What kind of cuts are you forced to make?

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      I also have had terrific luck finding my college freshman daughter’s books this way. Just a word of caution — some of the books I have found on-line were not the American editions, but International versions written in English. It is important to find out if the differences are significant and if the professor cares which type is purchased.I have found the International versions (primarily from India) are almost always noticably cheaper.

      I would hate to place my daughter in a situation that she is tested on material that has been omitted or is otherwise different due to anInternational version of a required American textbook. The personnel at our local (discount) college bookstore was pretty well versed in thesubtle differences — some as simple as the ommission of most illustrations, but identical text content.

      btw, the on-campus bookstore location at our fine texas institution did everything they could to prevent me from being able to write down the isbn numbers in an effort to comparison shop for the books jena needed.

      good luck & happy hunting . . .


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      I’m a senior at Cal State Fullerton (and a mom of 3 one of which starts college in the fall)…

      As a history major, I have an absolute TON of books. I buy most of my books online a places like half.com (which is part of ebay), Amazon.com, and other textbook places. All you have to do is google “cheap textbooks” and tons of sites will pop up.

      It takes some effort to shop around on them, and you have to figure in shipping time and costs. Sometimes it takes up to 2 weeks to get the books, plus shipping (these suckers ain’t lightweight) . But you can find really good deals.

      If his classes or bookstore will give him the ISBN numbers, you can start shopping right away. However, they usually don’t put that stuff out until near the end of summer. Also, some campus bookstores will do price matching if it’ not off a site like half.com.

      So shop around and have fun. I’m just glad
      I’m done doing my stuff!

      Dianne in Anaheim

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Senior Savers What kind of cuts are you forced to make?