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      If I go to a hospital that has a parking garage that you have to pay,

      I will give an extra amount when I leave and ask the attendant to use

      for someone who needs a friendly jesture for the day. I know the

      attendant has used the money the way I asked because I usually get

      a “God has truly blessed you” from him. I also have my children at

      least once a year go through their stuffed animals and decide which

      ones they are ready to share with others, we then clean them and my

      children deliver them to the local Sheriff’s Office. Officers use

      these whenever they go on a call and give them to a child to make the

      experience a little better for the child. I also have my children go

      once a week to a local retirement home to spend time with the

      residents-reading, walking, playing bingo, etc. Our extended family

      lives in another state and it also helps my children to not miss

      their grandparents quite as much. Sometimes it is just the little

      things that can mean the most-a smile, holding a door, saying hello,

      waving-you just never know how you may have changed someone’s outlook

      on life for that day.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “ajengelberth”



      > I believe we all are able to help others no matter what our income


      > So I am asking what do you do to help others along the pathway?

      > Some things that I am thinking of are:

      > cutting coupons and laying them by the item in the grocery. (A


      > project for the kids.)

      > Take your extra produce from your garden to the food pantries.

      > Give away stuff on freecycle.

      > Take unused band instruments to the high school band teacher.

      > Pay for someones groceries if you are able. That person ahead of


      > in the grocery line at the discount grocery that has just a few


      > Leave the quarter in the grocery card at Aldi’s

      > Give your newspaper to the people next door if they don’t receive


      > Send a dollar or two to a teenager that has nothing.

      > Buy pencils, etc. for some kids that you know can’t aford it.


      > Please help me think of more things to do. Especially ones which


      > not cost money. I would like to help more people.

      > Janice

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List What do you do to help others?