What is the most useful wedding favor you have gotten or gav

Holidays & Special Occasions Wedding Events What is the most useful wedding favor you have gotten or gav

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      Hi, I’m getting married next year and I would like some help with the
      favors I don’t want to give out favors that won’t be useful when my
      guests get them home.

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      Candles. everyone loves to burn candles. my best friend is getting married in july and this was her favor of choice. there are numerous web sites where you can buy votives in bulk. then she just bought those fancy little bags and secured it with a bow.

      also, i always liked when the couple gave bubbles for after the ceremony. my cats, and i’m sure dogs alike, love to play with the bubbles!

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      My favorite was a wedding I went to last summer. Instead of giving favors they made a donation to their favorite charity in the name of all their guests. I thought it was a much better way to spend money then to buy things people may or may not like. At least this way the money went to a good cause. I heard a lot of people at the wedding talking about what a wonderful idea it was.

      My second favorite was a beer/drink cozy. I know it sounds funny but they had a nice toast written on them and it was a really cute way to go.

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      my youngest daughter gave out little tins with m & m’s with their names on it. my oldest daughter is getting married in a couple weeks, she and her fiance are giving out coasters.

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      I gave out notepads which seemed to go over pretty well. Usable but not obligated to sit around collecting dust. Favorite favor I received was small bottle of wine with personalized label.

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      One I like is Heart shaped stainless steel measuring spoons–On one side is traditional measurements and on the other, notations “A pinch of joy” and “A dash of tenderness” or “A spoonful of affection” and “A heap of love”. and a heart-shaped tag that says “Love Beyond Measure”. Sweet and functional. Great if your guests like to bake or cook. Thanks; Virginia

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      I was at Michaels the other day and saw the stainless steel measuring sppons. they are a great idea.

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      I agree with the seeds idea. I got forget-me-nots and thought it was a wonderful favor. 🙂

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      One of my friends gave out plant bulbs in homemade origami boxes (depending on the time of year you could pick the appropriate bulbs). They keep coming back every year. My cousin gave out homeade cd’s of her and her husbands favorite music. They just put a picture of themselves on the cover with their wedding date. I thought that was really creative. I also thought that the bookmark idea above was neat, I am always looking for a bookmark.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Wedding Events What is the most useful wedding favor you have gotten or gav