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      I need to really do a budget birthday for my daughter who is turning 8 years
      old. This is what I have planned so far…

      Homemade birthday cake and ho-made ice cream (I thought it would be a treat to
      have ho-made ice cream) I want to invite only the extended family over in the
      evening. It won’t be a real birthday party but dd likes when family comes over)

      A pair of earrings. dd got her ears pierced 8 weeks ago. She still have her
      starter earrings in. The lady at the local jewelry store has children’s
      earrings for 14.95 a pair that have real gold posts. The jeweler said these
      would not irritate even the most sensitive ears. I though the price was very
      reasonable. This is the only thing that dd really wants. She wants a pair of
      cross earrings.

      I am going to make four coupons for dd printed on colored paper.

      1) Coupon good for 1 room cleaning
      2) Coupon good for 1 day of no schoolwork. Mom will do all of your schoolwork
      but you have to sit and watch. (I plan on talking my way through the
      assignments so that she learns something 🙂
      3) Coupon for an entire day of your favorite meals including dessert
      4) Coupon to stay up 1 hour later than siblings (only good on a Friday night)

      Her birthday is on a Sat so I will arrange with the preacher for Kristin to be
      able to play the piano in church. She has never played in church before though
      her sister plays on a regular basis. She has been wanting to play for a long
      time and has a song ready. I want to surprise her. We go to a very small
      church and the congregation will also sing Happy Birthday to her.

      I received a bag of hand-me-down clothes from a lady at church. None of my
      children has seen the bag and I pulled out two very pretty dresses that will fit
      this particular daughter and I will give them to her on her birthday.

      That’s all I can come up with. Does anyone have any other ideas?


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children What do you think?