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      For the poster with lots of eggs here are some things I made this week.

      I made this dish because I had some dinner rolls that were way to hard to eat for dinner.

      I cut the left over bread up in cubes and placed in a greased 8 x 8 inch pan.

      I mixed eggs, a little milk, cinnamon a little sugar and some syrup, a little vanilla flavor.whiiped this mix untill it looked and smelled good. Then pour it over my bread in the pan. I covered with foil and let it sit in the fridge over night.

      The next monring I baked it at 350 for one hour. For enough bread to fill and 8 x8 pan I had about one quart of egg, mixture. It is important not use too much milk you want the consistency of scrambled egg mix.

      You will notice this is a basic bread pudding recipe but you can make all kinds depending on what you have on hand. You can add fruit if you like the options are limitless.

      After dd and I ate what we wanted for breakfast I portioned out the rest and froze in one cup containers which dd ate several times over the next few days either for breakfast or desert. She is nine and she loved this.

      You can also make savory one using ham or sausage instead of the sweet stuff you could add cheese if you like spicy stuffy you could scramble sausage with onions, and hot peppers. This would probably make a good dinner dish.

      I made this dish because I was wanting to use of some bread that wasn’t good for much else. But it would be a great way to use up eggs. And since it freezes so good it would make handy meals for the freezer.

      Gosh a yummy bowl of bread pudding warmed in the mircowave would be way better than cereal and just as fast in my not always humble opinion.

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