What are 25 different ways you save money?

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      > Some of these we have always done but we started to stop eating out

      but once a week instead of several times a week.We spend under 20 to

      do this just so mom can get out. I noticed last week that not only

      were we paying all our bills on time or ahead but that we had money

      left for actually stocking up at the grocery store on good deals. I

      now have a pantry full and freezer full so that I don’t have to

      necessarily shop every week besides the milk I need. I’m so happy and

      christmas will actually be a joy this year without feeling



      > Donna Winning and loving it.





      > Be a better pen pal. Text or chat with friends inside Yahoo! Mail.

      See how.


      25 Ways I save Money

      Here are my ways I have and continue to save money :

      1. Change light bulbs to CFL bulbs to save money

      2. Use Heat and Air Conditioning sparingly

      3. Use the light of Day instead of lights in the house

      4. Pay bills online or in person, instead of using stamps

      5. Keep razorblades dry and clean so that they last longer

      6. Write checks for over the amount instead of using an ATM with fees

      7. Use plastic containers to store left over food for eating later

      8. Turn off all lights when not in a room

      9. Leave the car at home at least one day out of the week

      10. Borrow books from the library instead of buying them

      11. Use coupons and check grocery circulars to get the best deals

      12. Cook meals at home, cutting back on eating out

      13. Take lunch to work

      14. Watch movies at home instead of in the theater

      15. Wash clothes every 7-10 days

      16. Wash clothes in cold water to save on heat

      17. Every 6-12 months verify I am getting the best deal on utilities

      and insurance

      18. Cut out all subscriptions to magazines unless I can get them free

      19. Buy foods in bulk or when items are clearanced and save in freezer

      20. Pick up money from the ground and save in a coin jar

      21. Round up in check book and place excess in savings at end of the


      22. Making use of Employer’s 401k matching limit

      23. Put raises or bonuses in savings or apply towards debt

      24. Do research online for best value for money on medium to large

      priced items

      25. Jump at the chance to take home food from work potlucks when asked

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