What kind of cuts are you forced to make?

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      We are failry fortunate that we haven’t had to do alot

      of tighting but I am starting a garden this year. Had

      to buy a cultivator though (cheaper than renting it

      and I needed to have for several projects). I did buy

      seeds and a starter kit (it works out for me because I

      don’t have luck with pots and plants. I sorta have a

      black thumb sometimes). I removed soda from our house.

      I go to whole sale clubs to buy stuff we really use. I

      order my medications via the internet (from our

      insurance company) and get a month’s free for doing

      it. I order the printer ink cartridges on line so I

      pay 1/2 or less of what the store charges.

      I walk my dogs and use the exercise equipment I bought

      a long time ago instead of joining a gym.

      We bought our son an enexpensive car to drive back and

      forth to school so I am not makeing 4 trips a day and

      his car has much better gas milage than mine does.

      We go to the library to rent cd’s instead of buying

      them. We use on-demand (I have a really good bundle

      deal for my area on phone, internet and cable) to

      watch movies (not the pay ones the free ones). When we

      go out for dinner it is usually when I have been sick

      or running two or three of us to the dr that day.

      We do have a land line but that is for overseas calls.

      We have cell phones that are all conected together. I

      use a family plan to include my mother to call. My son

      has his girlfriend on his.

      Our biggest bill (besides mortgage) is food. It is

      very expensive here where I live. It wouldn’t take

      much to spend 300 per week on groceries (some has to

      do with health issues but for the most part it’s

      expensive). I do go to Save-a-lot for my canned goods

      and I get my meat at Sams when possible. The rest I

      have to use area chain stores. I stay away from

      Walmart (can’t go in without dropping 80-100 no matter

      what I do).

      We also only go out for dinner on tuesday, wednesday

      or thursday. (makes it more enjoyable for us.

      That’s all I can think of for now

      Take care




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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Senior Savers What kind of cuts are you forced to make?