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      I take up a collection through my whole family for my nephew in


      My daughter got full scholarships and financial aid and all her

      expenses are covered.

      He goes to a private college and lives on campus and my brother ( his

      dad) and wife have no money to help him.

      So we take up collections and send to him.

      I take him to thrift store and yard sales during summer for his


      I give outgrown clothing to my daughter’s special ed class, they

      always need extra clothing.

      There is a woman in my apartment complex, she is around 80 yrs. old,

      she is always dumpster diving for cans, I take her leftovers once or

      twice a week. I make a big pot of chili or chicken and dumplings,

      what is a bowl to give away?

      For Christmas we “adopt” a senior at the nursing home down the street.

      We collect things from thrift stores, get tissues and personal care

      stuff this time of year when it is on sale.

      We have dinner with her, paint her nails, look for housecoats that

      are gently used, but look new.

      If it is a gentleman, then we do things he likes.

      I used to work in a nursing home before I was disabled, and there are

      people that get no visitors and just give up on life.

      Everyone needs love.

      We are getting to know quite a few that are like family! We only give

      a big basket to our new senior and one little gift to the others.

      This costs us very little, yet makes the biggest difference in their


      When we go visit all during the year we just see everyone.

      I make baskets every year for Christmas presents. I bake mini loaves

      of bread, cookies, candy and gather little things all year from

      garage sales and thrift stores.

      I buy boxes of ornaments at yard sales during the summer for

      practically nothing and put a special ornament in each one. The

      pretty vintage ones are really great.

      I buy a bag of candy every month from the dollar tree and seal it up.

      I mix it all and put in the baskets come December.

      I try to personalize it for each person.

      Everyone looks forward to these and they love my signature cookie the

      mexican wedding cakes.

      For my kids I will add a gift card or a game or movie.

      I got some really good games the other day at a yard sale for $3 and

      can sell on ebay for at least $10. They are M rated so my kids cannot

      play them.

      Sorry so long!


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