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      I hope the rains/tornadoes that just went through Ga helps out

      with the water shortage. I live in SC and we are doing alright.

      Still not suppose to waste water but you know how it is.

      I also turn off all computers at night. Along with Printers,

      speakers, cable boxes, anything that is not absoultly necessary

      for us to be on.

      We do have a outlet store here for Goodies that sells clothing

      very inexpensively. We bought 5 t-shirts for my oldest for

      somthing like 20 bucks. Not bad. My husband has bought a pair of

      pants for like 8.00 (down the road the same pair was 40).

      I can feel for you on the shoes. I had to have orthopedic shoes

      that were around 300 per pair. I bought them and did my dangdest

      to solve the foot problem that caused me to have to wear it. My

      problem is the opposite of your sons. I have high arches.

      I know about allergies to. I can’t have Sulfa at all or soy.

      allergy test says I’m allergic to everything except ciggeretts

      and soda. So I kind of figure out what is the worst and stay

      away from those thing with the exception of special occations.

      But Sulfa and Soy will cause a trip to the hospital. (sulfa is

      in wine and some additives).

      My husband has to have a special diet since he is diabetic and

      the supplies are outrageous and now I get to test as well for I

      am working my way toward being a diabetic (syndrome X). So that

      is one thing we can’t save to much on (I do buy in bulk and I

      also buy the store brands).

      Some of the meds are high cost that can’t be helped. Fortunatly

      I have only one pill that is high and my asthma med is also high

      but I am down to one or two asthma attacks a month. My husband

      has a high med also. We spend about 175 per month on meds.

      That’s not including the costs of supplies.

      We have a son that is in a state college with tuition prices of

      a private college. We make to much for him to get grant’s. His

      grades are good enough for scholarships so we pay his tuition.

      Our youngest has hearing issues that requires him to have a

      hearing aid that I found out after purchasing it that it was not

      covered under our insurance so that was a 2200 expense we didn’t

      expect. He will start college next fall. So there goes even more


      Now you all know why I need to save as much as possible.

      I did change my insurance and cut that in half but unfortunatly

      the oldest son got three tickets in a row and there went that

      savings. When he graduates though he is on his own. For now he

      pays his own gas and lunch. He is also responsible for the

      upkeep of the truck he drives (my truck he gets it when he gets

      out of school).

      I do go online and buy his text books. I can get them alot

      cheaper than at his schools bookstore. He goes and gets the ISBN

      number and I have him write down the addition and all that

      pertinate info including the cost of new and used. Most times

      atleast I will save 50% off the used price for a new book.

      I send all my side of the familys birthday cards to my mom at

      one time and she gives them out on the appropriate days. (It is

      usually at christmas time when I send a package with gifts.)

      Lets face it most kids don’t mind money, neither do most adults.

      My sister-in-law like Tinkerbell so I usualy wrap a second

      package with happy birthday paper and send her something with

      Tinkerbell on it.

      I will shop for a bargain till my husband tells me just to get

      it. Then I will get the best price still.

      Instead of buying the pam spray cans I bought a spray can at bed

      bath and beyond for 10.00 that lets me put 2 oz of oil in it and

      pump it up to spray my pans with it. Works great for me and I

      don’t use so much oil.

      I usually fix things myself/husband. We don’t hire out to much

      stuff. Cut my own grass. Trim my own hedge rows.

      Do my own pool

      maintenance. We are even rebuilding our garage ourself. We even

      work on our own cars and change the oil ourself.

      We roll change and put it in a special account. I also charge us

      for laundry as if I went to a laundry matt but I have the

      convience of home. (This money goes with the change) This

      account will be mine and my husbands dream trip when we figure

      out what it will be.

      I’ll see what else I can think of that I do to save money.


      — CeCe Sweet <CeCeSweet@yahoo.com> wrote:

      > Here are the things I’ve been forced to do because of

      > the economy/gas prices.


      > Stop at stores only on the way to and from work to

      > pick up groceries, etc.


      > Because one of the stores I go by on the way home is

      > directly in my pathway, I stop there periodically

      > during the week looking for marked down produce and

      > meat items.


      > I expanded my square foot garden 4 times larger than

      > it was last year and I started a compost pile.


      > I also purchased additional seeds at 10 cents to 30

      > cents a package and purchased herb seeds.


      > I purchased herb and natural healing books in order to

      > use food and herbs to deal with my physical conditions

      > in a further attempt to get me off of certain

      > supplements.


      > I have two problems that probably most people on this

      > list don’t have to deal with.


      > First, I have food allergies and sensitivities. I

      > cannot eat anything that has gluten, dairy, eggs,

      > beef, pork, and most seafood. I cannot eat oranges or

      > corn. I also have problems at times with peanuts. I

      > can eat poultry, fish (non-scavenging) and wild game

      > (if I could ever find some stuff). I can eat lamb,

      > goat, sheep, providing those have not been treated

      > with hormones. I am allergic to food additives and

      > cannot eat anything that has high fructose corn syrup,

      > hydrogenated vegetable oil, monosodium glutamate, and

      > any artificial food colorings and flavorings. So life

      > is a challenge to say the least.


      > Second, my youngest son who lives with me is autistic.

      > (he’s 17). He is a typical teenager in that he eats,

      > but he requires other necessities that I have to pay

      > money for – such as keeping him in Special Olympics

      > (because he has dyspraxia – a muscle disorder) so that

      > he is active and learns relationship skills. I also

      > have to send him to camps and other specialized

      > training that is not covered by any government

      > programs (I make too much money), but yet are required

      > for him to advance and become a more responsible

      > person and hopefully gainfully employed one day.


      > So, I have different priorities than most people out

      > here. My son is a big and talk man at 6 ft 5 and

      > wears a 16 shoe, so that’s hard to deal with too.


      > So, I try to make things less expensive for me at home

      > by doing things that I have always done such as shop

      > at the dollar day at the thrift store, hit garage

      > sales when I can (when I am out and about) and buying

      > clothing / shoes, or anything else that I can when

      > prices are 80 percent off or more. I unfortunately

      > cannot do the same for him as I have to buy his shoes

      > online and he requires special shoes because he has

      > flat feet.


      > Living in North Georgia, we also have to deal with a

      > drought. Fortunately vegetable gardens are exempt,

      > but we were asked to cut our water usage by 10 percent

      > last year (which we did).


      > I could probably think of more but you get the

      > picture.

      > Cece














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