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      Some things that I do….

      1. Tithe.
      2. Help the church with administrative work, host functions, etc.

      Contribute $ to St. Jude and other various health organizations.
      4. Sponsor a child from Nicaragua.
      5. Host a Stocking Stuffer collection to donate filled stockings to the Stockings for Kids program.

      (Now is a great time to stock up on stocking stuffers to donate, with back to school supplies!)
      6. Freecycle
      7. Donate items to Vietnam Veterans.

      Give to friends in need.
      9. Host a food drive.
      10. Over-tip for great service…..Just the other day, we went to Pizza Hut, and the waitress – who was probably around 18 years old – was so incredibly pleasant.

      I observed her waiting on a few
      tables and noticed how attentive and kind she was to everyone. I decided to give her a $20 tip, basically a 100% tip – and told her that she was a VERY pleasant young lady and to stay that way!


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      I believe we all are able to help
      others no matter what our income is.

      So I am asking what do you do to help others along the pathway?

      Some things that I am thinking of are:

      cutting coupons and laying them by the item in the grocery. (A good

      project for the kids.)

      Take your extra produce from your garden to the food pantries.

      Give away stuff on freecycle.

      Take unused band instruments to the high school band teacher.

      Pay for someones groceries if you are able. That person ahead of you

      in the grocery line at the discount grocery that has just a few items.

      Leave the quarter in the grocery card at Aldi’s

      Give your newspaper to the people next door if they don’t receive one.

      Send a dollar or two to a teenager that has nothing.

      Buy pencils, etc. for some kids that you know can’t aford it.

      Please help me think of more things to do. Especially ones which do

      not cost money. I would like to help more people.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List What do you do to help others?