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      Re: : what chores do your kids have?

      Oooh, do I know the attitude thing! LOL! My 9yr old dd is in full attitude mode already – I thought I had a couple more years.

      My 9yr old takes out the trash and recycling (and brings the cans back in the next day), keeps her room and playthings neat, feeds and waters the dogs, and helps with dishes – she can’t quite put everything away yet but she can stack the dishwasher.

      There really isn’t much time for more than that with extracurriculars and homework. She also occassionally helps with the dusting/vaccuuming but I usually do that when she is in school so its not an official chore, just something if I’m running behind that week.

      We have a whiney envelope for the attitude thing. If she is whining and complaining for no good reason, she has to put a dollar in the envelope.

      I’ve caught her a few times correcting herself, so I hope she is getting the message. The first week she lost her entire allowence to the envelope which seems to have made an impression. We are just starting our 3rd week so I am hopeful.

      Have a great day!
      Monica in IL

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