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      Re: : what chores do your kids have?

      Hi, Aren’t ten year olds fun! I have a daughter also at this age and it is tough. I went and made a schedule of chores.

      Her daily chores are putting away dishes, taking care of her animals, scooping the litter. If she wants clean clothes they better be in the hamper or she will be washing them herself. I will not pick up anything of hers that she leaves where it doesn’t belong.

      She has to clean up after herself in all the family areas including the kitchen since she likes to cook. Her room I don’t fight with her anymore. We keep the door closed since she has to live in it and I don’t have to.
      She has a weekly house chore and right now that is vacuming the furniture out under the cushions.

      We rotate weekly chores every month so every one gets a new chore. Her monthly is to wash out the oven with her dads help. Hope this helps!
      Her allowance happens to be chore based and she does lose money for not doing chores.

      If she wants to earn extra money then there are bigger chorse that can be done. Hope this helps! Michelle

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