 10 am EST 8/9


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      Well, I think it would be nice to make recipe book (with the washable pages you mention) as a gift for my nieces. Thanks; Virginia

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      More like What wouldn’t I do???

      Let’s see, I’d make photo bookmarks for the kids, crayon stained glass art,stained glass ornaments/suncatchers, magnetic photo collages, customized ring binder notebook for my to do lists, washable chore charts for the kids, washable labels for the storage bins, storybook placemats for my nieces!

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      I’ve never used a laminator before but I’d like to laminate some older documents to preserve them. We have birth certificates, social security cards and things like that that are looking kind of ragged.

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      I’d make waterproof id tags for all my kids school things like their backpacks. Last year my daughters backpack was stolen!

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      One of these would be a tremendous asset to our Homeschool. I could make reusable flash cards and laminate my daughters brilliant artwork to keep it safe. I also watch younger kids to bring in some income and it would be very useful for laminating things for working with them.

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      Thank you for the challenge! I saw a neat craft idea last spring at a craft show where they shaved crayons onto the sheets and then laminated them. It made really pretty “stained-glass” suncatchers for the windows.

      I have a rather large sunroom and the birds sometimes hit the windows, so I would use the laminator to make the suncatchers and hang them all over. Thank you for the challenge.

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      I would laminate small pieces of wall paper border for framing, laminate important documents, laminate crayon-colored pictures from my young nieces and nephews for hanging, laminate favorite sayings or bible verses to frame.

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      I Have been wanting one of these for years! We homeschool and could get A LOT of great use out of it! I would use it for traces letters, art projects, the kids make pretty pics on tracing paper and we could laminate it and make a kind of stained glass we could even do different ones for the front door for the different holidays, make some states placemats or a coloring placemat for my younger.

      I could make my sons and I’s chore charts, and laundry chart. I could put my Kitchen to do list on there ex: make bread on tueday and thursday make chicken stock sunday night, soak beans saturday night, soak oatmeal every morning, etc etc.

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      I have twin grandchildren (boy and girl) , 7 yrs old and a 3 yr old granddaughter. I would use a laminate to preserve their pictures and the cards that they make “mama and papa) . They are so precious.

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      I would laminate important personal documents, and photos. I also would use it to laminate old recipes that I inherited, so that I can preserve them for years to come!!! And, of course, the kids craft projects, etc!

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      What would I do? I think my real words would be ‘wouldn’t do’. To start I would make a family story book for each of my grand babies.

      Laminate all the pages and give them a life time of memories.

      Next: My husband and I are putting together a cookbook of all our favorite recipes (and the kids) from the years we were in the restaurant business. Each page would be laminated to allow for less mess.

      I would then laminate all my favorite photo’s and stick them up on the mirrors in my living room. Easy care and I could wipe them as I wipe the mirrors. It will make a great photo wall.

      Thats to start! Have a great day.

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      Congrats to RosesBistro1234 – our randomly drawn winner from our Budget101 Beat the clock challenge.

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      I do a lot of scrapbooking and not all items are archival. Laminating them, I could use more things in my scrapbooks–leaves, flower petals, etc.

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      Thank you!! I didn’t realize that I’d won until I got the shipping notification from amazon! I’m so excited, thank you!

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      I do have one and laminate everything from bookmarks to id cards.

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      Old thread, I know…but we use ours mostly for educational resources. Homeschool was heavily on our radar screen for quite a while (and is still on the list of options should we feel the need to pursue it); I’ve made a variety of clip cards, games, flashcards, nomenclature cards, number/letter tiles and more, reinforced with our laminator! 🙂 Recently, I made up some sea life themed resources (puzzles, wipe-able writing practice cards, shadow matching) for my oldest DS’s kindy classroom as a surprise for his teacher.

      She loved them! 🙂

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      Id go nuts laminating all kinds of things………

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Crafts & Homemade Items What would you do if you had a Scotch Laminating Machine?