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      — On Tue, 8/12/08, lisa196622193 wrote:

      From: lisa196622193 Subject: Budget101.com : What is your ultimate goal?
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      Just curious if the frugal lifestyle is just a temporary means to an

      end? Do you have very specific goals to keep you disciplined?

      I watch the very large Goodwill store here…….how much more frugal can I get? LOL Sears, Penny’s, etc. usually have some really great sales.

      I caught a 90%off sale at The Dollar Store & picked up several items to furnish my apt. For me, at the age of 59 & being on SSDisability for the last 9 yrs. this is a lifestyle!

      I don’t have much choice. That’s why I’m so glad I joined this group!

      I wish I could be even more frugal than I am (my fiance and I LOVE

      going out to eat, etc.). I would love to pay off my mortgage and have

      us have zero debt so we can become rich! I want us to become a power

      couple. It would be so cool to throw paychecks in the bank.

      I am trying to start my own business from home & online. I am writing a book. Maybe I will get lucky, eh?

      My ultimate goal would be a beach house, those are a million

      bucks. At best, they’d probably drop the price to $800,000. I would

      love to live as if we’re on vacation everyday. I wish we could afford


      My ultimate goal is to never have to eat dog/cat food because I can’t afford real food. The way the economy is going, one never can afford to say never.

      It’s nice to dream!

      What is your big goal, your big dream? And do you believe it to be


      Yes, I can be successful because I believe I can!

      Blessings to All

      Gypsy Jada

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List What is your ultimate goal?