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      My 13 year old daughter is on her 3rd ipod in 3 years….I bought the first one..I bought a cheap shuffle for $100 for Xmas and said if you can keep it until your birthday (july) then I will upgrade to the better one…well last day of school in June somebody stole it…so she saved her money by babysitting the whole summer and bought a $350 ipod. It lasted awhile but she lost it 1.5 years later…and last one was her main Christmas present. She has been through several phones also.

      She forgets her jackets everywhere…I have been at my witts end. I have spoke with several parents who’s kids at this age are going through the same things….I spoke with her Doctor cause I thougth her and or I were going crazy….or she was just a total ditz…LOL the Dr. said this is normal for kids this age. It is not irresponsibility.

      They are growing…hormones are different etc etc…it makes it very difficult for them to remember every detail….

      I make her responisble for things we have activley discussed…but for trivial things that I know she just “forgot” or misplaced….I let it go..there is so much more to worry about.

      We also had 2 $400 cell phone bills in a row…she had to pay the 2nd because the first was a mistake…the 2nd she knew better and was warned. SHe paid with her money and also lost her phone for 2 months. Mistakes can be learning experiences.

      But for a dvd he misplaced while on vacation I wouldnt worry about it. I personally would warn him his dvd rental priveldges would be gone if it happened again as there wasnt any consequences set before he lost this item. Believe me I have lost my fair share of items on vacation….

      Just my 2 cents..lol


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