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      Anyone shop at ABC Distrubuting? Any good deals and is it really worth ordering??? Let me know what you think.




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      This looks very similar to the LTD Commodities site. The items are not always top of the line but they are nice. What you have to watch is the shipping price-that is where they really get the money out of you.

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      @wilbe95 83530 wrote:

      This looks very similar to the ltd commodities site. the items are not always top of the line but they are nice. what you have to watch is the shipping price-that is where they really get the money out of you.

      abc and ltd are the same company, i’ve ordered from both. my moms buy a lot of our kids stuff from them for christmas. she got my little girl a cleanup cart with a vaccuum and things like that and she still plays with it.

      i’ve been happy with everything i’ve gotten. their christmas bags are great.

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      I was thinking of ordering from them too – do they charge alot of the shipping??



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      @faxonfive 83703 wrote:

      I was thinking of ordering from them too – do they charge alot of the shipping??




      hey Lynn, Sometimes, it really depends on how much you order, I think. I think you know ahead of time how much shipping is I can’t remember it has been so long. Best of luck.:048:

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      Look at the weight of the items that you order. There is a spot that gives you the shipping rates. If you order heavy things it will cost even though the item was cheaper than somewhere else, it will end up costing as much.

      I think they have a section that has shipping information or at least should have it before you check out with your items.
      Good luck and enjoy!

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      I order from them all of the time. I’ve never had any complaints. Shipping can be pricey if you aren’t careful.

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      I will try it, thanks yall!!!



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      I used to order from them frequently and some of the items were definitely a bargain–BUT they tend to ship things separately and the shipping can add up to more than the item.

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      So they charge for each different shipment??

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      I have had that before. They ship one item in one box then a couple days later they will ship the rest of the items in a separate box-twice the shipping cost. I have called about it and it is either the item wouldn’t fit in the box or it was in stock at the same, etc.

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      Now that’s not good. You think they might me in ka-hoots with the shipping company??

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      I agree with everyone else so far. I used to order a lot from them. But, there were several people in the office, so it was kind of fun to put an order together and then get the items. Sometimes you’d receive a box FULL of items, so we/whomever ordered spilt the shipping, sometimes you’d get a number of boxes with only one item in each.

      And so it went. Again, sometimes you see something you haven’t seen anywhere else, just note the S&H before ordering. For small/light items it’s generally a good deal or if ordering with/for other people and you can split the S&H.

      But, for heavy items, I’d make sure it was something I really wanted and couldn’t find somewhere else. Overall I was very satisfied with what I bought from them. I do confess, I’ve stopped ordering though I still get a catalog, but to be strong, I just toss it before I even look at it.

      Another point of trying to be more frugal…

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      They have thing in their catalogs that are very intising and I get the urge too…just scared to spend money,,,,

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      I order from ABC all the time. I love them. The only problem I have with them is they like to ship most things separate so you get stuck with more shipping and handling.

      Sometimes with the prices it’s worth it. :060:

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      I decided not to order from them…I can save the money that would be paid for shipping and buy additional things if I want..you know? Thanks!!!

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      One of the problems that I have encountered with ABC Distributing is this: However many items I order, there always seems to be a back order. And the problem with this is … that order also requires a separate shipping charge, so the one order that has turned into at least 2 separate orders, ends up costing a lot more than anticipated. Also, some of their items are pretty good, but a vast majority of them are built cheap, and very .. (excuse the phrase LOL) CHEESY looking. Hope this helps.

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      I used them for some christmas gifts this year. 2 items came the day after christmas. I ordered a set of picture collage frames 3 in the set 1 came broken, the glass was shattered. A christmas gift for my brother’s family came broken also. I haven’t contacted them yet to replace the broken items so I don’t know how their customer service is. This was only the 2nd time I’ve ordered from them. My mother in law uses them all the time with no problems. Just keep an eye on the shipping.


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      Sorry to hear about what happened fostermom – I would have been really disappointed if that was me…. I hope they help you!!

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      Thank you so much for reminding me about ABC. I ordered from them years ago. Money got really tight after that, and I didn’t order, and actually forgot about them. I am so happy about this find!! Thank you!!! Have a blessed evening all!!


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      omg i am never ordering from them again!! i say this but then next year when i get the catalog i know i will be tempted. the prices are VERY cheap and they have really nice gifts in there. it was so nice this year to buy all my xmas items from there. However, every single item came separately!!! and a tiny, small item would come in a HUGE box.

      You know what? I’m pulling up my credit card bill to show you all. The total price was supposed to be a $50 order WITH SHIPPING if everything came together. (I even emailed 2x complaining but they just brushed me off and ignored everything i said).

      ok getting my calculator.


      Each item I purchased was no more than $5!! the larger charge was about 3 things shipped together. But every other charge was one tiny item in a huge box. my work started wondering why i was getting so many packages delivered when it was supposed to be one order.

      I am wondering though, can you specify when you place the order if you want everything together? this would be nice!

      some of my items were backordered and came after xmas. and of course, 2 boxes came on the same day – not sure why they couldnt combine those atleast??

      phew – glad to get all that off my chest!!

      but the items are great. they just need to figure out the shipping problems which definitely make it not worth the hassle!

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      You can request for the items to all be shipped together, but you might have better luck banging your head against a wall :wall:

      My personal thoughts is that this is just something they do, easy money.

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      Unfortunetly…if you ask that they all be shipped together, they will delay your order for MONTHS… when you complain about that… they will ship them the way they intended to ship them in the beginning… separately. I have decided that this is how they make up for “cheap” products. And I mean that in an .. ugly.. way..lol.. I have ordered several items from them… a couple of the items.. we not bad.. not great..but passable, the rest were cheesy, and cheaply made. I will never order anything from them again.

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      So you do not have to be a business/company?

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      No..you don’t, however, we ordered through my husbands company.

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      I think you do need a business name though – which you can probably make up? i have it shipped to my work just to avoid problems.

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      They DO ask for a business name, but they DO NOT check it. You can pull one out of a hat if you choose. They know that a lot of people order from them that are not actually ordering for their businesses, and they expect it. Its just a way of creating more business opportunities for them. Thanks


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      I was looking at one of their books at lunch the other day and just fell in lust with some of their items…….I almost wanted to order………..but it would have been 9 items…and shipping didnt look that bad either…..but then I got to thinking about waiting so that I could get this straight…..they charge you shipping charges on EACH package THEY ship to you……no matter if it one or more ….. if this is true then I will definetly NOT order…..

      and what if you prepay for the order???

      thanks for all yalls help!!

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      They charge a shipping fee…”per shipment”. Problem is, most of the time, one or more of your items will be a back order, therefore, it will go out at a later time, hence one or more shipping fees added to your total. And yes, you can pay in advance, however, if there is a back order, you will be billed the additional shipping charge. And, they are also really bad about making refunds on defective merchandise, my sister ran acrossed this problem with them. They also make you pay to ship the defective merchandise back to them. I have had nothing but problems with this company. I will not ever order from them again, no matter how much I want something they have.

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      But they will bill you after you get your shipment right…how can they charge you for that?? I just got one of their books TODAY!!!

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      The invoice comes in each box then they bill you in bill form if you dont pay it by a certain time.

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      if you pay first they have your credit card so they keep adding additional charges after it’s shipped. I prepaid and they still billed everything separately. and some of my items were not backordered, and still shipped separately.

      so there is no way of knowing what will happen!

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      Have ordered from ABC a lot, but find that in the last 2 years their service has changed. When they shipped out of Miami it was good; now I tend to get more and more individual shipping, only a day or 2 apart. Lots of extra costs!!

      Sometimes the
      S & H is more than my item ~ you just never know.

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      yes, you will be billed ..”after” receiving the shipment. LOL… I don’t know, but they do.

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      But what if you mail a check in for the payment?? They invoice you for just the freight after its shipped….does it say anywhere where they can do that?

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      Well, I’m not sure about that. I would scour their billing and shipping policies page, and see exactly what they say about pre-payment, and added shipping charges. Best to be sure so that there are no surprises.

      I personally have only had a couple of “good experiences” with them, and will not ever order from them again. It wasn’t worth the hassle.

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      I dont see how they can charge you additionally if you prepay, but when I get to work I will take a look at their policies. Thanks Mardhines!!!

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      This is why I do not order online (except Amazon) or order from catelogs. Too much of a hassel and Shipping/handling charges IS where companies make their money. Ever notice on some commercials it will say “buy 1 set for $19.99, plus we will include an additional set for free (you pay seperate shipping and handling)”.

      if they were really giving you something for free and it is the same item (chances are 1 of the sets would not be backordered) then why should you pay for seperate shipping and handling. $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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      I dont get a good feel for ABC, but they sure do got alot of things I would like to have….!!!

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      I ordered all my Christmas stuff at ABC. I love it because I have ten days out to pay. But sometimes the things that I like they have run out of so I backorder but never get.

      Other than that I have no complaints.

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      Thanks Baggz!!! Great tip!!

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