Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Chatter what is the percentage of things you actually get?

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      I’m new to doing this and I am curious, out of all the freebies you sign up for, what is the percentage of things you actually get?

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      I say I get about 75% of what I sign up for, My friend and I keep track of what we sign up for cause who ever gets the most at the end of the year the other gives them a gift certificate 🙂

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      I get about 75%, too. I’ve become pretty good at telling the difference between a legit freebie and a fake / spam / phishing freebie, so I don’t take many risks in the freebie department, but I do get lots of great freebies.

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      I’ve gotten alot more freebies since I’ve come to this site. Sure does help with such good input from everyone on the site..DohDohBird, made a good point, she can spot the duds –and people like her make it so much more enjoyable here …75% I have recieve also, since being here. 😉

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      I agree with the above comments. I started doing the Freebie thing mid Sept 08. I get about 75% of the things as well.

      SOME do take the 8-10 weeks, you forget that you signed up for them. I have noticed, the bigger $ value of the freebie, chances are it is SPAM and it will not arrive (except for your email inbox). This is not 100% accurate, but really most only take a few seconds to submit to, why not try (you will not get rich, but you will get some interesting things, some things that you may only use 1-2 times, so why buy a whole bottle, when you can have a sample sitting there waiting to be used).

      these are my thoughts, plus it is fun.

      as everyone says, i find the samples to be great for the following:
      ~ gift baskets
      ~ car care kits
      ~ travel size (must have’s)
      ~ bring to the cabin, you never know what may come up, but you think “let me check”.
      ~ donate what you get but may not use (there is always someone who can use it).

      take care ~ enjoy the weekend

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      I forgot ~ Great idea faxonfive (Lynn), I like the competion thing. We could try something like that for this site, there is nothing wrong with a “healthy competion”. Anyone want to try for the 2009 season?

      Honor system would have to apply, since there is no way to verify. I am game, if you are.

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      I dont requests every freebie mainly the ones I know that I can use in some way. Of the ones I do request it has been a good 75-80% I have received.

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      I’ve recieved about the same. I don’t always sign up for everything either, just the ones that I will use, or know someone that will. I get freebies 2 to 3 times aweek.

      Such as coupons, samples, recipes books, calendars, just to name a few. It is fun to do, to see what you get in the mail.

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      Hey JKP,

      Sure! I dont mind and it would be fun. Who all would sign up for it though?

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Chatter what is the percentage of things you actually get?