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      I have a 17 yr. old nephew who in the past8-9 yrs.has lost or broke 6 CDplayers….2 of them I gave to him as a gifts.Same with dvds,cds, and playstation controllers. my brother would just replace it and not teach him the consequences.

      two yrs. ago, my brother bought him an expensive cell phone. he was down at the pool.

      his phone rang and he asked his friend who was out of the pool to toss it to him and he didn’t catch it so it drowned. now my brother decides to teach him consequences by refusing to buy another one. a few months later, my nephew bought his own phone and it got broke after 3 mos.

      So at 16, he gets a part time job after school. My brother was changing cell providers and wanted to get a family plan so he told my nephew he would have to buy his own phone. They blocked textand let him have the web.

      Last month, they received their bill for
      $3,000. Though the provider was suppose to block the text and they have that on record, my nephew textedand went over the max amount and also was downloading tons of things from the web. He knew he wasn’t suppose to have text nor dl from the web but he chose to without telling my brother.

      he should have gone to my brother and told him but you know how kids are. he was suppose togo to mi next month with us to visit my sister for a couple weeks but now his triphas been canceled for him to work to pay the cell bill balance. he truly is not responsible with material things.

      in your situtation, i believe starting early teaching kids responsibility and consequences. a 9 yr. old is old enough to understand so I would have him pay for the DVD since he took it on the trip without you or your husband knowing.

      Just my 2 cents.
      Be who you are…say what you feel…because those who mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.

      Life is short…..break the rules…..forgive quickly…..kiss slowly…..love truly…..laugh uncontrollably…..and never regret anything.

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      OK my fellow budget-eers, read this situation and let me know your

      We just got back from a vacation. We drove, using a rental car (dad
      wanted me to pick up some things from my aunt that wouldn’t fit in our
      regular car along w/our luggage). We stayed at 2 different hotels.

      My 8.75 y.o. son decides (w/out telling my husband or myself) to bring
      along a dvd we rented for him (he thought that perhaps the hotels
      would have a dvd player so he could watch it). we don’t find out
      until we are on the road that this is in the car w/us.

      i do a fairly thorough inspection of both hotel rooms before leaving
      them, to make sure nothing is getting left behind obviously.

      we get home, clear out the car before returning it, and unpack. the
      dvd is nowhere to be seen. he claims it never left the car, although
      “maybe” he brought it inside the first hotel.

      we’ve called both
      hotels and the rental car agency
      and no one is claiming to have found it.

      he’s usually a very responsible kid when it comes to electronics &
      music/movies, more so than dh and myself (we lost a cellphone charger
      on this trip), so for him to misplace it is very unusual.

      so, do i tell my son he has to pay for the lost dvd? do my husband
      and i pay for ourselves, because we didn’t warn him of the
      consequences ahead of time? should i say we split the cost based on
      the fact that although we didn’t warn him, he’s old enough to know he
      has to take responsibility for his actions?


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