What are 25 different ways you save money?

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      I go to garage sales,yard sales,etc to buy clothing,grapevine wreaths,things needed for our home and watch freecycle for any needed furniture,etc.I bring the wreaths home,strip everything off,wash them and let them dry.Then I go to clearance sales for things needed to re-furbish the wreaths and then at Christmas and birthdays I give them as gifts.I decorate a wreath for every season for each family that I give them to.I also go to second-hand clothing stores also to buy clothes for our family and can get some very nice clothes for cheap-especially if I go when they have a store-wide sack sale for one money.I also go to after Christmas sales to buy as much as my Christmas gifts for the next Christmas as I can possibly get.If I find a really neat and great working toy for my granddaughters at the garage and yard sales that the girls do not have,I buy it,bring it home and clean it very well(disinfect it too)and re-furbish it to give to them for their birthdays and Christmas.I
      have stopped buying groceries at our Walmart superstore and starting going to the mom and pop grocery store here in town.Yes on some things they are higher than Walmart BUT they have gas cards that hey have given out to their customers and when you go to check out they will scan your card before they ring up your groceries and depending on what you buy,you can end up saving between .10-.50 per gallon of gas at the gas station they own as well.

      DGates wrote: Some of these we have always done but we started to stop eating out but
      once a week instead of several times a week.We spend under 20 to do this just so mom can get out. I noticed last week that not only were we paying all our bills on time or ahead but that we had money left for actually stocking up at the grocery store on good deals. I now have a pantry full and freezer full so that I don’t have to necessarily shop every week besides the milk I need. I’m so happy and christmas will actually be a joy this year without feeling overwelmed.

      Donna Winning and loving it.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List What are 25 different ways you save money?