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      like many of us on here I give things away on freecycle or craigslist whenever possible. Outgrown clothes in good condition, books, magazines, got our local library to start a coupon box — they said you provide the box we will provide the counter space — so i got a box and loaded it up with all my extra coupons. I send expired coupons to the military.

      I donate baby and kids clothes to children’s charities or hurricaine relief as they become outgrown, I keep a box for outgrown clothes right next to the changing table so I dont forget to pack them. when the box is full i launder everything in scent-free dye-free detergent or dreft and donate away with the sizes separated and neatly folded and sizes clearly marked on each bundle, thus saving the recipient organization time and
      money. If I see someone with a baby or toddler or who is pregnant and i have extra diaper or wipes or formula or other baby coupons I ask if they can use them and hand them over and if they ask where I got the coupon i give them a copy of my 800# list of baby freebies and coupons sites that i compiled when i was on bedrest!

      If I get a good coupon for kmart or walgreens I print extra copies if allowed and if i see a shopper with a full cart i offer up one of the extra ones. I make sure when I pack a diaper bag I have extra snacks to share, but always ask the parents first!!! I offer my time to babysit or tutor for free for friends, once in a random while but not too often where it becomes expected, more as a suprise here I will watch the munchkins so you can have dinner alone if i know a friend has been having a hard time having alone time with their hubby.

      most importantly giving doesn’t need to cost a penny, give time, creativity, knowledge, etc. for retirees, offer to volunteer at the local schools, especially elementary — they are always looking for people to read to the kids, help with math, an extra pair of eyes on the playground.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List What do you do to help others?