What kind of cuts are you forced to make?

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      Here are the things I’ve been forced to do because of

      the economy/gas prices.

      Stop at stores only on the way to and from work to

      pick up groceries, etc.

      Because one of the stores I go by on the way home is

      directly in my pathway, I stop there periodically

      during the week looking for marked down produce and

      meat items.

      I expanded my square foot garden 4 times larger than

      it was last year and I started a compost pile.

      I also purchased additional seeds at 10 cents to 30

      cents a package and purchased herb seeds.

      I purchased herb and natural healing books in order to

      use food and herbs to deal with my physical conditions

      in a further attempt to get me off of certain


      I have two problems that probably most people on this

      list don’t have to deal with.

      First, I have food allergies and sensitivities. I

      cannot eat anything that has gluten, dairy, eggs,

      beef, pork, and most seafood. I cannot eat oranges or

      corn. I also have problems at times with peanuts. I

      can eat poultry, fish (non-scavenging) and wild game

      (if I could ever find some stuff). I can eat lamb,

      goat, sheep, providing those have not been treated

      with hormones. I am allergic to food additives and

      cannot eat anything that has high fructose corn syrup,

      hydrogenated vegetable oil, monosodium glutamate, and

      any artificial food colorings and flavorings. So life

      is a challenge to say the least.

      Second, my youngest son who lives with me is autistic.

      (he’s 17). He is a typical teenager in that he eats,

      but he requires other necessities that I have to pay

      money for – such as keeping him in Special Olympics

      (because he has dyspraxia – a muscle disorder) so that

      he is active and learns relationship skills. I also

      have to send him to camps and other specialized

      training that is not covered by any government

      programs (I make too much money), but yet are required

      for him to advance and become a more responsible

      person and hopefully gainfully employed one day.

      So, I have different priorities than most people out

      here. My son is a big and talk man at 6 ft 5 and

      wears a 16 shoe, so that’s hard to deal with too.

      So, I try to make things less expensive for me at home

      by doing things that I have always done such as shop

      at the dollar day at the thrift store, hit garage

      sales when I can (when I am out and about) and buying

      clothing / shoes, or anything else that I can when

      prices are 80 percent off or more. I unfortunately

      cannot do the same for him as I have to buy his shoes

      online and he requires special shoes because he has

      flat feet.

      Living in North Georgia, we also have to deal with a

      drought. Fortunately vegetable gardens are exempt,

      but we were asked to cut our water usage by 10 percent

      last year (which we did).

      I could probably think of more but you get the





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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Senior Savers What kind of cuts are you forced to make?