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      just a note I’ve seen so many interesting things here on the site within the past few months. I was wondering if it was possible to see the weather that each of us have, where we are located. I’ll start with todays.

      Today* in N. Ohio :news:
      Partly Cloudy/Wind
      High: 23°
      Low: 22°
      Sunrise:7:41 am
      Sunset:5:45 pm

      Extended Forecast –I’ll post this later today. I’d like to see if there is an interest first or if it’s a self-interest.

      Have A Very Blessed Day.

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      Right now
      Feels like 67

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      You are in Austin Texas — Can’t wait for clear and 67 here..I’m thinking Spring

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      It did get chillier earlier in the week but its warming up and I’m pretty happy about that

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      It’s 5 a.m. Sunday morning and temp is 44 with windchill of 38. They say it’s supposed to be clear, bright & sunny with highs in upper 60’s.

      We’ll see!

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      Right now (7:30 am) in Ocala, Florida it’s 34, ice on the cars outside.
      The high for today is supposed to be 66 – gorgeous!

      The 100 degree weather just comes too quickly here.

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      The 100 degree weather is what I’m dreading. I’m guessing in March it’ll start reaching to the low 90s with how the temperature is right now.

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      Feels Like:40°
      High – 58
      Low – 36
      Barometer:30.01 in and rising
      Visibility:10 mi
      Wind:S 13 mph
      Sunrise:7:18 am
      Sunset:5:37 pm

      almost everything is melted!!! Snow tomorrow night and Tuesday morning!!!

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      its currently clear, and 47* but its also 8 am. it will probably get up to 75* today.

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      Right now 47 feels like 43 high of 61 degrees today, yea right unusual for 61 in Feb around here.

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      Our weather is supposed to reach 73, however it was supposed reach 74 yesterday & we reached 82. It’s been that way all week. Next week it is supposed to cool down & chance of rain.

      Looking forward to that.

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      @Margaret K 105482 wrote:

      Our weather is supposed to reach 73, however it was supposed reach 74 yesterday & we reached 82. It’s been that way all week. Next week it is supposed to cool down & chance of rain.

      Looking forward to that.

      Im glad we are supposed to get rain. 🙂

      Im not ready for the heat yet, and when I see that 80 degree weather, I know the 90s, 100s, 110’s are soon to follow. :002:

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      High 60’s today in northern CA. Clear skies, great day to go play outside!

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      Well in my area in South Dakota it is 21 degrees, winds steady at 25 mph and a windchill of 17, but I have to say that sun is shinning very brightly and it really does not feel that bad outside.

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      Today, outside of Philly, the high is 44 & its sunny 🙂

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      Here in the desert Southeast (New Mexico) it is 63.3. Wind is blowing (as usual), gusting to 20mph. Nice and warm.

      Ahhh what would a day be like without the wind

      63 degrees, with gusting wind to 20mph. I wonder what a day would be like without the wind? Nevermind, I already know….

      thats called….. August… it gets to 100 plus, somedays are windy, others not…

      On the windy days you feel like you are inside of a blast furnace, on the not so windy days, you just swelter.

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      Well… geeeeezzzz… i screwed that up lol…

      i guess thats what happens when you try to type with braces on your fingers…lol lol…

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      @mardhines 105524 wrote:

      Well… geeeeezzzz… i screwed that up lol…

      i guess thats what happens when you try to type with braces on your fingers…lol lol…


      thats cute. i knew what you meant. :039:

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      NW Missouri had a great weekend with sunshine and 50’s Saturday, 40’s today and headed back into the deep freeze this week. Sure enjoyed the weekend!
      Data as of: 4:53 PM 2/1/2009
      Current Conditions
      Temperature: 37.9°F Pressure: 30.13″
      Average Wind: 16mph NNW Sunrise: 7:25 AM
      Humidity: 35% Sunset: 5:33 PM
      Dew Point: 12�°F Moonphase: -40

      Wind Chill: 29�°F Monthly Rain: 0.00″

      So Far Today
      High: 42�°F Rain: 0.00″ Rain Rate: 0.00″/h
      Low: 28�°F Gusts: 24mph NW

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      Today was beautiful! Sunny, blue sky with only an occasional cloud. Temp at 4pm was 49F.

      Snow is melting. :038:

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      I think you’ve had a great idea!!

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      :103:Today in the beautiful foothills of NC the sun shined bright and it was a warm 60 degrees. Almost felt like spring. I wish 🙂

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      Well the weather people said today that we would have a high: 23° / we certainly beat that, we had a high of 41° today. I really did enjoy this weather compared to the weather we had last week–(got 10 inches of snow). And then with the higher temperatures today, the snow started to melt is still is melting.

      It’s 7:16, and it’s still 38°F. Sure glad the weather wasn’t the 23° that they said it would be..

      Hope to see everyone here tomorrow, sharing their weather..I don’t have to go and buy sunshine. I think some of you that posted the warm reports, shared yours with the ones of us that have been cold. thanks everyone…..hopefully southern kentucky starts to see better weather also..

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      Monday 2/02/09 in N.Ohio
      Feels Like:24°
      Barometer:30 in and rising
      Visibility:10 mi
      Wind:WSW 6 mph
      Sunrise:7:39 am
      Sunset:5:48 pm
      am clouds/pm sun high:28°–Low 17°

      It’s already 35° here and still cloudy 😛

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      Here in Bermuda, the high will be 65 today and tonight down to 60.

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      Monday, 2/2 in Fairfield NJ 12:15pm (Ground Hog Day)
      Blue skies, 45 degrees, absolutely gorgeous day.
      I hope ground hog didn’t see his shadow and we have an early spring.

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      Clear Feels like: 54 º F
      Humidity: 22 %
      Wind: 10 mph / NNE
      Visibility: 10 miles

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      Miami, FL
      79 degrees
      Mostly cloudy & windy

      Sounds great but I’d trade with anyone for some snow. 🙂

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      64 here in Northern Ca. clear sunny skies but still chilly

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      Warm and sunny in Ontario
      4*C and the snow is melting

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      OKC – 48 w/windchill of 43. A Few broken clouds. (Think that means “scattered clouds”)

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      It has rained all day here in the sunshine state. Dreary and in the 50’s.

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      Its 41 right now, but the wind chill is 34. Tonight its supposed to start snowing & snow for a day & a half! 🙂

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      67 and damp in SW Fl ~ rainy day… but we sure do need it 🙂

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      In Mpls. MN the high was 6 degrees, but felt colder if you were out in an open area (quite windy). At least the sun was out.

      Tues suppose to be 10 and Wed is suppose to be 23.

      Saturday was great, I opened the door (heard the sound of snow melting off the roof), opened the windows, put on some shorts (wishing it was summer), it was only 45 saturday. 45 to 6 in 2 days, life is wonderful in mn.

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      Well it looks like we might see Spring in 6 more weeks here.
      I liked Liss’s idea about having a “Winter Sucks, Bring on Spring” Party?! Sounds like an excellent idea. Might have to start some Spring Flowers inside..Oh Yes.:tulip-icon: :tulip-icon: :tulip-icon:

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      Anyone want to change locations, lol 🙂

      Today (2-3-09)
      Currently (6:30am) actual temps are -15, windchill -25, high for the day +4.

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      February 3, 2009

      It’s 7:51am
      Right Now: 16º F
      Humidity: 73 % Wind: 3 mph / SW Visibility: 10 miles
      Snow Shower
      26 º / 14 º

      anyone want to change locations, lol

      nooooo i don’t think so kim, sorry.. maybe someone else will take you up on this offer. brrrrrr to you.

      temps are -15, windchill -25
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      At 7:00 a.m. it is 32F in OKC and expected to get up into the mid-50’s. Kim – I feel so bad for you.

      Really don’t think I could survive temps like you have. I ache all over just thinking about it.

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      High of 34 today & snowing! 🙂

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      i ache all over just thinking about it.

      all i want to do is be at home. i wouldn’t mind it if i didn’t have to go out in it, yet right now life says i have to go out in it. good news is it will in the mid +40’s by Friday 🙂

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      Good news is it will in the mid +40’s by Friday
      by friday kim, you’ll being saying tgif….

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      Today 2-4-09 5:15 am
      Actual temp -4
      Wind chill -18
      High for the day +15 (heat wave :))

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      Wednesday 2/04/09

      Current conditions as of 6:51 am
      Lots of snow here again
      Several school closings already
      Actual Temp:21°
      Wind Chill: 6

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      OKC is 22F w/no wind. Supposed to be sunny w/clear skies & mid 50’s. Hope so!

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      It’s snowing in SC & they cancelled my kids school!

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      Tell your kids congrats for me

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      How funny! JoAnn and Liss, they never close school here unless the water pipes break. If the temp is in the negatives that just means indoor recess, if it is at 0 or higher recess is outside.

      This was an adjustment for us all after being in Ohio and if it got below freezing school was usually cancelled.

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      I’m laughing big time! 90 miles south in Ray co, MO they canceled school all the time because of the weather. Up here near the border where I discovered its much colder and gets a lot more snow, school has only been canceled for a flood and for a burst water line!

      8 years up here and folks just go and keep going. Half our county is Amish so if I can’t get out for a short trip to town my Amish neighbor will take me. I am able to drive them to their doctor visits 90 miles away so we’re able to share rides all year long!

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      When I was in elementary school they let us play outside until it was 10 degrees or lower.
      What stinks though is in highschool it’d be 5 out and we were forced outside for a cross country ski unit.

      Now its 42. The high is 65 and the low is 39. Not bad at all

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      Today is sunny and cold, 20 degrees. Yesterday was snow all day but but only got about 3″ and it didn’t stick to the roads. Thank goodness!

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      Today the ground is covered in about 1-2 inches of snow! Its fair, 27 degrees & the wind-chill is 18 degrees! 🙂

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      It’s so weird about school closing. When I was growing up, I can’t remember them closing school here. But I do remember the indoor recess and we really got some snow back then too.

      Well today it was snowing here for most of the day. We ended up with about 8 inches.. Another day for cleaning the driveway.

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      Today 2-5-09
      Break out the shorts folks, :041:
      Current temp +19
      High for the day +33
      Suppose to be sunny, so it will turn into a slushy mess, but it will be warm!!!

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      5:30 a.m. & 47F w/clear skies – predicted mid 50s.

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      Thursday 2/05/09

      It’s coldd here today -7º right now the Sun is out for now.
      Clear Feels like: -20 º F
      And they say
      21 º / 18 º

      Janice and Kim, I really think something is wrong with this picture. I’m suppose to have the weather you all are having. GO ahead Kim, call Dad and get him Lollll 😆 I think they are having Temps: of -8°F 😉

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      go ahead kim, call dad and get him lollll i think they are having temps: of -8°F

      Already did the nanny nanny boo boo to him first thing this morning. Not often I can raz someone else for being colder than my area 🙂

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      JoAnn – I’m really sorry (!!!) but not enough to trade!!!

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      JoAnn – we have a revised forecast. 67F & bright sunshine. Tomorrow in the 70s. We’ll get nailed again before spring.

      We always do but with days like this I can handle it.

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      Its 14 right now. Wind Chill is -3. The high today will be 21.

    • #413998


      joann – i’m really sorry (!!!) but not enough to trade!!!

      well i guess if you don’t think there is enough to trade. i’ll just have to settle for you answer. and now you have

      67F & bright sunshine.
      I just don’t know Hummmmm lolll.
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      OK JoAnn – it can come your way. I don’t go out in it so it shouldn’t make any difference to me. You figure out how to get it there and you can have it.

      Today is supposed to be like yesterday.!!!

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      Today my area of South Dakota will be around 42 yeah!!!!!!

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      :Its going to get up to …… get ready guys…. wait..

      wait… wait… 73 DEGREES!!!! :077: he he he heeeeeeeeeee..


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      Enjoy your weather Marty!
      You had me laughing so hard!

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      It’s actually raining in Ca today! Yipeeee

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      We made it up to a sunny 63 today in NW Missouri! 30 to 40MPH winds with it though. Had a lovely hour long walk on our many trails here at home.

      Looking forward to the nice warm weekend!

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      Janice, I heard that there were special bottles that you could put it in and send to me. I know they do it with sand. (Hugs to you Lady)..

      It was better here today in Ohio, It got up to 40. The Sun was Shining and the birds were actually singing. They had something to sing about too, with this touch of warmth in the air.

      We’re are suppose to have a really nice weekend here too. They say in the 50’s, I’ll have to wait and see on this weather.
      brrchbell, sounds like you had a wonderful day also. Long walks are always a nice way to relax.

      Right now at 8:10 pm it’s 31º F & Clear Feels like: 21º F

      Marty, I’m sooo jealous — as the kids — say — you lucky ducky (feels good too I bet). Enjoy girlfriend….

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      JoAnn – Let me get this right – you want me to send you bottles of hot air!!! Shouldn’t be too hard – we have lots of hot air around here!!!! Just don’t think there are bottles big enough to put them in!!!

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      Today 2-7-09 5:00am
      Currently 32
      High for the day 29 🙁 (means the temps will drop some just hope the wind doesn’t kick in or it will be cold)

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      Saturday Feb. 7,2009
      Right Now: 32º F in N.Ohio

      OH Yes, it is suppose to get even warmer here today.

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      At 6 a.m. it is 58F in OKC and windy. They are predicting 72F for today with some clouds.

    • #414178

      Saturday, Feb. 7 In Fairfield, NJ[/

      Partial clouds, Temp 44 degrees-a nice day:045:

    • #414222

      Sunday Feb. 8, 2009

      It’s 7:19 and Right Now: 42º F & Clear here in N.Ohio.
      I’m looking for another warm day here. Maybe the rest of the snow will melt…

    • #414243

      It’s 49 and mostly cloudy here in Southern California. If the rain clouds move out it could be a very nice day.

    • #414252

      almost 58 degrees.. supposed to get up into the middle 60’s. However, we are going to have thunderstorms, with or without small hail.

      It will be windy ( so whats new?), and cooler during the storms. All in all a pretty decent day considering, IF we do happen to get a rain drop or two…. we surely can use it.

    • #414253

      and of course……. today is the day we haul the trash…. figures…

      should have done it yesterday instead…

    • #414257

      Sunday, Feb. 8, 11:30am in Fairfield, NJ

      Sunny, 56 degrees. Snow is melting fast and it feels like spring. I love it!:038:

    • #414259

      Its actually raining today. 🙂

    • #414262

      Today and yesterday were beautiful. This morning the hubby and I went walking around the neighborhood. At 7:00am, it was already in the 40’s and sunny so I knew it was going to look nice today.

      It is supposed to be in the 70s today.

    • #414263

      supposed to be 70 today but starts to drop back down starting tomorrow

    • #414288

      For those to the east of South Dakota don’t get your hopes too high for the snow to disappear just yet.
      Today we are around 31, sunshine.
      Tonight-rain turning to freezing rain
      This is all moving eastward

    • #414290

      It’s 65 degrees here and the sun is smiling!! We are going to pay for this!!

    • #414364

      Monday Feb. 9, 2009

      Right Now: 26º F Partly Cloudy
      at 7:34 am most all of the snow around here is gone.
      There are some areas that have serious flooding,
      due to the fast melting of the snow the last few days.

    • #414379

      Monday, Feb. 9, In Fairfield, NJ
      Colder than yesterday but still a beautiful day
      40 degrees, sunny and breezy. 🙂

    • #414384

      Rained earlier

    • #414388

      Today is a beautiful day. The sun is out and it is suposed to go above freezing!

    • #414390

      Today is Sunny & 45 degrees. 🙂

    • #414392

      It’s 52 and raining.

    • #414397

      February 9 2:50pm
      Current temp 43 mist/foggy out-total gray day
      Oh, it may feel warmer but we are to have snow soon 🙁

    • #414415

      Today is was beautiful day. It was sunny and reached the mid 70s. I think we are going to pay for it too, but I am still going to enjoy it while it lasts!

    • #414490

      Tuesday Feb. 10, 2009

      Right Now at 7:25 am it’s: 43º F with an Overcast
      They are calling for rain here today.
      But I’m hoping for the Sun to smile a bit today 🙂

    • #414504

      Still warm, beautiful, and sunny in South Carolina.

    • #414514

      2-10-09 8:50 am
      Current temp 35
      High temp 37
      rain/snow mix

    • #414515

      Kim, I hope you have no where to go today…Stay warm

    • #414517

      67 and overcast.
      Not bad out.
      Supposed to rain and get up to 78

    • #414528

      Windy, blustery, dark and gloomy. Suppose to rain, and maybe even snow. Wind advisory until 6pm, winds gusting to 55mph. Dont ya know…. thats how us desert rats clean our yards!!!!! LOL” Work smart, not hard!

    • #414538

      Kim, I hope you have no where to go today…Stay warm

      Nope I am at work today. Had to drive out in it, just spitting snow. It is actually nice outside, went for a short walk earlier without my coat even 🙂

    • #414540

      Dont ya know…. thats how us desert rats clean our yards!!!!!

      Isn’t it nice that you don’t have to do it, unless you are like me and have a fence on the edge of your yard and everyone elses trash piles there.

    • #414594

      Well it actually got up to 58º today. The wind was with us here also today. I got a chance to take a short walk today too. The birds were really singing up tunes here today.

    • #414597

      63 and sunny….snow expected this Saturday ……

    • #414693

      Yesterday was blustery and cold, got down to 30 degrees last night… We even had snow…for oh..I would say… 2-5 minutes….. Right now.. its nearly 59 degrees, and getting warmer… We have the oddest weather here. :dash1:

    • #414695

      its cool and clear. 🙂

    • #414739

      70s but windy, is supposed to rain tonight and start cooling down. It was nice while it lasted

    • #414744

      Wed. Feb. 11, 2009

      High wind warnings here till tomorrow morning 10am.
      Right Now: 61º F with rain and hail. Boy is that wind strong.

      It was nice while it lasted

      I’d have to agree with you on this one Mdowdy.

    • #414762

      Wisconsin: 34°F
      Current: Overcast
      Wind: NW at 6 mph
      Humidity: 95%
      Chance of Snow
      41°F | 29°F
      Mostly Sunny
      36°F | 20°F
      Mostly Sunny
      34°F | 20°F
      Chance of Snow
      31°F | 18°F

      One day closer to moving somewhere warm. :061:

    • #414781

      Feb 12 4:10am
      Currently 26
      Winds 25 mph
      Wind chill 20
      High 30
      Overnight 11

    • #414788

      Partly Cloudy
      Feels Like:54°
      Barometer:29.68 in and rising
      Visibility:10 mi
      Wind:WSW 12 mph

      They say the winds should get up to 50 miles per hour today!!!

    • #414834

      Saturday Feb. 14, 2009

      Right Now: 28º F
      Feels like: 20 º
      It’s been snowing all day here, much like someone
      had been shaking a snow globe. What a wonderful
      looking day. At times the sun even came out.

    • #414843

      It has been so nice here that we had no need to even run the heat overnight!

    • #414854

      2-15-09 5:32am
      Currently +8
      High 23 with a chance of snow showers.

    • #414870

      Sunday Feb. 15, 2009

      Right Now: 27º and the Sun is Shining ever so bright
      on the newly fallen snow from last night. I might even have
      to do some pinging today. Childhood memories with that one.

    • #414871

      Before I get to the weather, what is… PINGING??? LOL. And now, the weather…. LOL, I kill me…LOL LOL.. Anyway, Bright and sunny, chilly, 36 degrees. Suppose to get up to 61 today, warmer tomorrow. Doesn’t this sound.. HEAVENLY? Don’t become too envious, this is all accompanied by YEP, YOU GUESSED IT…WIND WIND WIND!!! Figures. lol.

    • #414875

      Its gorgeous sunny…but this wind is making things so cold!!! Awaiting that snow that Tonia is getting in MO.

    • #415003

      2-16-09 5:17am
      Currently it is 18 and to get to 40 YEAH!!!
      Mostly sunny.
      We didn’t get any snow yesterday, most of the snow has melted but of course later this week it will drop back down and more chances of snow.

    • #415013

      Monday Feb. 16, 2009

      Right Now: 27º F Overcast
      With snow flurries in the air.

    • #415019

      We’re at 13 at 8am here in NW MO and suppose to warm up today to 38 and then 43 tomorrow before we cool back down again. More and more warmer days closer together so guess we’re headed the right direction for spring to happen!

    • #415029

      Mon.,Feb. 16, 11:30am in Fairfield, NJ

      34 degrees, sunny with blue skies. Gorgeous! :020:

    • #415115

      More and more warmer days closer together so guess we’re headed the right direction for spring to happen!

      :tulip-icon: THINK SPRING!!! :tulip-icon:

      I believe all of us here are more then ready for Spring, I know that I am. Thoughts of encouragement thank-you soo much Ladies.

    • #415130

      Tuesday, 2-17-09 5:25am
      Currently 21
      High 34

    • #415141

      Tuesday February 17, 2009

      It’s already 29 º the sun is shining. The birds are going crazy singing outside my window here. Looks like it’s going to be a really nice day here, high of 39 º.

    • #415259

      37 degrees, only getting to 59 today.. Bet it gets above that though. Or at least…I sure hope so.

      No high wind today, thank goodness.

    • #415265

      Wednesday February 18, 2009

      Right Now: 38º F With an overcast, possible chance of
      mix showers and snow.

    • #415267

      We got a grey gloomy day starting at 35 but that’s suppose to be our high today so got the feeling it’s going to cool off instead of warming up here in nw mo. we got 21 MPH to 30 mph winds from the nw blowing through. got chores done quickly and decided it’s a good day to stay inside!

    • #415268

      Wedensday 2-18-09
      8:30 am
      Current 16
      High 19
      Winds steady at 20 with gust to 40
      Wind Chill -3

      This is really starting to get old 🙁

    • #415335

      High is 80, low is 46

      Right now it’s about 70ish out.

      Its already like summer out. Hoping you guys get some of this warm spell too~

    • #415336

      2-18-09 Wed.

      Snow, wet snow! 26 degrees.

    • #415371

      Thursday 2-19-09
      Currently 0
      Wind Chill-8
      High 28

    • #415388

      We are having a blizzard here in northern lower Michigan. I can not see across the road, the wind is blowing like crazy and blowing the snow sideways, and it is still snowing. Near 0 visibility.

    • #415391

      Currently very bright sunny 10! suppose to make it to 31 today here in NW Missouri.

    • #415397

      Thursday February 19, 2009

      Woke up this morning to snow again. And DH called and said the roads are really icy.
      2 hour dalays for the area school. Oh my Patty, I’m hoping that your weather doesn’t come down my way.

      We are suppose to get even more snow here the next few days.
      Right now we have
      Flurries And Winds wind the Sun Shining

    • #415401

      It’s a beautiful sunny day with a temperature (at 8:30 am) of 8 degrees above zero. Highs are suppose to be around 12 degrees. Yesterday was warmer – but 3 inches of snow.

    • #415423

      It was 60 this morning, now it’s dark and raining.

    • #415543

      Friday February 20, 2009
      Now at 7:35 AM it’s 18º F Overcast and snowing,
      suppose to snow all weekend.

    • #415551

      7:15AM in nw mo and we are suppose to hit 40 today- yea!! but it’s suppose to snow tonight and go back into the deep freeze this weekend.

    • #415560

      Friday, 2-20-09 7:57
      Currently 15
      High 24
      Winter Weather Advisory Noon until midnight tonight 1-3 inches of snow plus winds

    • #415567

      24 teeth chattering degrees… warming to 63. NUTS!!!

    • #415639

      Saturday February 21, 2009

      It’s been rather cold here today–mixed rain and snow for the most part of the day.
      Currently at 7:35 PM it’s 20º

    • #415640

      High 62 Low is 32
      Going to rain

    • #415642

      Please send some of that snow to North Carolina.

    • #415661

      Sunday 2-22-09 4:19 am
      currently 5
      High 23

    • #415665

      9°F in Eagleville MO suppose to reach 30 today but got no where near what it was suppose to of gotten yesterday!
      Feels Like
      Wind: From NW at 6 mph
      Humidity: 82%
      Pressure: 30.38 in.
      Dew Point: 5°F
      Visibility: 10.0 miles

    • #415666

      Currently 27F. Supposed to get to 60F. Winds straight out of the south at 5mph

    • #415670

      Plan and simple…snowy and cold 🙂

    • #415682

      Sunday, February 22, 2009

      Light flurries of snow in the air
      It’s 24º F at 10:47 AM
      The wind here is strong 20 mph and the Sun keeps peeking out.

    • #415710

      Sun. Feb. 22, 2:30pm FF, NJ

      Cloudy with occasional showers, 40 degrees

    • #415718

      waiting for the big storm 12-15 inches !

    • #415768

      Monday, February 23, 2009

      The Sun is shining and once again we have more snow.
      It’s 20º F at 8:14 AM
      It really doesn’t feel like 20º either.
      Hope everyone has a GREAT DAY!!!

    • #415793

      nice and warm.. going to be 73

    • #415818

      Wow 73 can hardly wait to see weather like that here..
      Hope you are enjoying.

    • #415841

      2-24-09 Tuesday, 4:00am
      Currently 20
      High 43 sunny! 🙂
      Wednesday is suppose to be in the 40’s also then Thursday a high of 15 with a chance of snow 🙁

    • #415856

      Tuesday, Februrary 24,2009

      Clear 11°F at 7:54 AM
      Sunrise: 7:11 AM
      Sunset: 6:13 PM
      Enjoying that it’s staying lighter outside later.

    • #415865

      Presently at 6:40am it is 46 degrees, and will reach a high of 81 degrees…. and YES… I am enjoying the weather lol…

      so are my poor bones!

    • #416004

      Wednesday, Februrary 25,2009

      27°F at 8:13 AM
      The Sun is Shining, they are saying
      we are are suppose to have a high of 47°F
      today. Looking forward to the warmth….

    • #415983

      Got to 52 yesterday-pure heaven!
      High 37
      Winter Storm Warning starts at midnight. To get 4-12 inches of snow between midnight tonight and Thursday evening. Oh just to warn those of you to the east of SD it is moving straight east :(.

    • #415986

      It’s that time of year / To ride the Winter Roller Coaster.

    • #415988


      it’s that time of year / to ride the winter roller coaster.

      any chance i can get off the roller coaster early?

    • #416016

      34 and frosty early this morning….predicted high for the day is 67. Beautiful weather!

    • #416022

      Another beautiful day today! near 60 and suppose to only go down to 40 tonight so we’ll be blessed with rain tonight & tomorrow instead of snow or ice. Sure enjoyed being able to get out and walk my beautiful hills the last few days!

      Doubt it will last but nice while it does!

    • #416161

      Thursday February 26,2009
      It made it up to about 53°F today, but so deary. And we had rain on and off all day.
      Expecting more rain tomorrow.
      Hope everyone had a nice day today.

    • #416208

      Friday February 27, 2009

      Currently at 8:40 it’s 53°F– going back down to 21° tonight Brrrr.

    • #416222

      Survived the snow storm yesterday, got about 6 inches, winds at 50 nasty, worse part was getting kids from school and driving in that mess 🙁 !
      Today 2-27-09 Friday
      -6 Currently at 8:40
      Wind chill at -17
      To get to +6 plus a couple more inches of snow today.

    • #416256
      JoAnn;109866 wrote:
      Friday February 27, 2009

      Currently at 8:40 it’s 53°F– going back down to 21° tonight Brrrr.

      its 76 degrees here in NM at 3pm. Been very nice all week.

    • #416258

      Today it is 82 and clear. 😀

    • #416262

      @mardhines 109951 wrote:

      its 76 degrees here in NM at 3pm. Been very nice all week.

      I really am starting to believe am living in the wrong state. You are certainly blessed right now.

      I’m looking out the window here and it’s snowing still.
      Enjoy Lady.

    • #416263

      @naturalmommy 109953 wrote:

      Today it is 82 and clear. 😀

      82 what lovely weather you are having. Hope that you are really getting to enjoy as well.

    • #416285

      It is 10:35pm on Friday the 27th and the weather stinks. After the rain storm the previous day everything turned to ice. :crybaby2: It is 23 degrees. 15 mile an hour wind.

    • #416286

      it reached to 90 something today.

      This is February, I dread July now.

    • #416294

      2-28-09 5:45am
      Currently -2
      Wind Chill -15
      High +15
      To get to 40 by Thursday, can’t wait 🙂

    • #416326

      Today its 76 in Orlando Fl..
      have a great day

    • #416377

      Saturday February 28, 2009

      It’s been cold here all day, at 8:30 PM this evening it was 18°.
      And the winds were very sharp. And poor me and all in Northern
      Ohio only suppose to get up to about 27° on Sunday.
      Kim, I can’t see ever going to SD in the winter months — Brrr to you Lady.

    • #416399

      Well it aint over yet JoAnn, I use to think Ohio was cold-but it is a heat wave during winter compared to here :). The worse part is that when you get to the heat in July and August you remember that you only have a couple months before it will get cold again and don’t mind the 90’s
      3-1-09 5:30am
      Currently -10
      Wind Chill -10 no wind
      High for the day +13

    • #416392

      Sunday March 1, 2009

      Well this morning I looked out on at the temp. gauge,
      It’s 21° at 9:00 AM
      Sunny with the wind blowing and the sky is clear.
      With that being said, it’s almost time to venture out into the world.

    • #416397

      its 40 degrees. Suppose to get to 67. Sure hope it hurrys lol

    • #416468

      Monday March 2,2009

      Currently at 8:50 AM
      Sunny but oooh so cold
      10 º / 8 º Feels colder then that with the winds..

    • #416469

      Monday 3-2-09
      Currently 10
      Wind Chill -8
      High +21

    • #416477

      BLIZZARD!!!! 🙂 Its 19 degrees & the wind chill is 4 degrees.

    • #416482

      8 inches of snow later….we are pretty sunny but the wind chill is 4….

    • #416569

      Tuesday March 3,2009

      14°F at 7:53 AM
      It’s snowing again today
      Sunrise: Was at 7:01 AM
      Sunset: 6:22 PM

    • #416584

      Tuesday 3-3-09
      To get in the mid 30’s YEAH!!

    • #416615

      Wednesday March 4, 2009

      13º F Clear at 7:10 AM
      Hope to see it get too 39º like they are talking.

    • #416649

      Current conditions as of 7:53 am EST

      Feels Like:
      30.34 in and rising
      10 mi
      NNE 10 mph
      6:49 am
      6:31 pm


      High: 74° Low: 49°

      * » Detailed Forecast

    • #416674

      Wednesday 3-4-09 9:00
      Current 25
      High for the day 39

      YEAH!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • #416770

      Thursday 3-5-09 5:10am
      Currently 34
      High 51

    • #416778

      Thursday March 5, 2009

      Currently 8:00 AM it’s 32º
      High here 55
      Kim, double blue jumps to you :bounce: :bounce:
      Isn’t it nice to be free of that cold for a bit.

    • #416802

      Kim, double blue jumps to you
      Isn’t it nice to be free of that cold for a bit.

      Suppose to drop back into the 30’s and snow over the weekend, but still warm 🙂

    • #416804

      At 8am it is 58 degrees. Suppose to reach 84 today. It has been nice and warm here past 2 weeks. 30 percent chance of rain today, but we probably wont get any.

    • #416819

      Predicted high today – 88F. On March 5th?????

    • #416822

      Still recovering from the crazy snow here…..I have a bunch of pictures I need to put on here…..its about 45 here…… 🙂

    • #416853

      Friday March 6, 2009

      The sun is shining brightly here.
      It’s currently 57 º at 9:35 AM
      61 º / 45 º
      Just awesome to see temps. like this
      I know Spring is on it’s way !!!
      Sorry to hear about your messy snow Lynn.
      Glad stuff rolls down hill and isn’t coming this way.
      Have A Wonderful Day Everyone!!!!

    • #416919

      Saturday March 7, 2009

      Currently at 3:30 PM it’s 67º F with Broken Clouds
      Had rain this morning, but it’s clear with some sunshine..
      Finally got a chance to open some windows –Wonderful !!

      Have to change my clocks tonight before going to bed–
      SPRINGING AHEAD..(go forward one hour)

    • #416945

      Sunday 3-8-09 3:15am

      Currently 21
      High 39
      Chance of snow

    • #416987

      Here in Illinois it is Cloudy and Rainy right now–Had lightning and thunder storms throughout the night and early this morning. Looks like some flooding going on, said some places had three inches of rain. Muddy out there!!
      Thanks; Virginia

    • #416996

      Sunday March 8, 2009

      Showers and thunderstorms are here today in N. Ohio.
      Currenty we have a high of 50º at 12:05 pm.
      Getting winds out of the East, and they are strong today..

    • #417000

      including today the past three days have been so Wonderful!!!!!:dance: We have been in the 70’s considering the past Sunday we started with snow and ended up with 17″ in my yard alone!:112:] We are so totally enjoying being outside! have a great weeke yall!

    • #417005

      rescuemom, what is your location?

    • #417026

      I’d like to be have the 70’s about now.

      past three days have been so Wonderful!!!!!We have been in the 70’s

      17″ of snow oh my, alot of shoveling must have been going on at your home….

    • #417045

      Monday March 9, 2009

      Well it rained here all weekend — what a muddy mess.
      Have flooding in the area. Luckly no problems here.
      Currently it’s: 38º F at 7:30 AM
      Seem odd that it’s still dark, have to get use to the time change.

    • #417048

      Rained all night long. We sure do need it too. After the sun has been up for an hour or so, it will look just like it did before it started to rain… thats NM desert for ya. LOL. Temp is 53 and overcast, and suppose to hit 67. Im pretty sure that hubby wont be working again today….

    • #417058

      High 81° F
      Winds SSE at 10 to 20 mph.
      Low 65° F

    • #417113

      Sounds like you are having nice weather where you are. Is it there to stay for you ?

    • #417127

      Tuesday, 3-10-09, 4:10am

      Currently 12 with wind chills at -2
      High for the day 13
      Winter Storm for today, 4-8 inches of snow, winds to help it blow around. Had about an inch or so of freezing rain last night. :022:

    • #417155

      Tuesday March 10, 2009

      Rain, Rain & more Rain is currently 35
      Getting up today to 58 we”ll see.

    • #417159

      Raining here again, thunder and lightning with periods of hard rain throughout the night last night. Might be down to a drizzle now, looks to be pretty foggy out there today. Thanks; Virginia

    • #417211

      Well, rained on and off all day yesterday and most of the night. Looks like it might have quit now and is just cloudy and gloomy. The temperature dropped again and the high for today and the next few days is forecast to be hoovering around the freezing mark and the lows back down to the teens. Thanks; Virginia

    • #417213

      Wednesday 3-11-09 8:05am
      Current -2 wind chill -25
      High for taday +5
      Just have to survive today and tomorrow then it will be up to the 40’s.

    • #417218

      47 right now and the sun is peaking out,
      but temperatures are supoossed to drop to the 20s tonight

    • #417219

      Wednesday March 11, 2009
      Right Now: 48º F
      The sun is shining, but that wind is very sharp.
      Maybe the wind will help dry
      up some of this mud we have.

    • #417227

      9:54 am 67 degrees high of 77 today but supposed to drop tomorrow with a chance of rain. At least its warm today lol

    • #417310

      Thursday March 12, 2009

      Woke up to snow on the ground and it’s 29º
      Sun is shining at 9:25 AM. But it feels colder then the 29º.

      Mdowdy, Oh your weather sounds so inviting–can hardly wait
      till I start having some of the same here.

    • #417314

      The Sun is shining!! Temps still around the freezing mark. But at least for the moment there is SUN!! Thanks; Virginia

    • #417316

      cold and sun is out, temperature is 23

    • #417320

      It is snowing at 10:30 am in OKC.

    • #417322

      It is snowing at 10:30 am in OKC.

      Sorry Janice, this has me laughing!
      Currently here it is +3
      High for the day +25
      Just today, tomorrow in the 30’s then 40’s and 50’s next week!

    • #417355

      Kim – you’re way too kind. It was 88F on March 5th. That seems so long ago (a week?). Hopefully we don’t repeat the pattern w/tornadoes next. Snowed for hrs. then stopped. No sign of snow an hr. later.

    • #417358

      Janice, I told my hubby that it was snowing today in OKC-he was like “and you want to move there :)” told him it is different that tomorrow it would all be gone and at least int he 50’s. Sure hope you don’t get the tornado’s although March is an iffy on the storms for you.

    • #417403

      Friday March 13, 2009

      Checked the temp gauge at 2:55 AM it’s 26 º
      The local news channel, is saying it’s suppose to get
      up to 40 º today, sounds like it’s going to be a wonderful
      warmer day.

    • #417410

      3-13-09 Friday
      Currently 12
      High today 35

    • #417412

      21 right now supossed to be 35 later today, after tommorow a week of 40s and 50s supoosely yippieh. I finally get ready my cold.

    • #417414

      19 degrees her right now, sun is shinning. Might even get above freezing here today! Thanks;Virginia

    • #417499

      Today–Sat. looks a little gloomy out there. It is cold. Might warm up today. Yesterday it just hit the freezing mark and froze there for a bit and then went down. Come on SPRING!! Thanks; Virginia

    • #417527

      Currently 45 :occasion16:
      By Monday to be 60’s :clap::007:

    • #417528

      Saturday March 14, 2009

      It’s been a warm day here today the high got to about 52 º
      Next few days are looking to be the same. It was a bit chilly.

    • #417543

      Sunday 3-15-09
      Currently 37
      High for the day 54

    • #417554

      Hovering right at the freezing mark here right now. The sun is hiding and the forecast is that we won’t see much of it here today. Is supposed to be warmer though. Thanks; Virginia

    • #417555

      Right now it is sunny and it the mid 30s, but it is suppose to get in the mid 50s.

    • #417556

      Sunday March 15. 2009

      The Sun is Shining and it’s currently 29 º
      Looking for the temp. to go up to about 53 º

    • #417573

      Sun is shining, skies are blue ant it is 60F in OKC

    • #417643

      It is above freezing! Now it is lightly raining. Supposed to stop raining this afternoon. Thanks; Virginia

    • #417648

      Monday, March 16, 2009

      It’s currently 38º, sun is shining ad the birds are singing.
      Feels like Spring is here.. It’s suppose to get up in the 50’s again today.

    • #417684

      Monday March 16 -78 and sunny in Friend ,ne -It is wonderful and warm Bobbi -ne

    • #417705

      :neener: 64 at 7:00pm
      Can’t get the warm smile off my face!

    • #417729

      Temperature around 40 degrees here today, supposed to get around 60. Hope to get out in the yard/garden and get some work done. Thanks; Virginia

    • #417734

      Tuesday March 17, 2009

      Sunny and 32 º at 9:10 AM
      The high of 66 º today. Looks to be another great day here.
      Enjoying the good weather while it’s here.

    • #417818

      Wednesday, March 18, 2009

      It’s 54º at 7:25 AM

      Calling for showers today Showers
      High to going to 64 º, another great warm day…

    • #417819

      It is 47 at 7:31 am, but it is suppose to get up to 71 today 🙂

    • #417815

      It is about 45 degrees and supposed to get up to 60 here today. It is cloudy and forecast is thunderstorms and wind. Thanks; Virginia

    • #417853

      March 18 -Sunny and 60 -A little rain this morning Bobbi -NE

    • #417884

      Around 30 degrees here this morning, forecast says going to be around 50 degrees here today with sunshine and light wind. Sun isn’t shining yet and the skies are cloudy. We shall see if the forecasters are correct or not. Would be nice to have a sunshine filled day for a change. Thanks; Virginia

    • #417889

      Thursday, March 19, 2009

      It’s sunny and 45º at 9:45 AM
      Looking at more rain coming this way, this afternoon.

    • #417936

      Friday, March 20,
      Today it is to be in the 60’s.

    • #417940

      Today the first day of spring it is unfortunatly suppose to be a little below average and only 44 degrees.

    • #417942

      22 degrees here right now. Only going to get up to 40 today. The weather forecasters were right about one thing yesterday–It was WINDY!

      Thanks; Virginia

    • #417943

      Friday, March 20, 2009

      It’s only 26º & Sunny right now
      High is going to the 40’s here today.

      What nice weather Kim will be enjoying today…If they are predicting correctly.
      TGIF Enjoy !!!

    • #418005

      it’s spring!! so where is the sun?!!! looks like it is still hiding from me.

      cloudy and chance of rain today. thanks; virginia

    • #418023

      The sun has finally come out and it is up to 45 it is suppose to get to the mid 50s today.

    • #418075

      Sunday, March 22, 2009

      Yesterday was a cloudy day here for the most part. Today the sun is shining and it’s 36º already. Sure does feel warmer then that.
      Suppose to get up to 54 º.

      Maybe I’ll have a chance to get out and clean a flower bed out and wake 1 of the beds up a bit. Sunshine & Warmth To Everyone…..

    • #418077

      Cloudy and no sun again this morning. Oh well, at least it is warmer. And it is not raining.

      Can get out in the yard and do some work. Thanks; Virginia

    • #418058

      It is 35 at the current moment, but it is suppose to get up to 63 today 🙂 Hopefully I can get some yard work done.

    • #418087

      at 9:30 am it is 69.3 degrees, going to reach 81. Partly cloudy, tiny, itsy bitsy, smidgeonable ( is that a word?? probably not) chance of rain.

    • #418159

      It is Monday–Cloudy, chance of rain this afternoon. Windy–winds at 30 mph. Do not think will get much done outside today.

      Thanks; Virginia

    • #418161

      Monday, March 23, 2009

      It’s 30 here, sunny getting up to the high 40’s today.
      More outside work today.. Enjoying, maybe even warmer,
      with any luck…

    • #418209

      Tuesday, March 24, 2009

      The Sun is shining & it’s 32º , going up to 58 º today.
      Looks like another nice day here today.

    • #418241

      It is 42 right now and the high is suppose to be 66. I am looing forward to it 🙂

    • #418243

      It is WINDY here, Windier than yesterday. Thunderstorms forecast for today and tonight. Thanks; Virginia

    • #418280

      Today it is hovering around 50. But it is day 2 of drizzle and no sun. No sunshine in sight for the week. All the snow is gone, but I heard today that we may get snow this weekend (enough to shovel). The past weekend was great, almost 60 and not a cloud in the sky. We were albe to keep the windows open all weekend, then Monday had to rear her ugly head.

    • #418282

      the rain finally cleared out and we are at 52 today. flood waters are raising and will continue over night. Hope we can get out of here tomorrow! Have waited for 2 month’s to get into the allergy doctor to get new scripts would sure hate to miss our appt.! Suppose to be cooler the rest of the week. Snow on Saturday but I doubt it’ll be enough to shovel as our temps are staying above freezing until Saturday night. Gotta love this bright sunshine!

    • #418327

      Wednesday,March 25, 2009

      It’s 45º here this morning at 8:25 am. We have the rain, with winds.
      Getting up to 55º today but rain all day.

    • #418328

      Cloudy and Windy again today–Raining on and off. That sun just keeps hiding from me. Temps only to get in the high 40’s here today. Thanks; Virginia

    • #418335

      Rain, rain and more rain. Yuck. I hate rain. Supposed to get up to 53 today, but I’m wearing a sweater. It feels like 40.

    • #418444

      Thursday, March 26, 2009

      51 º here looking at rain for all day again today.

    • #418448

      Thursday, March 26, 2009
      Currently 27
      High for the day 35
      Sure miss the 60’s from the weekend.

    • #418443

      high in the 50s and rain today

    • #418450

      Raining here right now, going to all day again. At least it isn’t thunderstorms or heavy rain–but still, Where is the SUN?!! Thanks; Virginia

    • #418452

      Another crappy, rainy day. Did I mention I HATE rain?? LOL Supposed to get up to 60, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

    • #418456

      We’re supposed to have a snow storm tomorrow in OKC – 2″ to 6″ accumulation. Go figure!!!

    • #418457

      Mid 50s, lots of rain, some tornado watches in some counties.

    • #418477

      @Janice Terrell 113272 wrote:

      We’re supposed to have a snow storm tomorrow in OKC – 2″ to 6″ accumulation. Go figure!!!

      All I can say is that I am glad I am not there 🙂

    • #418507

      We’ve had it all in the last few months. Snowed in for a week, then 60’s & 70’s, tornadoes, wildfires, more tornadoes, warm, earthquakes (13 small ones most we could feel) then almost 90F AND NOW snow storms. Personally, I keeping an eye out for that tsunami that is bound to hit us.

    • #418516

      Personally, I keeping an eye out for that tsunami that is bound to hit us.

      LOL” I shouldn’t laugh on that one Janice but with the weather you have been having it wouldn’t surprise me.

      Friday, March 27, 2009
      Currently 16
      High for the day 33

    • #418517

      Well, it just wouldn’t surprise me either!!! LOL LOL – It is still dark so don’t know yet about the snow.

    • #418518

      Friday, March 27, 2009

      Today Partly Cloudy 59 º low 41 º
      Right now it’s 38 º

    • #418526

      35.2- 5am, high today, high of 56, chance of rain and snow showers.

    • #418528

      Cloudy, temp hovering around the freezing mark again! Slight chance of rain here today–hope it isn’t freezing rain and snow. One never knows. Thanks; Virginia

    • #418544

      @Janice Terrell 113353 wrote:

      We’ve had it all in the last few months. Snowed in for a week, then 60’s & 70’s, tornadoes, wildfires, more tornadoes, warm, earthquakes (13 small ones most we could feel) then almost 90F AND NOW snow storms. Personally, I keeping an eye out for that tsunami that is bound to hit us.

      I’m with you on this one Janice. We are having the same type of weather here in SW Missouri. No wonder I’m sick, the weather keeps changeing from day to day. You just never know what’s going to come up next…….the only thing that we haven’t had are the earthquakes here…..not yet anyway.

    • #418546

      @tsgal 113411 wrote:

      I’m with you on this one Janice. We are having the same type of weather here in SW Missouri. No wonder I’m sick, the weather keeps changeing from day to day. You just never know what’s going to come up next…….the only thing that we haven’t had are the earthquakes here…..not yet anyway.

      Oh my! We keep waiting for the “big one” but hopefully the earthquake never comes to Missouri again! But we sure are getting everything else! We had 70’s, floods and now snow all within 1 week here in NW MO. Like Mark Twain said “If you don’t like the weather in Missouri just wait a few minutes and it’s change!”

    • #418564

      It’s in the 60’s, but did I mention I HATE rain??? LOL Rain and more rain. They’re calling for storms tomorrow, too. I can’t wait for this lousy weather to be over. Makes me feel gloomy.

    • #418565

      Our weather in Rochester, NH today
      is beautiful, started out alittle dreary due to the 1/4 of an inch of rain we had, than the sun came out-last I checked it was 58 degrees, my dear husband and I actually went out for a walk, and I had to take my coat off!!!
      It is wonderful
      thanks for asking
      carol anne
      aka grabries nana

    • #418596

      Friday 3/27/09 ~ We actually saw the sun, there is something to be said about how the weather affects your MOOD. I have not felt like doing anything (partly, because you do not know how to dress these days. Parka, light jacket, sweatshirt, ………). I was just happy to see the sun.

      We have been around 30-40 the past week. I think Wilbe95 took the sun & warm weather back to SD when she visited MN 2 weeks ago !!!!!!!!!! Today it was 37, so we could still have the windows open slightly, it is great to feel the breeze.

      For some of you who do not live in Colder Weather, there is one thing that you are missing. It is cracking the window slightly ( on a bitter cold morning), the shades are open (sun shining on your face ~ almost sweating), you have a flannel sheet, blanket, afgahn and a wool blanket on, yet you have 1 foot sticking out of the covers (your hot, then cold ~ somehow sticking your foot out regulates your temp). I LIVE FOR THESE MORNINGS, we may complain about how cold it is, really we would miss it.

      To all that live in the colder climates, ENJOY the last few weeks (humitity is right around the corner). LOL

    • #418599

      I think Wilbe95 took the sun & warm weather back to SD when she visited MN 2 weeks ago !!!!!!!!!!

      Sunshine maybe, warmth no way. It rained on me from the time I left Minneapolis Tuesday afternoon until I hit the state line. I think the boy took the warmth back home to Ohio with him. LOL

      Saturday, March 28, 2009
      Currently 18
      High for the day 41

    • #418580

      Just don’t know where to start. It’s cold and nasty outside.

    • #418590

      Sat.–Temp hovering around freezing and not going to change much. Showers right now with the forecast saying it will change to heavy rain and then thunderstorms followed by Snow! YUK–YIKES even!! Thanks; Virginia

    • #418594

      Same ole, same ole here. At least the rain has stopped for the moment. Supposed to get thunderstorms later, but the temperature is decent, light sweater or windbreaker. Can’t wait for the next two days, supposed to be sunny before the rain starts up AGAIN.

    • #418611

      It is 59 right now and cloudy there is a chance of thunderstorms tonight. Tomoorw is only suppose to be 42 atleast I wont be home for most of the day.

    • #418613

      Sure mis our 70 degree weather we’ve been having! Old man winter is putting in another gasping breath! 30 today and sleeting and snowing. All our activities were canceled due to the weather. Nice day to sit around and enjoy my son’s birthday and time as all the family is together. Suppose to be in the 50’s tomorrow so it’ll melt the snow away!

    • #418626
      i think the boy took the warmth back home to ohio with him. lol

      kim, you don’t have to think about this any longer, this last week here has been pretty nice ..today it got to about 55, rather nice with a cool breeze about..

    • #418627

      It was warm (mid 70’s) and sunny today. Did a lot of gardening with my son and husband.

    • #418632

      It is 39 right now and is only going up to 44 today. Thankfully I am leaving the stat in about 20 minutes and it will be warmer where I am going 🙂

    • #418635

      Sunday 3-29-09
      Currently 23
      High for the day 45

    • #418636

      Sunday, March 29, 2009

      Thunderstorms of Spring we had last night.
      Going out this morning it was like a breath of
      fresh air, with the rains always refreshing the earth. The sun is shining, and it’s already 45 and a little windy, the high is going to 55. Wow!!

      listening to the news this morning, they are saying the temps. are suppose to drop this afternoon and then snow this evening.

    • #418637

      SNOW!!!! Ice on trees. Wind so strong you can feel it shaking the house.

      Looks like it is going to be one of those days that you just want to snuggle down and hibernate. Thanks; Virginia

    • #418644

      Well yesterday was cold and gray. The rain, sleet and snow came, and today the sun is out to melt it all away. Supposed to get up in the 50’s today, we’ll see how my flowers faired out after yesterday.

    • #418649

      I’m blind!!! After 4+ days of rain, the sun is out! Temperature is nice too, somewhere in the 50’s I’m thinking.

      If the temp goes up more, maybe I’ll grill out today. I love grilled anything.

    • #418715

      Saturday and Sunday were great low 50’s and plenty of sun. Sunday I was able to dry some laundry outside. LOVE the smell of line dried clothes, sheets even more and less ironing.

      This week is suppose to be rain and possible snow. We will see, cannot tell until the sun comes up. I hope it is nice, I have been wanting to get out and ride my bike (or start a daily walking routine), but it seems like whenever I have the urge, I look outside and think otherwise.

    • #418717

      Monday, 3-30-09

      This totally stinks!
      My county is in a flood watch (have been for awhile)
      Today we are in a winter weather warning
      Currently it is 34
      High for the day 40
      This morning rain turning to freezing rain in the morning, snow in the afternoon 2-4 inches, tonight 4-6 inches and a Blizzard Warning. Tomorrow an additional 4-6 inches of snow.

      Guess March is going to go out with a big bang this year.

    • #418727

      Temp at 29 degrees F here right now. Possible rain later in the day. Thanks; Virginia

    • #418728

      Monday March 30, 2009

      It’s only 36 º but feels colder. Dreary no sun yet.
      Got a little snow last night, nothing to really think
      too long about. Looking forward to
      Mostly Sunny
      47 º

    • #418814

      Raining! 45 degrees F. Thunderstorms forecast for today.

      Windy, but not as windy as it has been the last few days. Thanks; Virginia

    • #418818

      Tuesday, March 31, 2009
      And March goes out like a lion!
      Currently 30 winds at around 37 mph
      High 34
      Snow Day 🙂 only about an inch so far but an inch of ice under that. To get between 3-7 now through tomorrow.

    • #418852

      Slight drizzle on and off all day, but fairly warm. Around 4pm I thought the sun was starting to come out, no it hailed for about 15 mins. Hail was only the size of peas, but that was enough to bring one of my birdhouses down.

    • #418858

      Tuesday March 31, 2009
      It was partly cloudy for most of the day.
      The high got to 64 º, it did sprinkle a bit
      on and off today. This was really refreshing..

    • #418866

      April 1
      Current 28
      High 35

    • #418870

      at 6am–56.7. High today 70, with high wind advisory. 45-50, gusts to 60mph. Figures… second day in a row that movers can’t move daughters mobil home…:(

    • #418871

      35 degrees F. here right now. A funny light shining in the window. Not very bright but it is there and at about the intensity that it will be all day today.
      Thanks; Virginia

    • #418873

      Currently 35, had a light dusting of snow overnight. Looks like another dreary day. I want the sun to come out.

    • #418874

      Wednesday April 1, 2009
      The sun is shining, looking at a high of 59 º today.
      Hope that the sun stays with us all day.

    • #418882

      *SIGH* Another rainy day. Would have liked another sunny day, I need to mow the lawn badly, but now it’s going to be another week at least, since it’s too wet again. At least the temperature is supposed to get in the 60’s.

    • #418899

      Cloudy, gray day. Temp 50 but feels colder. Just beginning to rain and there more of the ame for tomorrow. DEPRESSING!!

    • #418908

      @justicemsb 113950 wrote:

      *SIGH* Another rainy day. Would have liked another sunny day, I need to mow the lawn badly, but now it’s going to be another week at least, since it’s too wet again. At least the temperature is supposed to get in the 60’s.

      Are you looking at the first mowing of the season there ?

    • #418924

      April 2, 2009
      Currently 27
      High 46

    • #418921

      @JoAnn 113996 wrote:

      Are you looking at the first mowing of the season there ?

      I am. It is probably gonna happen this weekend 🙁

    • #418928

      No sun here today. Rain, Rain and Wind, Rain and Thunderstorms–did I say RAIN? Thanks; Virginia

    • #418930

      Thursday April, 2, 2009

      It’s 46º here, with the sunshining and going up to 69º today.
      Another wonderful day.

    • #418942

      It started out sleeting and raining now its sleeting and snowing. the biggest snow flakes I’ve ever since in my life! If the temp drops half a degree, we’ll be buried in the stuff!
      yesterday so so very nice and tomorrow is suppose to be great but today well, nice to to make hot chocolate up and just watch the stuff coming down. Very pretty to look at knowing tomorrow will be sunny and in the 60’s!

    • #418922

      Rain, rain and more rain. YUCK! The temperature is supposed to get to 65, but who wants to go out anyway?

    • #418948

      59 this morning at 10am, heading to 70 a bit later. The wind is suppose to calm down, and gust at 17-20mph.

    • #418979

      Looks like another cloudy gloomy day here. Raining now (not in the forecast–but that is what it is doing!) Windy and the temps seem to be dropping. Back down to the freezing mark now. Thanks; Virginia

    • #418981

      Friday April, 3, 2009

      Well the rain has made it my way. Rained last night and is starting to rain again here. THe grass is really turning green here, more flowers are starting to pop up in my flower beds. Very gray here too, it’s 56º at 9:08 am. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

    • #418982

      Was supposed to rain again today, but the sun is SHINING!!! Temp to get to 69. Now if it would stay this way for 3 or 4 days, I could get my lawn mowed. It’s starting to look like a jungle in my backyard.

    • #419013

      Sat. the sun is shining, but forecast is for more rain this evening. Don’t think we can do much outside today–the ground is wet. I like getting out in the dirt but not the mud. Thanks; Virginia

    • #419001

      Saturday April, 4, 2009

      The sun is shining, high winds and 43º so far today. Temps. are suppose to drop this evening and they are forcasting snow? Oh My……..

    • #418293

      Not sure, I slept most of the day LOL. It must have rained, that is what the WINDOWS are telling me. I need to get back on a normal sleep schedule, this staying up nights IS FOR THE BIRDS.

    • #417082

      Rain, Thunderstorms, high winds. Temp at freezing mark now to go down to the low 20 s degrees mark tonight. Thanks; Virginia

    • #416960

      Sunday April, 5, 2009

      Sunny, cool and the high to get to 56º today. Got alot of busy work today. They say snow flurries tonight hummm.

    • #416465

      Sunday–beautiful day, sunny 63 degrees. Great day to be outside!!

    • #419020

      SNOW!! Temp is 32 degrees high to be 34 degrees. Wind and more snow in forecast. Thanks; Virginia

    • #419024

      It is 35 now and the high is 40 today. Chance of snow showers. I thin mother nature forgot it was April.

    • #419025

      It rained here just enough for me not to be able to mow the back yard. The sun is out for the moment, but I think that’s going to change shortly, it keeps popping in and out. They say it’s supposed to get to 65 today.

    • #419026

      34 for the high today. Sun is shining, but there is a brisk breeze. Temps are suppose to reach 55 by Friday.

    • #419030

      Monday– definitely not like Sunday!! Today is grey, rainy, and 49 @ 2:30 pm. ugh!!

    • #419033

      Winter weather yesterday and today. Suppose to hit 25 again tonight but tomorrow they now say is suppose to hit 52 and 60’s the rest of the week. Covered whats up in the garden yesterday to cover the hard freeze.

      Hopefully the carrot and broccoli beds survive these few days that dripped below 28. At 35 today might warm up another degree or two but with the high winds it won’t matter at all!

    • #419093

      Windy, but some periods of sunshine today. Still cold. Can still see some snow but most of it is gone.

      Thanks; Virginia

    • #419096

      Tuesday April 7, 2009
      Woke up this morning at 5 am to the sounds of snow plows. This was a morning to pull the covers back over the head. It had been snowing all night, my DS informed me.

      Just hope all this snow ends soon, the bright green grass was really looking pretty here. It’s still snowing here at 9:20 am and 31º.

    • #419124

      Cool, dark & basically crappy lol. But no rain & no snow so that’s a plus.

    • #419161

      The temp is 29 degrees here right now. Looks like this round of snow is gone, still windy but not as bad this morning. Thanks; Virginia

    • #419162

      Wednesday April 8, 2009

      It’s 34º here and sunny, suppose to get up to the mid 40’s today. Most of yesterdays snow is almost gone already.

    • #419178

      40’s and partly sunny. I can live with that. Now, if the jungle I call a backyard would dry out long enough for me to mow it, that would be even better.

      The neighbor behind me wishes he didn’t have to mow his, that he could let it get long like mine. Is he kidding?? :081:

    • #419197

      36 degrees here this morning. Cloudy, rain forecast for this afternoon. Thanks; Virginia

    • #419203

      Thursday April 9, 2009

      Sunny and 34º, high today of 56º.
      The wind is coming from the South West this morning.
      Easter Bushes are almost in full bloom.

    • #419243

      Rain and more Rain here today. That sun is just not showing his face very much here yet this year. Of course, I figure that it will rain all spring making it hard to plant then this summer we will not have the rain when we need it.
      Thanks; Virginia

    • #418004

      It rained this morning, but now it is just cloudy it is suppose to get in the mid 50s today.

    • #419265

      Friday April 10, 2009

      It was in the 40’s today, with mostly rain all day. Looking for the sun tomorrow.

    • #419296

      Saturday April 11, 2009
      I’m doing cartwheels! 🙂
      Suppose to get to 59 today!

    • #419298

      Saturday April 11, 2009

      The sun in shining, it’s 39 already. And going up to 59 today and tomorrow.

      i’m doing cartwheels!

      finally getting nice weather kim, don’t do to many of those cartwheels you have to help the easter bunny :045:

    • #419299

      34 degrees here and cloudy. Windy. Said periods of sun today on the forecast but I haven’t seen any yet.

      Thanks; Virginia

    • #419303

      It is 45 here and sunny. It is suppose to get in the low to mid 50s today. Another day of raking up leaves 🙂

    • #419305

      Its raining. Hubbie is bummed because he can’t go running, but I love the rain! 🙂

    • #419349

      The temp here right now is 28 degrees, the sun is shining–that is nice. Rain forecast for this evening though. The Easter Bunny got cold out there! Anybody else see all those tracks he made in the wet yard? LOL!! Happy Easter to anyone that celebrates it and Have a Happy Day to everyone else!!!!! Thanks; Virginia

    • #419354

      To sum it up in one word: GORGEOUS!! Sunny and supposed to get into the 60’s today.

    • #419371

      RAINY Monday! Pouring Down Rain here this morning, looks like it is going to rain all day. Temp is 36 degrees right now. Thanks; Virginia

    • #419372

      Monday April 13, 2009

      It’s 32º and mostly cloudy right now, the sun is starting to peek out.
      High today 52º, can hear those birds singing away. Predicting scattered showers this afternoon. After a wall to wall weekend of sunshine and warmth there are no complaints here, of the coming of rain.

    • #419443

      Nice cool breeze, good day to put the laundry out.

    • #419448

      36 degrees here this morning only going to get in the 40s, showers of rain and cloudy today. Thanks; Virginia

    • #419454

      Tuesday April 14, 2009

      Showers today again—a friend said to pull out the rain grear.
      High of 52º today. It’s 45º right now.

    • #419456

      30’s right now but to get to 60 today!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Spring has finally sprung! 🙂

    • #419470

      @wilbe95 115162 wrote:

      30’s right now but to get to 60 today!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Spring has finally sprung! 🙂

      I hear ya, In MN it is 67, clear blue sky. On the news they made a comment about ” putting your boots away & taking out your sandels, on the same day”. The TWINS game starts in 45 mins, can’t wait until next year (NEW open stadium). Wilbe95 are you coming to the opener? :bounce:

    • #419471

      Wilbe95 are you coming to the opener?

      I will pass this year 🙂 Did get a chance to go with the Cub Scouts but I am just not that into the whole sports scene. Enjoy the lovely weather!

    • #419484

      Wednesday April 15, 2009

      More rain showers today.
      High is to go too 51º
      It’s 45º already, raincoats and all the gear to go with it today.
      April Showers Bring May Flowers.

    • #419487

      34 degrees here right now. Supposed to be cloudy with some periods of sun today. Thanks; Virginia

    • #419500

      42 right now, going to get to 65 with some clouds.

    • #419508

      Sunny, sunny, sunny!! YAY! Going to get up to 64 today. Got to paint the shed doors that DH built over the weekend, so it’s a great day for it.

    • #419523

      68 today, clear blue sky, alittle windy, so it does not feel that warm. Suppose to be low 70’s Thursday.

    • #419542

      In here it is 14°C and cloudy….:crybaby2:

    • #419545

      It is 42 right now, but it is suppose to get to the mid 60s looks like I can finally continue my yard work 🙂

    • #419547

      Thursday April 16, 2009

      What a beautiful start to the day, sunny and 36º.
      The temps. are going to take a nice leap today, going up too 60º.

    • #419552

      35 degrees here right now. SUNNY and Windy. Thanks; Virginia

    • #419555

      Right now 45 with a little drizzle but that will burn off in a couple hours then up to 65!!!!!

    • #419664

      Thursday started out in the 50’s ending at 68. Friday & Sat looks the same. Sun it drops to 50 with some rain, then starts climbing again next week mon 60+………….

      I know for sure that I will not be in front of my PC Fri or Sat. Thinking about getting a lawnchair out and reading a book, with SHORTS on, to start my tan. YAHOO. People have been wearing shorts for about a week now.

    • #419684

      It is 41 degrees here right now. Cloudy, but is supposed to be partly sunny today. Thanks; Virginia

    • #419691

      Currently 48
      High for the day 65 and mostly sunshine!!!
      Over on the west side of the state they are suppose to get some snow, glad it isn’t me 🙂
      They are actually saying that we might see some 80’s by next week.

    • #419693

      Friday April 17, 2009

      Sunny and a high of 66º today. No jacket yesterday, it was really nice here. Spring is certainly here, love this weather.

      Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t.

      Interesting thought Kim, I certainly feel alive with this wonderful weather everyone is having and the beautiful weather here in Ohio today.


    • #419727

      50 degrees here right now to get 70 today! Cloudy though with showers forecast for this afternoon and thunderstorms for tonight. Thanks; Virginia

    • #419715

      56 her and suppose to be partly cloudy and 74. Another good yard work day 🙂

    • #419732

      Saturday April 18, 2009

      It’s another wonderful day here in N.Ohio, enjoying it while I can. 74 plus here
      Rain for the next few days in the forecast.

    • #419748

      55 degrees here right now and that is supposed to be the high for today. Rain, thunderstorms and wind is forecast. Thanks; Virginia

    • #419793

      Sunday it was 50 and drizzled most of the day, the sun decided to come out around 5pm. It is suppose to be around 50 for the next few days.

    • #419833

      44 degrees right now with the high to be 55. Showers and high wind expected. No sun again today.

      Thanks; Virginia

    • #419841

      Today is our cold day for the week only to get to 53

    • #419870

      Has been 68 here today in Belgium! Sunny and no clouds for a change 🙂 Woohoo, gotta love sunny weather.:dance:

    • #419902

      Monday April 20, 2009

      Rain all day, gloomy and gray today, it’s 51º right now.
      And boy was the wind sharp with the rain in the air. (Damp) yuckkk.
      They say more rain tomorrow.

    • #419914

      Rain and wind again today. 37 degrees here this morning to be up to 50. Thanks; Virginia

    • #419923

      Tuesday April 21, 2009
      It’s 44º right now, going up to 51º
      and more Rain Showers coming this way.
      But the sun is shining for now :bounce:
      and that is all that counts for the time being “warmth”

    • #419927

      It was in the 40’s yesterday & its supposed to be in the 70s today!!! 🙂

    • #419938

      Started out at 38 with a windchill of 32 but to get to 61 today!

    • #419978

      Sun is out, but it is VERY windy. Suppose to be 68 Wendsday.

    • #420020

      42 degrees right now to get up to 60. Cloudy but should be some sunshine later today. Thanks; Virginia

    • #420024

      Wednesday April 22, 2009

      More Rain today and 49º. Forecast for the next 3 days is high 70’s and plenty of Sun Shine.

      “God made rainy days so gardeners
      could get the housework done.”
      -Author Unknown

      Happy Earth Day !!!

    • #420031

      Mostly sunny, high today of 80 degrees. Light wind. Max.

      humidity of 21%. A perfect day. 🙂

    • #420100

      It is 72 right now and a nice breeze at about 15 mph! Lots of sunshine. I think I might have actually thawed out now 🙂

    • #420149

      Thursday April 23, 2009

      Oh yes the sun is shining here.
      Looking forward to mostly sunny & blue sky’s, the high going to 58º.

    • #420150

      Thursday, April 23 8:09am
      It is currently 58
      High for the day 82
      Sunshine and a breeze.

    • #420152

      44 degrees here right now to get up to 70! It is supposed to be sunny, but do not see the sun yet. Hard to work outside because unfortunately the wind is raging at about 30 miles per hour.

      Thanks; Virginia

    • #420215

      81 today, sun finally came out around 2:30 pm. It has been very windy here as well for the last 2 days (helps the clothes dry faster on the line LOL). Suppose to be around low 80’s until Saturday, then it goes back to high 50’s all next week (bummer).

      High 50’s are OK as long as it is not windy and the sun is out.

    • #420217

      Set a record high for today it actually got to 88!
      Tomorrow and the next five days it will only be in the 50’s and rainy.

    • #420235

      Ok don’t be mad ladies and gents but it was in the 80’s today. Very, very bright and sunny with no chance of rain.

    • #420252

      57 degrees here now on the way to 80 they say. Cloudy but to see some sun. Had lightning storm here last night.

      Seems to messed up my digital clock. It keeps blinking just black numbers and dashes then goes blank. Weird!

      Thanks; Virginia

    • #420281

      Friday, April 24, 2009

      had lightning storm here last night

      we got this weather early this morning when i got up for work at 2:30, and then the rain came in shortly behind it all. But by 9:30 the sun was shining. It’s 8:43 and still 83 how wonderful is this ?

      And tomorrow it’s going to be in the 80’s again. Oh yes !!! Hope everyone has a good weekend…;-)

    • #420293

      Cloudy and 65 degrees here now on the way to 83. Thunderstorms and high winds predicted for today. Thanks; Virginia

    • #420294

      Saturday April 25, 2009

      It’s 70º the sun is shining.
      Suppose to get up to 82º and windy today.
      The beauty of Spring is finally here in full bloom….

    • #420310

      87 is going to be the high
      with a SW breeze 15-25
      no clouds
      tons of sun.
      gotta find that aveno
      sunscreen bottle 🙂

    • #420335

      Today it is only 47 with a wind.
      Yesterday traveled through snow-so wrong when just the day before set record highs across the state.

    • #420350

      Sunday April 26, 2009

      It’s 65 here already, very pleasant.
      Looking forward to the temps going up to mid 80’s today…

    • #420352

      64 degrees here high to be 85. Would be great except the wind is raging at 35 miles per hour and it is cloudy with predicted thunderstorms. Thanks; Virginia

    • #420423

      68 degrees here right now with only a high of 71 predicted. Cloudy, showers and thunderstorms here today along with the high winds. Thanks; Virginia

    • #420426

      It is 69 right now with a high of 84. Look like anothe hot day hopefully it won’t be so windy so I can get some yard work done.

    • #420428

      April 27
      Mostly sunny. High 83F.
      Winds S at 15 to 25 mph
      Low 64 Very nice today

    • #420442

      April 27th in nw mo 50 degrees, windy and wet. If it’s not pouring it’s misting. Gotten 2 inches so far.

      We really needed it so can’t complain! Lots of stuff popping up in my garden today! Forecast for next 10 days looks like lots of rain coming our way.

    • #420483

      Sunday April 26, 2009

      Another wonderful day here it’s 77 right now in N.Ohio and it got up too 85 today.
      We have been having such nice days here the last 4 days. I know I have been blessed…

    • #420495

      50 degrees on the way to the high of 60 for today. Cloudy, some rain showers. Wind not as strong today as it has been the last few days.

      Thanks; Virginia

    • #420503

      Tuesday April 28, 2009

      Cloudy and 67º right now. Expecting rain today. Cool breeze running Thur the house.

    • #420509

      April,28,tuesday, Nashville
      clouds and sun with scattered thunderstorms. High 76F. Winds SSW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 60%.
      Tonight Showers and thundershowers likely.

      Low 62F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.
      All in all the weather has been good.

    • #420570

      Cloudy again today with a high of 70 expected. It is 50 degrees right now. The wind isn’t bad right now and looks like it might be calm for today.

      Thanks; Virginia

    • #420572

      Wednesday April 29, 2009

      Mostly Cloudy right now, and it’s 50º.
      Going up too 64º.

    • #420584

      It is 50 out now and to get to 60 but rain all day

    • #420587

      April 29(wed.)
      Showers this morning
      then scattered thunderstorms during the afternoon.
      High 77F. Winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

    • #420596

      Rain, rain go away. Come again another day. But maybe not tomorrow.

      Next week would be OK.

    • #420644

      it’s raining!!! all i see is water, the road ditches are overflowing. 63 degrees on the way to 71 they say.

      Wind around 20 mph. Thanks; Virginia

    • #420647

      Rain today
      Rain tomorrow
      Rain for the weekend
      mid70’s 🙄

    • #420654

      here in northeast nebraska it started out dismal and cloudy and cold and right now it’s sunshiney and clear but still chilly !

    • #420673

      Thursday April 30, 2009

      Rain on and off all day and yesterday too & 68º , looking at at a raining weekend also here. —- Have to laugh here a bit, with all the rain.
      Janice — Remember this one also — April Showers bring May Flowers….

    • #420696

      It’s May DAY!! Would love to see some flowers in a basket on my door step. It is 58 degrees here right now and the high is supposed to be 59.

      It is cloudy and rainy. Thanks; Virginia

    • #420700

      Friday May 1, 2009

      Showers again today, but the sun is shining and it’s 63º.

    • #420753

      JoAnn – At the rate it’s going I’ll drown before the flowers get here. Or I’ll have to rent an Ark!!! LOL

    • #420756

      48 degrees this morning high only going to be 60 if it makes it that high. Cloudy and dreary, supposed to see some sun this afternoon though. Our yard looks ok but the road ditches still have standing water in them and so do parts of the neighbors fields.

      So, you might need to pick a few of us up with the ark you’re going to rent Janice. LOL. Have a nice day.

      Thanks; Virginia

    • #420761

      HELP – my feet are starting to grow webs and I think I’m growing moss or mold or something like that on my north side. Be by shortly, Virginia. Better bring a like jacket.

    • #420765

      Oh no Janice, no drowning for you. Remember you still should be located high enough lollll. But you might have to put in for the rental early before the space is gone.

    • #420766

      Saturday May 2, 2009
      Partly Cloudy
      62º and the sun is finally starting to come out. Hopefully it starts to dry up some around here.

    • #420791

      the sun is shinning!! 47 degrees on the way to 70 today, they say. I hope the sun stays out for a while.

      Have a great day! Thanks; Virginia

    • #420802

      Sunday May 3, 2009

      63º And the Sun is Shining woohoo..
      Have a great day everyone…Gardening today for me…..

    • #420807

      Today it is 68 🙂 sunshine, even had to break down and go to the store and finally get some plants to but in a garden in the yard! Spent a couple hours doing that and feel like I am blinded by the sun, but I am finally warm.

    • #420823

      Did have a misting sprinkle yesterday but it didn’t do much and the sun was shinning the whole time. Saw a nice double rainbow up in the sky. 49 degrees here this morning on the way to 70.

      Cloudy and no sun. Have a nice day! Thanks; Virginia

    • #420918

      Tuesday May 5, 2009

      Partly Cloudy and 51º already and going up too 68º.
      Looks like another wonderful day today.

      And Happy Cinco De Mayo, Too ! 🙂
      Hope everyone has a nice day.

    • #420920

      58 degrees and cloudy. To get 75 today but no sun. Good day to work outside on cleanup and mowing though.

      Have a nice day! Thanks; Virginia

    • #420930

      May 5,

      Well this rain has slow down
      to a mist. That should end sometime
      tonight and we MIGHT get to see
      a peak of that sun.

      Right now it’s 60 going for a high
      of 71 degree’s.

      Oh…the rain return’s tomorrow:012:

      But the sun looks to shine for the weekend!
      I can’t wait!:calendar:

    • #420947

      52 right now and to get to 70.
      Have to say it is so wonderful to be able to turn the furnace off at night and still stay warm 🙂

    • #421007

      56 degrees and cloudy here to get up to 70 with thunderstorms predicted. Have a nice day! Thanks; Virginia

    • #421012

      Wednesday May 6, 2009

      The fog has finally lifted and it’s 51º right now. Suppose to go up to 70º, another nice Spring day.

    • #421020

      May 6

      Rain again!
      high 70.
      Mumbles and grumbles!!!:???:

    • #421075

      Thursday May 7, 2009

      Another foggy morning, 51º right now with the birds singing away.
      Looks like they are predicting for today is Thunderstorm and going up to 71º. Another Rainy Day. Who sent all this rain my way ? Lolll. More rain the next couple of days too.

    • #421076

      Another Rainy Day. Who sent all this rain my way ? Lolll.

      Guess that might have been me. LOL just kidding we did have some rain early yesterday evening. To get to the mid 70’s here with sunshine for the day. Time to go mow the yard!

    • #421078

      Today looks to be a repeat of yesterday, forecast wise. Cloudy with thunderstorms predicted. Windier this morning though. Have a nice day! Thanks; Virginia

    • #421091

      May 7,Thrusday

      Today is going to be a hit or miss
      day.(in the rain department)

      But a sticky 80 degrees.

      LOL!!! :081:
      Joann, I was taught to share
      with the rain showers
      *enjoy* love smiley

    • #421145

      Cloudy and 55 degrees here to get 77 and more rain. Had bad thunder and lightening storm last night had to shut down the computers. Have a nice day! Thanks; Virginia

    • #421151

      Friday May 8, 2009

      Virginia, your thunderstorm must of rolled over my way, we got them here in the early morning. The sun is shining now and it’s 58º and going up to the 70’s today, with more rain today.

    • #421189

      Saturday May 9,2009

      High of 69º today, more rain coming today. Hope the sun finds it’s way out today.

    • #421190

      Only supposed to get in the 60 s here today. Cloudy and wind at 30 miles per hour again. Might see the sun peek out a time or two. Have a great day! Thanks; Virginia

    • #421204

      The weather turned really nasty here yesterday morning. We had hurricane winds and a ton of rain. By the time we realized that the weather was turning bad, it was to late to do anything about it. Thought that I lost my DH in the winds at one point. He went to turn the horses out to the field for the day, and while he was on the other side of the lot a huge wall of wind came up out of nowhere. Things were flying around like we had a tornado going on. I ran in the house, thinking that he was right behind me. Well he never made it to the house. Scared me so bad, I thought that he was gone. After the winds calmed down and it was raining I went out looking for him. Thank goodness him and both horses were in the barn. That was some bad storm we had, and very scarey. We didn’t lost power, but it sure was flickering alot. My boys had just got on the bus 15 minutes before that. Called the school to make sure the buses got there safely. Luckly all the students got to the schools okay. Hope no one was hurt or lost anything if you were in the path of this storm. A lot of tornados came out of this one.

    • #421216

      Sunday May 10, 2009

      It’s very cool right now and 46. Forecast for today mostly sunny & 63º.
      Tonia, So glad everything is OK at your end now.
      Happy Mothers Day TO All

    • #421217

      Happy Mother’s Day to one and all!! The sun is shinning and the winds are calm this morning. Chilly at 44 degrees only to get in the 60s and wind will be getting up along with rain showers later today. Have a wonderful day!
      Thanks; Virginia

    • #421257

      43 degrees here this morning to get into the 60s again today. Cloudy. Looks like a repeat of yesterday, weather wise, I mean. Have a nice day! Thanks; Virginia

    • #421312

      Monday May 11, 2009

      Had a beautiful Sunny Day, high got to 71º very enjoyable.

    • #421319

      48 degrees on the way to 73. Cloudy with rain and wind in the forecast. Have a nice day! Thanks; Virginia

    • #421323

      Tuesday May 12, 2009

      Looks like it’s going to be another Sun Shinny Day !!
      High 66º they are calling for, it’s 41º right now–enjoying this Spring weather..

    • #421380

      Send some of that sunshine my way! would ya? It is too early to tell anything yet today.

      But the temperature is 55 forecast is for 76 with strong storm warnings of heavy rain, hail and high winds. Going to be a long day.
      Hope you all have a nice day! Thanks; Virginia

    • #421390

      May 13 Wed.
      Isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon.
      High 78F.

    • #421439

      It was 55 degrees this morning when I thought I posted on here. It is supposed to get about 70. Windy but not as bad as yesterday and the sun is shining right now.

      Have a nice day! Thanks; Virginia

    • #421440

      We started out at 42 and it’s 55 now. Hoping to hit 70 today but off to a slow start. Bright and sunny here with a very gentle breeze.

      Very nice working conditions!

      on the Mo/IA border

    • #421457

      It was a Great Day, I have no idea what the temp was, I do know that was the Perfect spring day (cool breeze, not a cloud in the sky, i can still hear the birds above the normal traffic noise, it is 8pm and still bright outside, able to go outside with a lightweight shirt on).

      Could not ask for anything better, forgot to mention. I was able to hang our clothes outside, without wondering about rain

    • #421465

      Cloudy with rain showers right now temp is 56, to be 76 (didn’t make it to 70 yesterday). Rain predicted to change to thunderstorms with severe storm warnings of hail and strong winds. Have a nice day!

      Thanks; Virginia

    • #421468

      Here in NW Mo it rained all night and it’s still pouring and radar looks like it will pour all day today. Flood warnings are up. 56 right now suppose to be in the upper 60’s today.

      Yesterday was so perfect and we worked until it got dark outside so maybe a rainy day will be nice. Clean house and make bread & yogurt.

    • #421489

      Today it is 61 degrees with a high expected to be 63 degrees. Cloudy and windy. Had some sever storms yesterday, dumped a lot of rain.

      Lightning was bad so had to shut computers down in the early afternoon and didn’t turn back on until now. Have a great day! Thanks; Virginia

    • #421491

      May.16 Sat.
      Its 68 right now and raining,
      Suppose to get some thunderstorms later.
      High 75. BLAHHHHH……. lol

    • #421514

      We’ve survived all that rain from yesterday and the flood waters are receding but sure is cold today! Sunny and suppose to get up to 58 but we have high winds today and it feels like winter! Monday its suppose to warm back up into upper 70’s.

      I’ve tried to work outside 3 times today but that wind has such a bite to it that my face feels like it’s January! Will stay inside and return to outside work on Monday!

    • #421530

      Saturday May 16, 2009

      Earth Day projects got rained out today, cover up everything till I don’t know when, maybe tomorrow afternoon. The next 3 day are suppose to be nice then rain again. The yards and fields certainly look nice.
      It’s 43 here now, and more rain coming in tonight.

    • #421537

      It is a cold 39 degrees here this morning. Might see some sun, but haven’t much hope of it today. Looks like winter decided to come back for another punch.

      Oh well, what will be, will be. Have a nice day! Thanks; Virginia

    • #421552

      It is about 66 right now, with a very light breeze. Which is great, all week Mon – Sat VERY Windy, the temp was warm, but the wind kept you inside. I never remember it being that windy for that amount of time. Monday is suppose to 78, lawn chair day for us (tanning weather). The rest of the week is suppose to be low 70’s.

    • #421569

      43 degrees on the way to 60s they say. Windy, but at least you can stand up out there. Been told the wind is why we are living in the middle of a Windfarm. Yes, that means wind turbines. We are surrounded by them. I don’t see the blades stopped very often. Have a nice day! Thanks; Virginia

    • #421575

      Monday May 18, 2009

      It’s 37º right now and Sunny going up to 64º. The air is still very cool with all the rain we have had here.

    • #421584

      They say it is suppose to hit 81 today, but again it is very windy. Probally will not be sitting out on the lawn chair today.

    • #421613

      48 degrees here this morning to get in the 70s they say. Cloudy but the sun is supposed to shine later. Got some more cleanup work done yesterday in the yard. Seems we get some done and it storms again and we have it to do all over again, this year. Have a nice day! Thanks; Virginia

    • #421621

      Tuesday May 19, 2009

      It’s 46° here, and the Sun is shining.
      High: going to 72° looks like it’s going to
      be a beautiful day.

    • #421634

      It’s 58 here now.
      Going to be 74 with the sun shinning.
      Some places last night got frost!!!

    • #421676

      83 today, great day, suppose to be this way all week. Not a cloud in the sky.

    • #421679

      MA chill this morning beautiful this afternoon and is mild this evening

    • #421699

      53 degrees right now, the forecast is for 81 degrees. The sun is making his appearance here already this morning. Nice, still a little chilly right at the minute but that will change as the sun keeps shining and it gets warmed up.
      Have a nice day, everyone! Thanks; Virginia

    • #421704

      Wednesday May 20, 2009

      Sunny & going up to 80º Oh yah….

    • #421705

      warm today, @ 7:20am it is already 65 degrees. It will get up to 83, and should be very pleasant. Tomorrow begins 2 days of 30% chance of thunderstorms and rain. WEEEE…!!! We can sure use it. Lets hope it doesn’t evaporate before it hits the ground LOL. HI to EVERYONE OF YOU have a wonderful hump day!

    • #421716

      Its about 60 degrees right now, but its gonna be 78 for a high today. That’s a little to high for me ;-). I like it about 65 to 70 degrees. 🙂

    • #421718

      Looks like we all found the same weather day,
      LOL. 64 right now, Going for 80, Plenty of sun!!!
      Have a wonderful day! 🙂

    • #421732

      Get this, the news is reporting that we hit 97 Tuesday, it did not feel that warm, but got very humid and windy around 7pm yesterday. They are saying we will hit low 90’s again today, again it is very windy. The wind is causing me problems with planting my garden (do not want dirt flying in my face).

    • #421759

      60 degrees here right now, going to be 84 again today with lots of sunshine. Of course, we will have the ever popular wind to deal with, but it isn’t supposed to be so strong that you can’t stand up outside; so that is good. Have a great day!

      Thanks; Virginia

    • #421786

      May,21 Thrusday

      76 right now, going for a high of 83.
      Might have to find the A/C switch 🙂

    • #421804

      Temps are back to normal 74. There is overcast and chances of showers. Hitting the garden today.

    • #421866

      Friday May 22, 2009

      Very pleasant this morning, with a cool breeze and 58º.
      Partly Cloudy, with the sun trying to peek out. High of 78º today.:045:

    • #421869

      61 degrees here this morning. Sunny with some clouds, going to be a warm 83 degrees today, with calm wind. Have a great day!

      Thanks; Virginia

    • #421907