What is your ultimate goal?

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      My frugal lifestyle is not temporary for me.

      My Mother was a child during the depression and I grew up rinsing jars and bottles to get the last drop of something out and putting the tiny soft sliver of soap on top of the new bar to let it “stick” so you could use it all. I was given cardboard out of pantyhose to draw on and use for art projects and my “best” barbie house furnishings growing up were made from tp rolls and tissue boxes. we weren’t low income- my father taught at a major university.

      it was just the way we lived. i never felt cheated or deprived and we took trips andhad nice things while i was growing up.

      we just took care of what we had to make things last. there werechurch clothes/school clothes/play clothes. you came home and changed after school- once things were too tight/stained/messy for church or school, they became play clothes. my parents paid cash for cars, paid cash for everything, really.

      the only thing other than regular light bills/water bills and such i ever knew them to make a payment on was our house- and it was paid off early.

      i’m not nearly as good at living frugal as my parents were, but i’m working on it. we sold a car and paidthe loanoff and have paid off other littlebills here and there since the early part of may this year.. we’ve been able to pay off over $24,000 in debt so far.

      While that is great, my position is that we shouldn’t have had the debt to begin with and we’re quite a ways from being debt free even now.But I still have hope that we will be there in a few more years. It is easier to accomplish if both spouses/significant others arein the same mind set and see debt as something to avoid. One of us is not worried about debt, the other one doesn’t sleep at night because of what we owe..guess which one I am!lol

      ultimate goal? mine wouldbe to have little to no debt and have the means to help my children and parents (if they needed it). to have enoughto be comfortable in old age and be able to share with worthy causes and people in need (yes, we tithe now..i’m thinking on a bigger scale).

      for now, i cut coupons, cook from scratch, shop thrift stores and “make do or do without”. it’s not a chore- it’s my life and i like it this way.

      lisa g.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List What is your ultimate goal?