What is your ultimate goal?

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      I personally wouldn’t worry so much about an estate (unless I had

      dependent children). I’d worry about taking care of myself. When my

      elderly mother was ill and depending on SS, I took care of her and

      spent my own money and time and everything I had to take care of

      her. She took care of me when I was young, so it was my turn to

      happily take care of her. I would do it all over again in a

      heartbeat. Towards the end, her entire SS check went towards home

      care and I took care of the rest.

      When you are old and no longer able to work, I feel that grown

      children should help out. But that’s just me. 🙂 It hurts me to

      think about grown children depending on their elderly parents. It

      just feels wrong to me.

      I don’t feel you are wrong to want to help your kids and grandchild —

      you have a good heart. I know my mom would have wanted to do the

      same for me if she were able to. I just get irritated with grown

      children who would even consider accepting anything from their

      elderly parents.


      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “dash” wrote:


      > MY ultimate goal is to have some of our teeny tiny estate left when

      I die for my kids and my handicapped grandson. I am trying to live

      within our Social Security but am having a difficult time of it. I

      have spent too much lately on dental and cars.


      > However, I am intending to create a new budget for 2009 plus a

      saving system to keep our taxes, and house insurance and car

      insurance with enough to pay each when they come due.


      > We have a lot of insurance going out of our SS checks. Two life

      insurance policies, two Medicare D policies, two SS supplimental

      policies. We only get to use about half or less of our SS checks to

      live on. Although our home is paid for Thank GOD!, we still

      struggle. Lights and heat skyrocketing plus food and gas etc…you

      all know the drill….. We had to take a lot out of savings this past

      year and have to again, with a lot of unexpected dental work etc.

      So…. my ultimate goal is to retain our savings and have

      an “estate”. dash


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List What is your ultimate goal?