What is your ultimate goal?

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      I know your question wasn’t directed to me, but we have always contributed $200 extra each month towards the principal. This amount brings our 20 year mortgage down to 15….which will be paid off, at this rate, by 2021….Seems SO far away!


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      It’s inspiring “meeting” others who think like me! I don’t know

      anyone personally whose goal is to pay off the mortgage. I just

      sent Countrywide a $1,000 check towards principal. Not sure when I

      can do that again, but it felt good, empowering. It’s like I’m

      sending my intention out to the universe and took a big action


      We don’t use credit cards, either. If we can’t pay cash, then we

      don’t buy it. My fiance is still paying off one credit card and his

      car. Can’t wait for that to finally be over!!!

      What action steps are you taking to pay off the mortgage? Are you

      increasing the payment every month, or are you sending in checks

      toward principal when you can?


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      > Paying off our mortgage by time our oldest child, currently age 2,

      is age 10.

      > Yes. I believe it is possible. I don’t need vacations at this

      point. I just want to continue to have a healthy pregnancy

      (carrying multiples) and pay off our mortgage. That simple

      financial step will help us out so much and ease HUGE amounts of

      financial stress.


      > We stopped using our credit cards, so now we just have to pay what

      is owed. We have college loans to pay off, but a lot less than some

      people do. I also want to pay cash for our next newer car a few

      years from now. (I get used cars, usually 1-3 years old).


      > I feel confident that we will reach our goals because we are

      determined. Even with my husband’s employer and the layoffs. My

      family deserves it.


      > Herlean

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List What is your ultimate goal?