What to do with surplus?

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      Hi I’m new and my name is Shawn. I’m fairly good with budgeting.

      I have gotten out of all car debt. I only have house debt now.

      I have have 3 months emergency expensesmoney in an ING account, but wondering what to do with my surplus after this.

      I’m 33 years old.

      I am doing my 401K at 6% and then am putting in a certain amount of money into a “CAR FUND” so I can pay for my next car with cash.

      All other surplus I am thinking of putting into HOUSE payoff, however I don’t have a ROTH IRA.

      Have any of you put all of yourother surplus into HOUSE payoff? Based on what I’m seeing I could have my house paid off in 7-10 years if I do this.

      I also have a desire to put the surplus into a ROTH IRA, but instead thinking it would be much better to be about 40 years old and have no morgage then I can be more open for giving as well as retirement saving.

      Tough stuff because crunching the numbers seem to suggest Roth IRA is better, but I have such a strong desire topay off the house to be rid of all debt.

      Thanks in advance,

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