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      i was just trying to help.

      if you feel that getting angry will help your situation then go ahead but the toxins from the pathogens can still be there…

      if you were to refreeze the meat as soon as cooked(assuming its properly handled) then it would just lose someflavor due to moisture-loss from the refreezing process. not too good but not dangerous.

      but you took meat that was cooked 1 day and refroze it 5 days later. that is dangerous.it’s bacteria had already grown and multiplied to an amount that can make you sick-and you can’t see from the outward appearance of the item. cooking again will not kill the toxins.

      did the inspector know that it was around5 daysinthe fridge before it was refrozen? my kids bring their own lunch to preschool.

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      — In Budget101_@yahoogro ups.com, Ann Garner wrote:
      > I usually buy brisket when it’s on sale, cut it into smaller pieces
      > and trim off some of the fat, myself. I then place it in my crock
      > pots for however long it takes to cook it.

      Once it’s cooled down,
      > will cut it and mix with bbq sauce. I’ll put this in containers or
      > freezer bags, then most of it goes in the freezer. It’s just me,
      > this will give me plenty of bbq beef sandwich stuff, which I now no
      > longer buy in the store premade.
      > Ann in Arkansas

      Allison: I worked for many years at a child care center, where I was
      assistant cook. We fixed breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks for
      children. The state health inspecter would come
      every so often to
      inspect the kitchen; and one of the things he stated to us every time
      was that once raw meat was thawed out we could not re-freeze it; but
      once it was cooked, we could freeze it.

      I`m sorry if I sound huffy
      about this, but I`m just stating what we were told.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List What I did with a beef brisket