What is Mystery Shopping & How do you get started?

Work from Home Mystery Shopping What is Mystery Shopping & How do you get started?

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      I have heard with some of these you get things like the cleanliness of a bathroom at a service station at 12:00 am. How true is this?

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      I am too afraid to try these, I do not like the idea of using my $ upfront and then submitting the receipt.

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      I agree as soon as I see I have to put any money at all into it, I close the webpage.

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      I think that is true, if you have to pay they probably are not legit.

      I worked for two companies and they both were fine. One had you go to a gas station, take a pic of the bathroom to upload and fill out a 10 minute questionaire for $4.

      The other company did Publix shops and I really liked those because you got paid $7 plus reimbursed $10 for what you bought. But you had to stop in each department and ask an employee a question so it was time consuming.

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      when I click on this link it says it can’t be found.

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      To be a Mystery Shopper….you should never have to pay a company to start working!!!
      if you are asked to pay something up front….it’s a scam!!! you have to sign up and some places have tests you must take first to see if you are qualified in certain areas but not all do this. most companies just want to see how well you can write and how observant and detail oriented you are.

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      There are some companies where their shops will require making late night/early morning visits…..service stations, restaurants, convenient stores….and yes, you will be required to check out the bathroom for the shop. This is usually a requirement in all retail shops. They want to know if it’s clean, the floors, walls and mirrors clean, has enough toilet paper, paper towels, all working equipment, trash not full or overflowing….those kind of things.

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Work from Home Mystery Shopping What is Mystery Shopping & How do you get started?