Stuff I’d Like to See General What should I rename a Halloween Goodie bags since it’s for school ?

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      I would like to make Halloween goodie bags but the public school doesn’t celebrate Halloween even though when my son was in Kindergarten last year they did have goodie bags and cupcakes.I just would like to pass out goodie bags at the end of class.We will be having a fall party but that’s for thanksgiving break,so I can’t call it a Fall goodie bag since that name is already taken.So if you have any ideas on what to call a Halloween goodie bag without saying it is please let me know.I would appreciate any ideas you might have or have done in the past.

      Thank You,
      Sally VW

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      All Hallows bag??? Spooky treat bag?? How about that???

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      How sad they have no halloween. How about “politically correct, non-offensive” treat bags.

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      Yeah I agree it is sad!!!

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      Most schools are going this route-Halloween does offend some people. My opinion they need to do some research about Halloween. I really like that the local school here has the kids dress up that day as a character from their favorite book.

      Just one way that the teachers have came up with a creative way around the possibility of offending anyone.

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      What about Fall Harvest Goodie Bags or Autumn Goodie Bags?
      Just a thought…

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      :036:How about “Fun Sucker Bags” – you could put a photo of the Superintendent on each bag.

      I have a big problem with all this Politically correct Bullsnot. It’s complete garbage.

      With that said, (and I’m steaming already), call’em Harvest Treats, Autumn Delights – (for these you can make Crackers/Poppers- just take a cardboard tube- a tp or papertowel tube, put the treats inside, wrap in colorful tissue paper, tie the ends with ribbon and add a couple halloween stickers- ghosts, witches, pumpkins, colorful leaves, etc.

      Here’s what I mean, I just made this in about 10 seconds flat, super easy, super cute and you can fit all kinds of things inside. You can get about 3 treats per paper-towel roll.

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      lol! i love that…funsucker bag! priceless:) lisa

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Stuff I’d Like to See General What should I rename a Halloween Goodie bags since it’s for school ?