What kind of cuts are you forced to make?

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      Typing in the ISBN Number on Yahoo will git a list of sites with

      that text book and there is a part that pops up at the top with

      the prices that you can choose which to buy from. We usually

      have about 2 weeks to get the books before classes start. There

      has only been one time that the book didn’t arrive before the

      class but the instructor told the students they wouldn’t need it

      until later in the class.

      Another way of doing it very cheap is to have the student try to

      check the book out at the college library. (Or do the reading

      assignments in the library if checking out is not an option).

      Sometimes a public library will have the books as well.

      If you are looking for books to purchase not for school I go to

      the library and check what they have (writing down the ISBN

      number and order the same way on line when I get home if I like

      the book.

      I don’t buy cook books as I can borrow them any time from the

      library and if we like the dish I just write out the recipe and

      where I got it from.

      If you enjoy reading stories but the books cost are to much (I

      have seen some for 10 – 15 dollars sorry but not for

      entertainment purposes only that is too high) write your own

      stories that way you can include what you like and exclude what

      you don’t like.

      — Dianne <di-myers@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

      > I’m a senior at Cal State Fullerton (and a mom of 3 one of

      > which starts

      > college in the fall).




      > As a history major, I have an absolute TON of books. I buy

      > most of my books

      > online a places like half.com (which is part of ebay),

      > Amazon.com, and other

      > textbook places. All you have to do is google “cheap

      > textbooks” and tons of

      > sites will pop up. It takes some effort to shop around on

      > them, and you

      > have to figure in shipping time and costs. Sometimes it takes

      > up to 2 weeks

      > to get the books, plus shipping (these suckers ain’t

      > lightweight). But you

      > can find really good deals. If his classes or bookstore will

      > give him the

      > ISBN numbers, you can start shopping right away. However,

      > they usually

      > don’t put that stuff out until near the end of summer. Also,

      > some campus

      > bookstores will do price matching if it’ not off a site like

      > half.com. So

      > shop around and have fun. I’m just glad I’m done doing my

      > stuff!




      > Dianne in Anaheim





      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your home page.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Senior Savers What kind of cuts are you forced to make?