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      I agree with the poster that mentioned not coming down too hard on kids becasue they will learn not to trust you.

      I babysit. Today my dd and the little girl I babysitwere playing rough with a doll and pulled its leg off.

      I heard my daughter saying I am going to take it to my mom to see if she can fix it. The little girl got very upset and tried to talk my daughter out of it. Wanting instead to hide the doll.

      When my DD brought me the doll the little girl came in very defensive trying to explain how it happened.

      The doll has a cloth body and the leg was tied on I simply retied the doll and sent them on the way,and told them next time don’t be so rough.

      My DD came right away to me because I have always tried to help her make things right. The other little girl expected to be chastised so she tried to hide what happened.

      I think if kids learn to trust us with their little problems they may be more apt to trust us when they are older with their big problems.

      Tracy in VA

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