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      Recently, I have been lending out my baby items. I had a jumperoo and lent it to one neighbor for a while and my walker. They returned them and I took the walker to the other neighbor. I also donate to the Goodwill, although then I go and spend money there for me and the kids and dh, so does that count?

      I try to be as helpful as possible to my neighbors. My one neighbor is older and I try to ring in trash cans and such.
      Our local humane society is always looking for food donations, buy a bag of dog food and drop it off, if you already snip coupon just use one to buy the food. Also, they like donations of blankets and old towels for the dogs to keep warm or have a bed.

      If not dogs you can do kitties also. I try not to do the trash thing unless I have gloves because I worry about disease. But I will go to the deli counter and ask for a glove (they usually give it) and then pick up some trash.
      You know if you have any extra sutffed animals or knick knacky stuff donate them to the local nursing home.

      They use them as prizes for bingo and such and the residents then have gifts to give family for the holidays.
      Finally, teach your kids how to be kind, I think that is the best thing we can do in the world. So many people are nasty anymore, that the best you can do is teach your own to smile at someone say thank you and use manners. It does make a difference.

      I am not afraid, because I was born to do this. Joan of Arc

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      I start with tithing. Taught the kids that even if they only get a dollar – 10 cents goes back to God (or charity or whatever your Higher Power is). I know that sounds like it costs money – but I treat it like a tax – it was never my money in the first place.

      God can do so much more helping you with your 90% than you can ever do alone with 100%.

      After that, freecycle your unloved stuff. Pay compliments, verbalize appreciation (I don’t do this enough). Take the shopping cart back to the store instead of leaving it for the baggers.

      Take a few seconds to pick up the trash left behind by others when you visit a park.

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      I believe we all are able to help others no matter what our income is.

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