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      Hi everyone!

      I know a lot of us here are already living frugally already and may no longer have any issues that have to do with paying off debts and negatives but wanted to know how you paid everything off? What did you do aside from cutting back on expenses and living a much simpler life? Are there any unusual ways you’ve taken to finally become debt free?

      Please do share!

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      We didn’t DO anything that I see as unusual. Mostly it was making certain decisions on what was most important to us, (i.e. buying a decent used car for cash instead of financing a shiny new one) and being happy with those decisions.

      We are also fortunate enough to not have a house or land payment, so other than essentials like electricity and food, we really have no debt. We are however on a fixed income (disability), so we still have to stretch sometimes. When I was young, I thought I needed newer or better this and that, but as I get older (and honestly finally grow up), I have learned to realize and appreciate what is really important in my life.

      That helps more than anything.

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