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      Welcome to our Latest Budget101 Challenge Question!

      What 3 things do you make yourself or do yourself to save money?

      Our Top 3 are:

      1. Make Homemade Super Laundry Sauce
      2. make Homemade Mixes & Homemade Convenience Foods
      3. Menu Plan to avoid too many trips to the grocery store

      in order to enter, simply respond by answering the challenge question above!

      what is the goodie giveaway for this challenge?

      we’re giving away a super laundry sauce kit, complete with a box of borax, washing soda and a bar of fels naptha!

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      Canning vegetable items that are in season. Tomatoes for example, making stewed, Mexican stewed and many other vegetable items.

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      balloony  smilieI hope that I’m eligble to play this one, I just won a challenge last week (thank you again!)!

      What 3 things do you make yourself or do yourself to save money?

      My top three things are making homemade clone/copycat recipes for restuarants dishes. we used to eat out alot but since i discovered that i can make my own and save a ton of money i think we saved about $1500 or so this past year.

      My second one is making the laundry sauce for dummies, this one has saved me a ton of money, I love it.

      lastly, making homemade gifts saved us a ton of money this year as well. i didn’t realize when i first started out how easy it was to repurpose and item and turn it into a really great gift.

      we bought a tv stand on a lawnsale for $10 and I refinished it and painted it to turn it into a kitchen for my niece. It was adorable and I got the idea off the budget101 facebook page a few months ago. I LOVE this place!

      Thanks for the chance to win!

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      I make my own laundry detergent and fabric softener, make my own “convenience foods” like protests, biscuits etc, make my own jellies/jams from fruit in my back yard in the spring/summer. Also can veggies when in season and create my own frozen tv dinners (we buy what we can in bulk , cook up large batches and freeze individual servings)

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      I make my own Dishwasher Detergent, follow the $50 menu plan on the site every week and we shop thrift stores/yard sales and goodwill for deals on name brand clothes.

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      As of right now besides buying generic instead of name brand not much. I just found this site and am thinking about trying to make homemade laundry soap after I get paid next week. For sure need to save money in the laundry area.

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      1. Making super laundry sauce
      2. gardening canning

      Challenging myself to make a fantastic meal each day with whatever is in the kitchen/freezer for 1 week of the month…no grocery runs.

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      Homemade household cleaner, homemade dog food and use a grocery list & stick to it.

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      Make breakfast sandwiches and freeze
      Pack nutitional valued lunches for self and husband
      Create and make favorite restaurant meals at home

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      Laundry detergent
      Fabric softener
      Fire starters

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      I like to DYI Menu Plan, Make my own Dog treats, crackers, spice mixes, and Crafts, cookie jars, etc. I am looking forward to trying out your Super Laundry Soap!

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      oops, forgot to write the other two items.

      1. cannining
      2. Buy paper items in bulk, such as toilet paper, paper towels etc.

      Using homemade recipes for as many dishes, cakes, breads and spices.

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      I make my own laundry soap, reusable dryer sheets, and body wash

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      1. I make “Coney Island” sauce. My recipe has been handed down for generations, I have always been told that a Great-Great-Great Aunt would help in the making of the original “Coney Island” sauce.

      She was never to give the recipe out, but before she died from lung cancer she gave a jar of sauce along the recipe to her daughter. Before her daughter passed away she did the same as her mother and so on. The recipe has now been passed on to me.

      Someday, I will do the same and pass the recipe on to my daughter.

      2. Carpet Sprinkles.

      3. Canning Tomatoes, Green Beans and Corn

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      Things I do to save money is cook almost everything from scratch. Bread, make butter, cookies. I freeze dough and make for later for convience.

      second is making my own laundry soap homemade.

      And third I make candles and use them for gifts and for the house to smell good. I save old wax and re use it. I also sell my candles for money to buy household items. I love your site and am very happy it always here for me to use.

      @Budget101 391258 wrote:

      Welcome to our Latest Budget101 Challenge Question!

      What 3 things do you make yourself or do yourself to save money?

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      Top three things I do to save money…

      1. Shop for groceries primarily once a month, hitting as many of the store brand sales as possible (BOGO, fuel points, etc) and freezing the bulk items for the month.
      2. I cook almost everything from scratch, avoiding convenience foods as much as possible.
      3. I’m just starting with the super laundry sauce, but I’ve been making my own dryer sheets for a couple of months out of reusable sponges 🙂

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      I clip coupons and also print them off the internet to save money.
      I make my own jam with the fruit from my garden. Rhubarb and strawberry and grape.
      I plan on using the laundry sauce that is posted here.

      @Budget101 391258 wrote:

      Welcome to our Latest Budget101 Challenge Question!

      What 3 things do you make yourself or do yourself to save money?

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      menu planner, shop at stores that are having sales, buy meat in bulk and cut and wrap it myself. Can my vegetables from my garden and freeze some as well.

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      One thing I do to save money is make my own spaghetti sauce and freeze it into containers the right size for my family.

      Second thing is buy in bulk when the commissary has sidewalk sales. With the money I saved I bought a Rubbermaid “pantry” to put in the garage.

      Third thing I do to save money is when we DO go out to eat I choose a dish that I know will have too much food for me and I immediately half the portion and order a to-go box. I have the left-overs for lunch or dinner the next day.

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      Robbi L

      1. Make dishwasher and laundry detergents.
      2. Make gifts and cards for holidays and special events like weddings and birthdays.
      3. Mend and sew clothing.

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      Biggest favorite is my own hamburger helper! Since it’s MY ingredients & seasonings, I can know what’s in it AND save money! Macaroni & rice in bulk is cheap, & watching for ground beef sales & stocking up the freezer makes this an awesome $ saver, esp with 3 kids & a husband who eats like a teenager!

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      I am new to your site, but I have been 1) making my own homemade laundry detergent. I will be trying your Super Laundry Sauce recipe that I just found! I have also been 2)making my own all purpose home cleaners and 3) I have been using my crockpot to make meals at home instead of eating out all the time.
      I have found so many new ideas on your site today that I have lots of new recipes and many new organization ideas. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with everyone!

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      What 3 things do you make yourself or do yourself to save money?

      1heartjar smilieI like to homecan and preserve goods from our small garden to save money. Each year we save the seeds and plant the next seasons crop from seeds we harvest ourselves to avoid paying for more.

      My husband hunts and we eat mostly game meat such as venison and turkey to avoid the cost of beef. I also don’t like the hormones that are fed to animals so it’s a doublefold savings because it saves on our health. Healthier choice foods = healthier bodies and fewer doctor visits.

      I’m new to making my own convenience foods but I anticipate those to be a great savings to our family this coming year

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      Oops, forgot # 2 & 3!!

      #2, laundry detergent! I’ve tried several methods over the past few months but the fels-naptha/borax/washing soda works best!

      #3-matress cleaner!! I have a bed wetter, so this one is important! Peroxide, baking soda, & dawn. Definitely an open the windows or take the mattress outside once it’s sprayed…but it turns white, with a vacuum away residue that leaves it very fresh!

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      I make super laundry sauce, my own dishwasher detergent, and cut my own hair to save money…

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      I make my own mayo, peanut butter, cream soup mix, plus baking mix and BBQ sauce. All save money and are healthier than ones in the stores.

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      Never wrote on one of these before so here it goes 🙂
      The 3 things I do to save some cash is:
      1. We use a timer for showers (we pay for our water since we are in town)
      2. I make my own Laundry, dish, and floor cleaner
      3. I refuse to buy “new” I go to thrift stores and yard sales once in a blue moon I will get clearance items aka shoes for the kids (with 6 kids I have to!)
      Wish I could garden but my neighbor has ….I lost count how many cats and they make a mess of my yard and tear up the garbage if not closed all the way 🙁
      We do not go out to eat also.

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      I hang all My laundry to dry ,even in the winter, then fluff for 10 min. in the dryer.
      I cook everything from scratch.
      I plan all my food purchases around the sales.

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      I make a spread sheet of the grocery ads to see who has the best price of what I need to purchase that week. I will double check the cost per ounce vs the bogo price or supersize price. then if the distant grocery store has the best price, I also figure gas money on getting there and back. We only have two grocery stores in my town, the others are a 30 mile drive each way.

      I group errands together to cut down on using gas

      I keep a running lists of things I run out of or need on my iPhone with the ‘notes’ app so I won’t forget and have to go back to the store.

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      I actually made the laundry sauce and have gone through about half so far, it works great, I make my own baking powder with cream of tartar, corn starch and baking soda, it too works great, and I use coupons and join store clubs to save extra $ when I shop. I also get cents off per gallon on gas at one of the markets.

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      I follow the 50.00 budget plan, can my own tomatoes for soups and sauces, and make homemade doggie treats.

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      I love the laundry soap, I have made two batches and can not be more pleased with the results and savings that I am getting. I would love to win more as this is the only soap I use anymore!

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      I hang out all of our laundry; prepare all our meals at home; and my husband does all the repair work and maintenance on our car.

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      1. I make my own household cleaners. Including a mix of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 Dawn (I buy the $1 stuff at Dollar Tree that is the same active ingredient).

      This stuff does an incredible job of cleaning tub/tiles and is a great cleaner for my stove. It’s my main go-to for general household cleaning.
      2. Canning and dehydrating food.

      Menu planning based on my little grocery store’s ads. Saves me from having to drive an hour each way to shop and the ad prices are very competitive.

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      The three things I do to save money is home-made bath soak, sugar scrub, and face mask!

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      I buy all our groceries in bulk, and prepare all meals for the month and portion them off and freeze them. instant hot meals since my girlfriend and i both work long hours. I also make and freeze all our daughters baby food/toddler food.

      nothing pre made. I am also making the laundry sauce…. the stuff is amazing.

      I am a welder, and it really does a good job on my work clothes.

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      1. Coupon shop and price match.
      2. Can everything.

      Trade work for items needed.

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      I bake and freeze squash from our garden. We also cut and freeze our own venison. Pick and freeze strawberries and blueberries and raspberries.

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      My top three things are
      1. Make pre-cooked meat packages to place in the freezer for future meals. I buy meat in bulk when it’s at rock bottom prices.

      Make my own laundry soap!
      3. Make our own pizzas and freeze for Friday and Saturday nights! No more pizza delivery!

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      Three things which I do to save money are:

      1. Make homemade laundry soap
      2. Make homemade foaming hand soap

      Consolidate trips to town

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      1. Get food at a food auction to get low prices.
      2. Get food that a local grocery store is about to throw out.

      Eat fresh, can and give to our animals.
      3. Buy cars for under $1500 and do the repairs on them as necessary.

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      Make my own flavored water using fruit juices
      Use the aftermarket Swiffer pads – saves money on pads while the Swiffer saves time and money every day
      Use only rechargable batteries

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      I shop thrift stores, shop sale adds and use coupons

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      I plan meals and buy in bulk or by the case, so I only go the store about once a week to buy fresh things.
      I make most things from scratch, including my meals and mixes.
      I upcycle shirts and other things to make quilts, bibs, clothing protectors for our local care centers, assisted living centers, veterans hospitals.

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      Homemade tomato sauce, homemade salad dressings I plan menus to avoid extra trips to the store.

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      I make home made toothpaste. Shampoo. Conditioner

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      Th 3 things I love to save I make my own cards and paper (recycle) and I freeze all leftovers and feed my chooks with the rest so I save on eggs.

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      OMG… What don’t I make or do?!? Probably my top three savers are laundry detergent, dryer sheets and all-surface cleaner.

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      I try to save as much as I can by once a month/freezer cooking. I also try to use coupons on everything I can and watch for “super” sales. I also buy in bulk from our local Sam’s.

      I am going to try making my own laundry detergent and fabric softener for the first time this week 🙂 Wish me luck!

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      The top three things I do to save money are plan meals in advance, make multiple meals each time I cook so I can freeze meals for the future and make my own spice mixtures.

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      Super Laundry sauce kit.. This would help me and the family in many ways..

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      I plant my own garden(I like to make my own sauces with my tomatoes). When I bake a cake,I’ll usually make two and freeze one (without icing). That saves on my gas bill.

      I also have taken a half gallon of whole milk and added a half gallon of water (it tastes just like the 2%) so I’ve made it for half the price!

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      Currently I:
      1. Meal Plan
      2. Make ahead meals for the freezer

      Make my own oatmeal packets for a stress free breakfast for the kids.

      In 2014 I have set a goal for myself to:
      1. Make my own laundry detergent
      2. Make as much food from scratch as possible

      Make my own cleaning supplies

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      I make my own bread, my own dog treats and coffee creamer. Among many, many other things. I have not tried my hand at laundry detergent or dishwashing detergent yet, but I’m going to!

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      We can and freeze our own homegrown vegetables. And also buy fresh fruits to can and preserve. Healthier for us and tastier too.
      My husband and I both make a lot of the gifts we give (he does leather work, I crochet and do other crafts as well).
      Shop at different stores to get the best deal possible for our money.

      Taking advantage of sales, discounts, coupons.
      I’m going to try the laundry soap. Sounds very easy to make and with the ingredients, it sounds like a great product too.

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      I have made my own home management planner, made my own “frebreeze” and I make my own dividers and pages for my personal planner to save money. I am a nail technician that works from home so this really helps my family budget

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      Make my own baby food, meal plan and shop at thrift stores

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      I am also new to the site & looking to tips to save money & time.
      The 3 things that I do:
      1. I made homemade gifts for Christmas this year using inexpensive candle holders from Dollar Tree, Epson salt & Modge Podge.
      2. I shop thrift stores for my families clothing.

      We use a timer on our water heater to turn it off at night when we don’t need hot water. Saves energy & money

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      My top three items are laundry soap, convenience items like biscuits and mixes, and kids craft items like play do, paints, slime, and others. As homeschoolers, we try to save every penny we can on supplies!

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      Menu plan for a month , grocery shopping monthly & can lots of veggies !!

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      making my own laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent is a savings.
      I use natural remedies as much as possible and make my own essential oil blends.
      I plan my errands for the same day to save fuel.

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      I make my own hair gel using unmilled flax seeds and hair cream for my afro hair with coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oil. I also make my own bread.

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      My three main ways of saving moola are: gifts from my kitchen — can be a mix or a favorite dish to heat up, making my own seasoning blends — all purpose, chili, Mexican, etc., and planning meals around the mark-down bin.

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      Food and water and batteries can opener not electric matches or lighter cause you don’t have to cook inside as long as you have wood you can cook water for drinking batteries for funding out what is going on can opener hand powered of course

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      I have a 4000 sqft garden and can or freeze my own veggies.
      I make my own variations on restaurant recipes.
      I make my own mixes of products like Bisquick, seasoning mixes, etc.

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      -Burritos and freeze them, anybody can take them out and microwave or deep fry when they just want a snack 🙂
      -Beef Jerky, That stuff is soooo expensive in the store.
      -Lasagna – whenever I make 1 for dinner, I make another 2 and freeze them Just bake like you would a ready made frozen 1, just tastes sooooo much better, and healthier.

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      @Budget101 391258 wrote:

      Welcome to our Latest Budget101 Challenge Question!

      What 3 things do you make yourself or do yourself to save money?

      Make my own laundry detergent
      make my own face wash/scrub and toner
      Hang my clothes to dry on my 75 foot retractable clothesline. (Thanks to the hubby.)

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      I make my own pasta sauce, brew my own coffee at home and take it to work, plan menus and take a list shopping. I’d really like to learn about more, especially making my own laundry detergent and fabric softener.

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      I make my own laundry soap, lotions, and body scrub.

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      As a mom of 4, my 3 favorite ways to save monare:
      1) Make my own laundry detergent & use that in combo with dryer balls in the dryer (they cost $2.50 for a set and last forever – no need for dryer sheets!)
      2) Make my own cleaning supplies – I have recipes for kitchen, bath, upholstery, window & carpet cleaners that work better than the expensive brands!
      3) repurpose items – I hate to throw things away if I can use them! For example, our baby’s empty plastic formula containers get washed, covered with wrapping paper or contact paper, and become storage for all kinds of small items. My favorite is legos and barbie clothes! 🙂

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      I MYO moisturizer/lip balm/makeup remover with coconut oil.
      I MYO baby food purees.
      I MYO yogurt using raw milk.

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      1) I make my own package mixes (bisquick, cake mixes, brownie mixes, spice mixes, cornbread mixes, etc.),
      2) I can and dehydrate my own fruits, veggies and meats.
      3) I make my own laundry detergent (and fabric softener sheets, Febreeze, and other household items).

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      I plan and coordinate shopping trips with other errands. I do very detailed meal planning. I make my own seasonings such as taco, onion & Ranch.

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      I grow my own vegetables, then either can, dehydrate, or freeze them.
      I re-purpose old clothes i.e., denim, cotton, other materials into quilts, pot holders, pet beds, new clothes for myself/family members.
      I craft using old lamps to make unique ones; I create/make purses from denim jeans for sale; I use t-shirts for making rugs, pot holders, place mats, etc.

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      I make my own medicine, nutritional supplements, lotions and make up. I also can my own food and make our mixes so we can eat nutritional food conveniently. I found the biggest part of our budget was spent keeping us healthy. By eating healthy food and making our own medicines we save a bundle!

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      Three of my DIY or MYO things are:
      1. Canning and preserving items to save on food costs
      2. Make my own dry mixes to eliminate having to buy processed store bought items
      3. Do my grocery shopping at Aldi’s for items I am unable to grow, can, or preserve….Aldi’s saves us tons of $$!!!

      I would love to win this challenge. I have been wanting to venture into the homemade laundry soap making, but just haven’t got there yet!

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      canning vegetables and jellies,buying generic brands, homemade gifts

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      Being the very frugal person I am , please let me say I am proud to have found this site! But to answer the question:

      1. I can and freeze from our garden, and fruit trees. We also have bees.

      2. I cook, and bake from scratch on most everything I cook/bake.

      3.Shop 2nd hand, thrift type stores, and have saved a ton by doing this.

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      Hi I agree the laundry soap saves our family of four around $200.00 a year everyone loves this and I gave away a lot of them for samples. People keep asking me to sell them some because it removes stains really good. Making your own mixes instead of buying them. (taco seasoning saves us $7.00 in two years not much but doing these things the money you save add up quickly) Freezer meals buy things onsale to save extra money and dinner will always be ready to pull out to plan your meals instead of going out to dinner.

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      I think I am becoming a pro living as a pauper, my husband is in the same position I was 6 months ago. 🙁 We found out on the 24th the 31st was the last day of work.

      my favorite ways to save money, I cut my kids hair. the boys are easy they like shaved heads, daughter is letting hair grow so I just need to do her bangs. I too am letting my hair grow so I just trim my bangs.
      I make my own laundry detergent. I use the economic liquid detergent found on this website,
      I cook at home every night, we never eat out. I use the crockpot 4 out of 7 nights. I also make a point to cook 2 more serving than I need for supper. they are dipped up and stored for tomorrows lunch before the kids get served. that way no one has to worry about leaving enough for leftovers.
      I only bake on special occasions, the kids don’t need the junk food and it can get expensive. when I do bake, I only bake from scratch. the boxed food isn’t that great anyhow.
      we turn the thermostat down 8 degrees over 8 hours during the day while we are gone. when we are home, we use a small space heater to heat the down stairs where the thermostat is, the finance doenst run, the upstairs stays cooler so it isn’t so hot when we go to bed.

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      turn lights off, rinse dishes at once vs. piece by piece..plastic applied to windows

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      I have been watching the meat sales, plus buying non GMO, chemical free meat and canning it in pint jars. I’ve also been making my own soup mixes, especially instant potato, which is delicious. We went 5 days last winter without electricity, so canned meat and instant (well, almost) soup were a real lifesaver. I’ve also been using my solar oven during warmer weather. Here in central MO we don’t usually get enough sun to cook with during the winter, but it keeps the house cool in the summer. I tried the Laundry Super Sauce last month and found it does an excellent job cleaning everything from good linens to hubby’s grimy jeans.

    • #446433

      Crochet clothing
      Make homemade mixes for food products.
      Hunt and fish to get my own meat.

    • #446435

      Shop in bulk once a month.
      Freeze left overs so my husband can take to work as lunch for the week.
      Freeze left over ingredients for next time instead of letting them go to waste.
      I buy generic/store brands.

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      I make lots of cookies, I can fruits, veggies, beans, soups, salsas, and jams. I also try to make some convenience mixes like sweet and sour sauce and chocolate syrup.

    • #446438

      I make my own fabric softener and sheets. I just started recently doing this. I took and old ice cream bucket and put 4 sponges in it. with the fabric softner. I squeezed it out just a bit so it wouldn’t be so wet and just put it in the dryer. this is the only one that I have done.

    • #446439

      We grind our own wheat and other grains into flour and I make all of our bread and rolls. I can fruits and vegetables in season. I freeze some vegetables either fresh or as with pumpkin after I have pureed it. I also make our Shower Soother clones with eucalyptus and lavender oils.

    • #446440

      1. I make my own fabric softener. 2. Home canning is a must! Tomatoes, salsa, tomato and vegetable soups, applesauce. 3. If I don’t can it, I freeze it! My freezer is stocked full with cauliflower, broccoli, squash, beans and sweet corn. If I could add a 4th item, it would be reuse/recycle. Cardboard tubes from toilet paper make great holders for electrical cords when the item is not in use. Make gift bags out of cloth to be reused again and again.

    • #446442

      I do DIY projects! I sew and make (re-name), clothes. I do a lot of using “This” instead of “That”!

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      I make my own fabric softener, grow herbs and make my ow lunch for work, (if that counts!)

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      Hello, new here the three things I do is make my own Christmas bows, shop at goodwill and by generic just found site so very interested.

    • #446448

      I do my own nails& pedicures, plan meals, and research purchases

    • #446449

      This summer I canned 57 quarts of tomatos and 42 quarts of pickles. I make my own chocolate syrup, liquid hand soap and shaving lotion.

      @Budget101 391258 wrote:

      Welcome to our Latest Budget101 Challenge Question!

      What 3 things do you make yourself or do yourself to save money?

      Our Top 3 are:

      1. Make Homemade Super Laundry Sauce
      2. make Homemade Mixes & Homemade Convenience Foods
      3. Menu Plan to avoid too many trips to the grocery store

      in order to enter, simply respond by answering the challenge question above!

      what is the goodie giveaway for this challenge?

      we’re giving away a super laundry sauce kit, complete with a box of borax, washing soda and a bar of fels naptha!

      Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!

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      I love making the homemade laundry detergent using these products
      I also make diy cleaning products as well as products to use in the garden and on the lawn
      I also do diy condiments

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      I make my own soap, do some canning, and make ahead meals and freeze to save time through the week.

    • #446456

      I make our favorite seasoning blends instead of buying expensive packets that have more salt than we are allowed, so mine are also healthy for us. I also bake all our own bread and rolls so that I can control the salt and other ingredients.

      I dehydrate vegetables so that nothing is ever allowed to spoil before we can use it. I like to buy in quantity and can or dehydrate lots of things for convenience and thrift. I also grow vegetables in pots and save lots of money, as well as have fresher produce.

      I make our own cleaning solutions, including laundry soap, floor cleaner, and more.

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      Make my own laundry liquid, use seltzer water in baking for substitute eggs and oil, and download movies from DirectTV.

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      I always buy products that are on sale and in bulk. Plus I use coupons on the sale items.
      Cook extra food and freeze it for future meals saves a lot on my utility bill.
      I use to can my veggies. I past on for the last 3 yrs.

      for health reasons.But 2014 I will start again. I sure do miss that fresh from the garden taste!

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      I can foods in season (including sauerkraut, love it).
      Wash clothes in cold water
      Keep the thermostat a couple of degrees colder in winter, warmer in summer.

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      I make our own bread
      use coupons
      grow and can our own vegetables and jams

    • #446461

      1. Preserve garden produce
      2. Make my own bread

      Make my own “convenience” foods (no box foods in this house!)

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      My biggest savers is thrift store shopping But i guess thats not diy or myo… another good one is making my own wipes with paper towels. ive never tried the laundry soap, whenever i price it looks like it will cost more then just buying the cheap soap.

      but i don’t know always wanted to try it. the 3rd money saver is making our own things like shelves dog house, and cat towers

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      1. Plan my weekly menus using sale ads and coupons.
      2. On the rare occasion to eat out, I only go to places that I have a coupon for or a gift card.

      Always eat up the leftovers and can veggies from the garden.

    • #446466

      The three things I do to save on our grocery bill is:

      Only I buy groceries (to keep track of money spent and staying in budget)
      I keep an accurate Pantry, Frig, Freezer and Big Freezer in garage List. So I know what I have on hand to make recipes with.
      Try to make as many things as I can from scratch…food, cleansers, etc.

    • #446467

      We use re-usable cloths instead of paper towels. I make my own laundry fabric softener, and I make my own dog treats for our three dogs.

    • #446473

      I make my own cloth napkins so that I don’t have to buy paper ones, I make my own bread/biscuits, and of course I make my own laundry detergent. I love your site! Thank you for sharing all that you do.

    • #446474

      Buy in bulk
      Prepare meals at home
      Make lists before shopping

    • #446475

      1. Make my own convenient foods
      2. Make my own jellies

      Make my own laundry detergent

    • #446476

      My top three money savers are:

      1. Re-using/re-purposing old towels & t-shirts, and socks without mates! I cut up worn bath towels and t-shirts, etc to cleaning sized rags.

      The towels rags work great for all purpose cleaning and the t-shirts for lint free glass cleaning! The socks that no longer have a mate or have a small hole are saved for dusters. I just slip them on my hands, douse in furniture polish and away I go!

      2. Making sure I make enough each meal to save out a lunch for the next day. This saves me $5-8 dollars each work day, not to mention the time, gas and unhealthy fast food options!

      3. If I notice veggies or fruits on sale I make large purchases. When I get home some is left out to eat right away and the rest is prepped and frozen for future use.

      Example – celery is chopped and frozen
      for use in stews, stir fry and more, before it goes bad in the fridge!

    • #446477

      Making our own snack mixes, canning vegetables, making our meals from scratch.

    • #446480

      I do a lot of canning and sew most of our clothes and have now started making our own soaps for various purposes.

    • #446481

      Make my own breads, homemade individual pizzas then freeze them, laundry sauce

    • #446483

      make my own face mask and hair mask, can fruit, coupon.

    • #446484

      Canned and preserved foods, like vegetables , fruits and soups , made my own laundry soap , shampoo, conditioner body soaps , made my own infused oils for soaps laundry and bath products a HUGE savings.

    • #446485

      home made cleaners laundry soap fabic softener garden and canning my food

    • #446486

      I make my own laundry soap,my own convenience foods,teach my friends how to save money by making their own products,make my own soap,fabric softener and dish soap.It’s cheap and fun to make.lol

    • #446488

      Planted a garden and canned the vegetables and fruit. Our family also hunted during deer season. We put three deer in the freezer.

      We processed them ourselves. I also made homemade room freshener’s as Christmas gifts. My favorite sent is oranges, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and all spice!

    • #446489

      The top three myo or diy money saver are: 1. Buying bigger cuts of meat and cutting them myself. 2.

      Handmade gifts and 3. MYO cleaning products.

    • #446490

      Plan menu
      Use coupons
      only buy what is needed

    • #446492

      I follow a menu plan and grocery shop once a month. Make my own laundry soap and cleaners. Use my own seasoning mixes.

      I freeze dry and freeze lots of foods for later use (saves time and money). Make paints and playdoh for my granddaughter. More than three but I could go on.

      I’ve been doing this a very long time.

    • #446494

      I use a grocery list and buy generic. I cook instead of eating out. I buy in bulk!!!

    • #446495

      I make my own lemonade, hand cream, smoothies and other recipes to save $$$

    • #446496

      Top 3:
      Making in bulk, ie: i can make 8 lasagna for abt $4 each by buying bulk and freezing, lasts 4 mos, thats two a month, keeps big freezer full to save on electricity and we eat 2 a month.
      Snacks, like granola bars and energy bites, soo much cheaper and made to our family like, again, make in bulk and freeze, same time and money.
      Food, we have a hydroponic ayatem, so we dont “make” the food, but raise talapia water oxygenated by plants and plants fertilized by fish, raise gribs for fish food, they eat all our food waste which adds protein to our fish, pretty nifty stuff my husband does

    • #446498

      Three things that we do to save money are: 1) planting a garden 2) canning produce from said garden and 3) I make our own laundry detergent (seriously).

    • #446499

      I learned to garden to save money on veggies/herbs. I can veggies from my garden and I can meats on sale. I dehydrate veggies to use them in soups and gravies, etc.

      I learned to crochet and knit so that I can make a lot of presents and I sell some of my things.

      I buy furniture from thrift stores or scour Craigslist or other sites for cheap/free furniture and fix them up to sell them.

      I stock up on presents throughout the year for any occasion that might come up when I find great things on clearance (off-season) or at yard sales – FYI, I just read about this laundry sauce recipe and remembered I bought a bar of Colgates Octagon All Purpose Soap (brand new in package) from a yard sale last spring (7.7oz) for 75 cents! Whoo Hooo! I plan on trying this recipe with the Octagon Soap if I don’t win this prize!

      😉 Needless to say, I save a LOT of money, and I love it!

    • #446500

      I make my own laundry soap. I make my own soda. I make my own salsas and soups

    • #446504

      1. I make out my grocery list and then go online and read my stores weekly ads and keep a record of who always has the best prices. I make my trips to stores while going to or from work, saves gas too.

      I keep my eyes open for gift items all the time, I know who I buy for every year so when I see it marked on clearance I buy it and mark it and keep on the shelf till that special day.
      3. I like making meat last for several meals. The most recent was our Easter Ham which I wok free at my local.

      Grocery store. We had baked ham . Ham and Eggs.

      Fried ham sandwich’s and tonight. ham and bean soup. Yum!

    • #446505

      Love making homemade gifts, canning veggies from the garden and meal planning

    • #446507

      Plan my meals using no convenience type foods….fresh veggies etc..healthy choices.

      Do my own garden & lawn work.

      Now that I have the “recipe” for laundry soap..when I get disability check next month, I am going to make it. Sounds easy enough to make and sure is cheaper that known brands and doesn’t have all the other added ingredients,

    • #446508

      I’m new here, but I’ll give it a try. 1st (gift giving) I use empty cereal boxes, wrapped with scrapbook paper, comics, wrapping paper, or kids art-for gift boxes instead of buying gift bags. once wrapped, use hole punch, insert twine or ribbon for handles.

      2nd Instead of pricey one serving oatmeal packets-Place in pint size canning jar- 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats, coconut, dried fruit, nuts, little powdered coffee creamer (vanilla) or dried milk- when ready for BF add 1 c boiling water, screw lid on tight and let sit for 10 minutes-creamy, warm and ready to go. I don’t suggest this, but when I see a great brand, style, name at a thrift store and a significant cheap price, I will buy it-and when I have enough I take to re sell consignment store at sell them. I once found coach purse for 5.00 sold for 50.00.

      Have made $$ enough to buy kids seasonal wardrobe. Did I blab too much??

    • #446509

      1. Yard Sale/Thrift Stores
      2. Gardening


    • #446512

      I make my own cookies, bread and refinish furniture.

    • #446515

      What 3 things do you make yourself or do yourself to save money?

      1. Make my own fabric softener

      2. Can my own tomatoes

      3. Use coupons to reduce my grocery bill

    • #446517

      I make my own laundry detergent, grow my own veggies when in season, buy in bulk items that can be frozen and used later on.

    • #446519

      Three things that I make myself is Laundry soap, scouring powder, fabric softener, and many others. I prefer to do it myself.

    • #446520

      canning, coupons, shop at salvation army stores.

    • #446521

      1. bake my own bread
      2. make my own juice
      3. meal plan and make a list to assure I get everything I need to save trips to the store

    • #446524

      1–I make my own laundry sauce with your recipe (6 in our family so this is a must)

      2–I grow my own vegetables & fruit

      3–I make my own ground meat from the cheapest cuts of meat I can find on sale (so long as they are cheaper then buying pre-ground) I also get a workout because it is an old style manual grinder.

      @Budget101 391258 wrote:

      Welcome to our Latest Budget101 Challenge Question!

      What 3 things do you make yourself or do yourself to save money?

      Our Top 3 are:

      1. Make Homemade Super Laundry Sauce
      2. Make Homemade Mixes & Homemade Convenience Foods
      3. Menu Plan to avoid too many trips to the grocery store

      In order to enter, simply respond by answering the challenge question above!

      What is the Goodie Giveaway for this Challenge?

      We’re giving away a Super Laundry Sauce Kit, complete with a box of Borax, Washing soda and a bar of Fels Naptha!

      Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!

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    • #446525

      1. I make my own dip with either sour cream or cottage cheese, and add spices, or herbs or other ingredients I have on hand.
      2. I make my own bath soak rather than us harsh bubble baths or sodium-laden bath gels.
      3. I make my own household odor-neutralizers, rather than use artificially scented deodorants.

    • #446526

      make it yourself super laundry soap

    • #446527

      I garden and can as much as possible..
      Homemade carpet cleaner
      Homemade gifts

    • #446528

      The 3 Things I do to save my family money:
      1. Make our own Laundry Soap. We are always on the look out for coupons & specials on these products to save even more as our soap recipe is a little different than the one here.
      2. Menu Plan around loss leaders and pantry inventory. Eating out has been lowered to once a week, aiming to lower even further to once a month. Like a restaurant our kitchen closes at 9pm except for drinking water this simple rule keeps the kitchen clean and it has helped us to lose weight.
      3. We turn off all electronics once a week this means the television, cellphones, elec. games, computers, etc. and integrated Family Time Night. This has lowered our electricity bill and we enjoy the time spent together. Our Family Night is Wednesday because is half a school day and for obvious reasons that day electricity consumption was high. If you live in Texas check smartmetertexas.com to see your daily electricity consumption. Other states may have a similar web site.

    • #446523

      I make a menu plan and grocery list before going to the store.
      I buy large sizes and portion things out.
      I make extra food to freeze for lunches.

    • #446532

      Make homemade laundry soap.
      Home can vegetables and fruit.
      Recycle grocery bags for garbage bags around the house.

    • #446534

      The 3 things I make my self:

      1. I grow my own vegetables, then can/freeze them. Such as beans, corn, tomatoes, squashes, beets, carrots, potatoes
      2. I make all my bread products (bread, English muffins, bagels, rolls, biscuits, pitas, tortillas etc)
      3. My own soaps, laundry, dish and body.

    • #446535

      Make my own fabric softener
      Make my own furniture polish for scratches
      Make my own mayonaise

    • #446539

      1) cook my own dinners for family
      2) shop at discount grocery store
      3) air dry clothes on wooden drying racks

    • #446541

      I, like most of us, make my own laundry sauce. That is the first and Biggest thing I do. The 2nd is, myo, freezer desserts. My husband is diabetic and he loves ice cream of any kind! I learned a recipe for substitute ice cream, and it’s good, not great, but meets the need and is cheaper than a gallon from the store. The other money saver I use is combining dry dog food with homemade dog food to stretch the food allowance farther! With 3 dogs and a teen it was time to fight back, and I am glad I did.

    • #446542

      I make my own jams & jellies. My own mixes, like for tacos. Buy store brands. Am just getting into this make it yourself thing. Can’t wait to get the stuff for detergent.

    • #446549

      1. I make the super laundry sauce ever since I found the recipe.
      2. I plant a garden and can all my winter vegetables.
      3. I buy flour, sugar and other such staples in bulk from places like gfs.
      4. I purchase my meat by the month in bulk from the local butcher. Where I can get more meat of a better quality than from the local chain grocery at comparable if not lower prices

    • #446551

      Don’t buy paper towel, make your laundry sauce, can veggies.

    • #446545

      I can/freeze veggies from the garden, make my own laundry detergent, and faithfully look at all the ad papers for the week and only buy what is on special.

    • #446546

      I’m a DIY Mama! Ways I save ….
      1. Meal Plan before each weekly Grocery Trip with my Family so everyone learns why and how to Budget
      2. Check prices before starting a project… it is usually cheaper to DIY
      3. Thrift Store Shopping!!

    • #446553
      Missy Woge

      1) First and foremost: before making any purchase over $10, I compare prices online.
      2) I can meats and vegetables and tomato sauce
      3) I make my own laundry soap
      There are many more, I am extremely frugal (cheap?!!)

    • #446555

      1. Making my own 100% whole wheat bread
      2. Cooking more vegetarian meals
      3. Made jars of blueberry jam this summer and gave most of them away as Christmas gifts

    • #446544

      Repair & maintance of household appliance & van. Cooking at home more. Sticking to grocery budget.

    • #446547

      I make my own jam, bread, and most foods from scratch…

    • #446548

      Shop once a month for all bulk items. Grow most of my veggies. make all meals at home. Trying to go completly cemical free this year.

    • #446559

      I make my own window cleaner, weed killer and general cleaning solution.

    • #446562

      1. I raise a garden and have fruit trees. I can, freeze or dry as much of what I raise as I’m able.
      2. I sew, crochet and craft. I try to make what I need instead of always running to the store
      3. I make my own mixes, bake from scratch, stick to a grocery list, make a lot of pantry meals (no extra grocery runs), coupon

    • #446563

      I make my own laundry detergent too. I also use my own handmade wool balls in the dryer in lieu of anything else. They work really well and save on drying costs. The second MYO I do is bread. My family is spoiled now and I am to on homemade and the third would be gifts. I like to crochet and making potholders passes the time in the evening and work well as gifts. I used to make bar soap but between children, school and work I haven’t had the time.

    • #446564

      We try to create, harvest, grow what we can by hand.

    • #446565

      I save money by:
      using coupons
      gardening in the summer months, freezing vegetables for the winter
      I have recently made the Super Laundry Sauce, it is great. I have saved a ton of money. Thank you so much for this site. It is a joy to make this laundry sauce knowing you are saving money for your family and getting the grease stains out of their clothes at the same time.

    • #446567

      One thing I do to save money I can what ever vegetable I can get. I know people who plant garden’s then when they get done I pick what is left this year I got 23 jars of tomatoes and 25 jars of green beans and 12 jars of apple pie filling and I frozen about 4 bags of zucchini all free I just ask them when they got done with there picking if I could have what was left over. second thing is I use vinegar to clean with and I even put it in the washer to help soften the clothes and take out the smell to. the third is watch were I spend my money right it down if you have toknow were your money is going .

    • #446569

      i just made laundry detergent and dishwasher powder yesterday! so glad to have found this site. i make preserves from my figs, blackberries,and strawberries… also, salsa from tomatoes. started making sundried tomatoes this past year.

    • #446573

      I look at ingredients on a product that I like and make my own recipe using those ingredients so I don’t have to pay the expensive price on the shelf.
      I’ve made my own fabric softener using Epson salt and essence oils
      I grow vegetables and can them to make salsa and sauces.

    • #446574

      Have done laundry soap but I like this recipe. Got to try it. Do all my own home repairs etc. and freeze and can veggies and seasonal berries and apples!

    • #446579

      Gardening, you-pick farms (cheap!), can & freeze, buy sides of beef & hog directly from the farmer – split with neighbors.

      Make laundry soap, line dry .

      Cut out cable, got voip phone service, made it a habit to unplug items not in use, use power strips.

    • #446581

      We garden and can anything that isn’t eaten fresh. We butcher our own meat for the freezer. We hunt and freeze wild game for the following year. We make large batches of chili, soup, stew and can the extra for easy future meals. We freeze cassaroles for easy follow-up meals. We farm and raise almost all of our own food as well as that of our livestock. We keep dairy goats and cows and process our own dairy products.

    • #446583

      I make my own clothes, seasoning mixes (taco, ranch, Mrs. Dash. etc.), cat toys and beds for my cats.

    • #446585

      Three things I do to save money,

      Laundry Super Sauce (actually make a little money here because a friend pays me to make it for her, she insists on it)

      Home made orange cleaner

      Meal planning.

    • #446582

      I’m not very creative and that’s why I’m thrilled to have found this site. The things I have done are:
      1 replaced all bulbs including the outside ones with energy saving bulbs
      2 lowered the thermostat and keep throw blankets available to wrap up in on the furniture
      3 wash and dry clothes on off peak times in regards to the electric company schedule

    • #446588

      I have started to make my own laundry supplies, cleaning supplies and homemade mixes and “pre-packaged” foods. Love to know what is in these as my daughter and I suffer from allergies and don’t like to use commercial cleaners and detergents. It seems to have cut down on the “attacks” of allergies. Thank You for sharing your tips and recipes for others to enjoy. Without these I would not know where to turn for these things. It is greatly appreciated.

    • #446589

      I made all of my Christmas gifts this year!! I started by making a spice rub for meats, then went on to a wine infused sea salt (I had gotten a bunch of canisters of sea salt for free from my step dad). Then I began making snowman and angel ornaments out of wine corks that I had compiled over the years. And of course I had wine bottles, so I painted little scenes on them and threw some lights in them. Everything was a big hit!! And I only spent $20 on 10 gifts!!!

    • #446592

      1. Make homemade breakfast bars.
      2. Make homemade pulled pork.
      3. Make homemade jewelry.

    • #446593

      I avoid buying packaged items that can be easily made a home, especially spice and sauce packets
      I shop for paper products in bulk at wholesale club as the quality is excellent for the price.
      I buy my gas at a wholesale club

    • #446596

      Laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, fabric softener

    • #446597

      Making a grocery list, shopping at the dollar store more, and making our own windshield washer fluid (saves a lot cause we service four cars)

    • #446600

      Put up tomatoes from the garden.
      Home made shower soap
      Herbs from the garden.

    • #446601

      RE: B101 Challenge: What 3 things do you MYO or DIY to save money?

      make my own mocha coffee mix to use as iced coffee or a hot latte.
      Make my own budget worksheet to keep my spending in control and to see where I am spending my money.
      I use a filtered pitcher for good drinking water instead of buying bottled water.

    • #446595

      make fabric softener, freeze fresh vegetables, buy bulk and freeze leftover meals.

    • #446594

      Cut coupons, garden and plan meals

    • #446602

      I can, dry, and use seal-a-mealer.

    • #446603

      I grow my on food. I make my own soap. I make my on laundry detergent.

    • #446604

      I’m new to your site and excited to gain knowledge on how to save money on household products. I always make lists before going shopping, so I am prepared and save time and money through focused shopping. I make my own stain remover and enjoy the savings of that product. I am looking forward to making the recipe for the laundry detergent …. Can’t wait to see how it works..

    • #446605

      1. I make my cake mixes, biscuit mix, cookie mixes, and “helper” mixes to keep the pantry full.
      2. I make my own spice, marinade, and sauce mixes.
      3. I make my own simple cleaning solutions…using a lot of vinegar or peroxide.

    • #446606

      1) I recycle 96% of my garbage. I do not pay $78 each quarter to have my garbage picked up. Instead I take to our county recyling center. I now only have one can a month of actual garbage that cannot be recycled. The cost for that can runs $21 a quarter. Besides feeling good about the savings, I also feel good about having my garbage handled properly and hopefully being repurposed.
      2) I make my own Christmas cards every year! and also make my own “thank you” cards. My goal for 2014 is to make all of the cards I need to send, including birthday cards, graduation, etc.
      3) I make my own salsa from scratch. It is completely authentic and over the years I now have the recipe down pat. I take advantage of good deals on the tomatoes I need, and when that happens I will buy in bulk and make lots of jars and canned those jars to use throughout the year as gifts. My family and friends love my salsa, so I feel good about using my salsa as a nice gift. If I have the time, I even make the chips to go with the salsa. They are easy to do, and very inexpensive, as they are just made from cut up tortillas and oil. They can also be baked. Recipes available online.

    • #446609

      Since we live on Soc sec.,
      I plan meals,
      make my own mixed foods &
      buy in bulk & put in freezer or pantry

    • #446610

      Vegetable garden
      make laundry detergent

    • #446611

      Freezer meals
      Homemade cleaners: laundry, dishwasher, general spray cleaner
      Making and using family cloth (in addition to cloth diapering and momma cloth)

    • #446613

      1- shop salvation army and goodwill and yard sales.
      that is my 3 top items to save money, ive yet to try homemade laundry soap, i do use vinegar though. i found using it in rinse and dryer, makes the soap smell stronger, apple/mango,lol.

    • #446614

      I use the internet to find the best price for things I want to purchase.
      Now that I have found this website, I will utilize all the DIY mixes and instructions to make my own cleaners and baking mixes!
      I shop thrift stores for almost all my clothes, shoes and household items…saves a ton of $$$ “)

    • #446617

      I menu plan and keep a stocked pantry in order to keep us from going out to eat or making to many trips to the grocery store for grabbing those couple of items and spending a hundred bucks.

    • #446619

      I have started canning. I make my own laundry soap. And I only eat out maybe once a month the rest of the time I cook at home.

    • #446621

      Homemade laundry detergent, making my own mixes and meals from scratch in large batches for freezing and later use, canning produce and stock throughout the year

    • #446622

      @Budget101 391258 wrote:

      Welcome to our Latest Budget101 Challenge Question!

      What 3 things do you make yourself or do yourself to save money?

      Our Top 3 are:

      1. Make Homemade Super Laundry Sauce
      2. Make Homemade Mixes & Homemade Convenience Foods
      3. Menu Plan to avoid too many trips to the grocery store

      In order to enter, simply respond by answering the challenge question above!

      What is the Goodie Giveaway for this Challenge?

      We’re giving away a Super Laundry Sauce Kit, complete with a box of Borax, Washing soda and a bar of Fels Naptha!

      Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!

      Well, 1) I make my own bread…. 2) I do NOT use my dryer; instead I hang out clothes to dry (or indoors with inclement weather)…. and 3) I make my own laundry detergent. But I will be using your recipe from now on as it seems easier!!

      You must be logged in to view attached files.
    • #446623

      Super laundry Sauce kit !

    • #446626

      I make yogurt in a yogurt maker with double strength powdered milk and a spoonful of greek yogurt for a starter. I make smoothies everyday.
      I buy fruit and vegies that are bruised on sale and trim and freeze them. Especially ripe bananas. Freeze bananas in the peel, microwave 1 minute cut off the end and squeeze into the blender for smoothies or bowl for baking.
      I use wholegrain cereal like oatmeal instead of packaged boxed cereals like Frosted Flakes.

    • #446628

      My main money savers are:
      1. Making laundry sauce
      2. Canning food
      3. Cooking from scratch; making bread, pasta, etc..

    • #446629

      I make all my own breads & muffins & such..plus doggie treats-who wants to get treats for their furry kids that are made in China??? I also make my own salsa’s , fruit & veggie. We eat at home..any time I want to eat out I decide what I would order & try to replicate that in “Katie’s Kitchen”.

    • #446630

      Recycle skids to make things. Burn wood to save on heating bills. Make out a list before shopping so we don’t buy things we don’t need

    • #446631

      1. Make my own mixes for cornbread, etc.
      2. Can veggies, relishes, pickles
      3. Make my own bath products ( and save lots of money!)
      4. Make snacks for my grandson with reduced sugarsalt. I do not use artificial sweetener so this can be a challenge!

    • #446632

      BBQ sauce, tarter sauce, headlight cleaner

    • #446633

      Make own snack & convenience food.
      Recycle/repurpose items
      Use coupons and discount codes

    • #446634

      I am an avid coupon clipper
      I melt left over wax from bottom of candles and mix and use again till completely gone
      I wash and reuse plastic storage bags(exception of raw meat usage)

    • #446607

      I make my own Christmas gifts etc. Aso I cook from scratch to save money. Make as many products for cleaning etc I can find.

    • #446635

      I live alone so I freeze leftovers for future meals. I also like to make my own mixes because I want to know what is in my food. I always have a tomato plant. In the winter I keep one in a sunny window. It is so nice when one ripens, so flavorful. I also buy an extra gallon of milk on sale and freeze it. I never have to worry about a special trip to town for bread and milk. I also make my own bread, whole wheat, by buying wheat in bulk and grinding it fresh each time. What is better than fresh whole wheat bread and butter with raw honey? Yum!
      I have a wood burning stove to heat the house, this saves a lot on gas or electricity. And my house is toasty warm.
      To save on gas for the car I try to do all my errands in one trip to town. I pay my bills by computer or phone to save postage and a trip to the post office.
      Thanks for letting me enter this challenge. It is a first.

    • #446637

      planning my trips, planning my meals, hunting, making my own sausage

    • #446638

      When my old towels get holes in them, I cut circles that fit into my tortilla warmer, then I serge up the edges. When I heat tortillas and place them in the warmer, I place a towel circle under and above the stack of tortillas to absorb moisture and prevent soggy tortillas! I also cut rectangles and serge the edges to make kitchen towels.

      We make our own Christmas decoration – paper chains and snowflakes out of junk mail flyers, etcetera.

      I like to make homemade sugar scrub to soften hands.

    • #446639

      We recycle, bake from scratch, and make things like candles, bath salts, and soaps. I’m always surprised every time. There’s plenty of other things we do as well, like shopping sales, using a grocery list, and using public transportation, but those first three are our main money savers, especially the last one since we can always make extras to sell on Etsy or at craft fairs.

    • #446643

      I am fortunate to have fruit trees, a vegetable garden and chickens. All three combined bring my husband and myself joy and satisfaction. It makes for some wonderful gift giving.

      Friends are thrilled with the taste of “home grown” eggs. We give away a lot of persimmons each fall to the ladies of a local church. Many younger folk are not familiar with this fruit, but the ladies of a certain age do know what to do with them.

      And what does not get used by us humans the deer and turkeys enjoy!

    • #446645

      This may not work well for someone with oily scalp/hair but my daughter and I will buy an inexpensive hair conditioner and about 10 drops of our favorite essential oil. It improves the conditioning ability with the added bonus of our favorite aroma.
      The same can be done for lotions replacing more expensive scented name brands.
      I also dehydrate fresh fruits, vegetables for use in cooking later saving much needed freezer room and providing healthy snacks.
      I am fortunate to have room/ability to raise our own beef and poultry for eggs and have been able to barter surplus for other needed supplies.

    • #446646

      Hello, the top three things I do to save a lot of money for my family is.. 1. Would have to be making the whipped laundry soap and also the dryer sheets using wash cloths and homemade static cling.

      This saves us approximately 20 dollars a month. 2. Would have to be homemade cleaners for everything in my home and car too.

      It shocked me to know 37 dollars a month was going to cleaning products, and they were generic. Now its just 5.89. The 3rd would have to be homemade mixes like rice a roni, hamburger helper, gravy, spices, corn bread, etc.

      Conveinence foods cost a fortune. So for a busy family, having these ready to go in a pinch is a must but now I make them and I know they don’t have additives, and things my family don’t need. I even do 9 bean soups which cost around 3.00 or more per pack but for mine I pay 10.00 and get 6 family of 4 soups plus all the spices together.

      It makes them 60 cents a meal and the leftovers go to hubbys lunch, and a bean dip. Can’t beat that. I also dehydrate, and grind spices, fruits, veggies, etc.

      I could go on as our food bill has dropped several hundred dollars as I find more things to make instead of buy. Thank you, happy,New Year and good luck to all.

    • #446648

      I am a relative “newbie” to this, but so far have made laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent (tweaking for hard water), toothpaste (love it!), & facial moisturizer. I also do lots of machine embroidery for my children, grands & gifts.

    • #446650

      I use my bread maker to make cinnamon buns and Challah breads from scratch…I buy generic….and I use a budget but I need help in the budget area!

    • #446656

      I make my own cleaning solutions, use re-useable products whenever possible, and buy second-hand whenever possible.

    • #446657

      1-shopping farmer markets then making jam, pie fillings, sauces and freezing vegetables
      2-using generic brands and coupon/sales to stock up on regularly used items
      3-research online to find fixes, repairs and cures so not to have high priced service/repair people

    • #446671

      I make my own garlic salt, bath soap, and freeze foods.

    • #446673

      Taking bag lunches to work
      making homemade gifts
      making fabric softener with sponges

    • #446674

      1. I use filters and regular coffee in my 1 cup machine instead of buying premade senseo pouches. Saves a lot.

      2. I make my own soup stock instead of buying it and freeze for when i need it.

      3. I use foaming hand soap dispensers in my bathrooms but i buy the regular refill soap and add water to stretch it twice as far for the money and it works great.

    • #446677

      make laundry detergent
      take lunches to work/school
      grow own vegetables

    • #446680

      I buy my meat in bulk when its on sale and use my food saver then freeze it, I also make my own laundry and dishwasher sauce, I shop at dollar stores (the real ones where everything IS a dollar) I pack my lunch for work, and above all plan meals so I have all the ingredients and don’t have to run to the store and wind up pickng up impulse items

    • #446681

      We reuse everything that we can in the kitchen, wash our sandwich backs, foil, etc. We collect take out containers to take to transport food. Our extended family has weekly dinners where we take turns cooking for the group.

      We use cleaning cloths instead of paper towels and make our own cleaners.

    • #446684

      The top money saver for me lately was making my own Laundry detergent. I also shop in bulk when possible and cook multi meals and freeze to save time & money. Lastly, I’m a huge fan of DIY’ing and love to make creative gifts for family & friends.
      Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway!

    • #446690

      I haven’t made the laundry sauce yet but I do make my own powdered laundry detergent. At the last minute, I found out we had a lot of kids to get presents for. So, I made small handmade ornaments that saved us a lot of money and the kids loved them.

      The third thing is to start using the vacuum sealed bags/jars to make our veggies and fruits last longer and get eaten rather than end up in the garbage. 🙂

    • #446691

      1. MYO household cleaners (with a baby on the way, I’ve been cleaning A LOT!) 🙂

      2. Re-purpose items (ramen noodle boxes become shelf organizers, old dressers store (hide) pantry items and/or DVDs and video games, an entertainment center (the big ones for the old boxy tvs) becomes a display/shelving unit, etc..

      3. Volunteer/work-exchange/etc: Vehicle repairs are expensive. When I first got my motorcycle, it needed some work that I couldn’t quite afford. I found a small, privately owned-operated local shop and in exchange for helping organize paperwork, clean, and in general just lending a hand here and there, they consider me an unofficial shop “employee”. Not only do I pay shop price for parts, but labor costs are usually free, or at least greatly reduced. They’ve even taken time to show me how to do some work myself. With labor averaging $80/hour at most motorcycle shops (well over $100 at “big-name”/dealership-type shops) not only do I save money on repairs (at least a couple hundred per year and I’ve been there going on 7 years), but I get free learning experience and a good work reference (not to mention the occasional free lunch when the boss decides to treat everyone). 😀 I realize that not everyone rides a bike or has an auto shop willing to do something like this, but the barter-system is still a good way to save money whether your swapping items, time, skills, etc… ^_^

    • #446697

      making homemade gifts, doing homemade butter & laundry sauce, reinventing something to use elsewhere.

    • #446699

      Participate in Bountiful Baskets and can/freeze anything leftover from the basket. Grow a huge garden an preserve everything it produces + raise our own beef and butcher it ourselves.

    • #446701

      Wash the dog
      make doggie treats
      cut my family’s hair

    • #446703

      The 3 things I do to save is garden, can and carpool. I have washing soda, borax and fels-naptha soap. will be using your directions for making laundry soap. Also want to make dish soap and would like to make homemade bath soap. Would Love to win more supplys.

    • #446709

      Buy in bulk and wrap smaller quantities at home. Make homemade mixes. Make homemade teas.

    • #446711

      Well, I’m off looking for solutions. I have gotten several “copy-cat” recipes from Facebook(1). Looking for ways to save on laundry & general house cleaning(2). also looking for ways to garden on the cheep, landlord won’t allow a “plowed” plot in their yard, So scoping out “container” Garden Ideas…and methods for “making” dirt without marring the landlords property(3).
      Just glad to have found this site.

    • #446714

      DIY all my home repairs.
      Grow 80% of my fruits and vegetables
      Cut my own hair

    • #446720

      1. Make a menu plan
      2. Clip coupons and actually USE them, along with price-matching when possible
      3. Dye my own hair instead of going to a salon. I’ve even had hair dressers tell me what a nice color i have. 🙂

    • #446727

      I make my own laundry soap
      I make all of my house hold cleaners
      I cut mine and my daughter’s hair to save money.

    • #446733

      buy food in bulk and freeze in smaller packages so I can make fewer trips to the store. home cooked meals are cheaper than pre-made ones.. eating at home instead of fast food or restaurants.

    • #446734

      freeze, can, cut coupons, exchange clothes, barter and trade, use a all laundry soda,, dont have to use stain remover or fabric softner..remove clothes from dryer when damp, no ironing. put a dry towel in with wet clothes, half the dring time.. use power box on appliances, cut them off when not in use, with the flick of one switch.use the energy saving light bulbs.. wash with cold water in the laundry..

    • #446735

      1. Nothing from a box (avoid processed foods)
      2. Can/Freeze whatever is in season
      3. Cook in bulk, & make as much as possible from scratch.

    • #446736

      I make my own deodorant, laundry soap and freeze ahead meals.

    • #446744

      Make my own bread. Copy restaurant recipes. Designer Jeans (just starting)

    • #446746

      I make all of my Christmas gifts, use thrift stores and swap sites for “new” clothing, and can fruits and veggies from the garden. I am planning on trying to make the super laundry sauce!

    • #446749

      1. grow my own vegetables
      2. can veggies, fruit, jams, sauces
      3. nice neighbors give us free range organic eggs

    • #446750

      I make my own spice mixes. i.e., taco, ranch dressing and so on. I use copy cat recipes (just made Olive Garden Minestrone Soup). I make my husband go fishing and hunting for deer and salmon/steelhead….YUMMY!

    • #446757

      I grow and save most of my own garden seeds, I make my own herbal medicine, I eat right and use hydrotherapy, herbs and ozone therapy to have good health.

    • #446758

      @Budget101 391258 wrote:

      Welcome to our Latest Budget101 Challenge Question!

      What 3 things do you make yourself or do yourself to save money?

      I do not do much really
      But things that we grew up doing I do there is always ways to do better.

      1 – fix and make repairs to families clothing
      2 – Grow a few of our own veggies (tomatos and squash)
      3 – small home repairs


    • #446760

      Garden, Goodwill, and eat at home…….I am always amazed at how expensive a decent meal at a restaurant costs….

    • #446766

      Well, I am new to the site, and new to learning to make things myself. So hopefully, this post will at least put me into the giveaway. One thing I started doing was making breakfast sandwiches like you can get at the fast food joints, and they are really good, the family loves them! While I still buy and stock broth and bullion, I do also make my own stock to freeze any time I can (rotisserie chicken, holiday turkey, steaks, chops etc). I also freeze leftover vegetables from meals to use in soups/stews. Do those count?

    • #446767

      1 myo laundry detergent
      2 price match/ menu plan
      3 myo stain remover
      and so much more!

    • #446774

      Keep my driving down to a minimum. Shop at dollar stores when I can. Buy off brand and generic items.

    • #446776

      I replied to this one already, but I don’t see it here. I understand I am still being moderated, but all my other posts seemed to have cleared, and this was my first one. If this is a duplicate, my apologies.

      First thing I have done is to stop using my dryer!! Huge savings there. I hang my clothes outside the old fashioned way. Dryer is only for emergencies! I have calculated to date I have saved 200+ kwh per month and I will have a savings at year end (almost there) of $800+ YAY!

      2) I use baking soda A LOT for cleaning kitchen/bathroom hard surfaces. It removed grease/grime etc. and has the abrasiveness without scratching that is sometimes required. And everything sparkles like new! Baking soda is so cheap, and I can buy it in bulk at Costco etc.

      3) I have been researching all kinds of different things to get back to basics… I make my own bread, and soap! I will save quite a bit on the soap part, as I have some allergies to contend with in this family and buying commercially prepared body/facial cleansers is very very costly and often don’t work because of the chemicals and nasty ingredients involved. I will also be incorporating the Laundry Sauce into my regemin!! Thank you for that!

    • #446777

      I buy meat in bulk and freeze in meal size packets. Then I take out three different meats out of the freezer for the next three days of meals, then decide what sides to have with them.

    • #446790

      Instead of using expensive facial cosmetics to moisturize my face, I use olive oil. I was told 25 years ago by a Jordanian friend that all the middle eastern women do this, so I tried it and have for many years. My skin is very smooth for my age. I also make homemade soups, get my chicken or beef broth at the dollar store for $1/quart and freeze them in separate, size-appropriate containers for meals throughout the winter months. I buy meats on sale in bulk, separate into one-serving portions, then use my Foodsaver to seal them for freezing. This saves alot of money!

    • #446756

      1. Ask myself if it’s a need or want before buying
      2. Shop thrift stores and yard/garage sales
      3. Eat at home; cook, make lunches, make my own seasonings, etc.

    • #446719

      I make my own laundry detergent, I make homemade mixes, etc. and I can fruits and vegetables that are in season.@Budget101 391258 wrote:

      Welcome to our Latest Budget101 Challenge Question!

      What 3 things do you make yourself or do yourself to save money?

      Our Top 3 are:

      1. Make Homemade Super Laundry Sauce
      2. Make Homemade Mixes & Homemade Convenience Foods
      3. Menu Plan to avoid too many trips to the grocery store

      In order to enter, simply respond by answering the challenge question above!

      What is the Goodie Giveaway for this Challenge?

      We’re giving away a Super Laundry Sauce Kit, complete with a box of Borax, Washing soda and a bar of Fels Naptha!

      Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!

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    • #446801

      Default Re: B101 Challenge: What 3 Things do you MYO or DIY to save money?

      *I grow many of my own vegetables.
      *I use fruit & vegetables for fresh/ for bottling/pickles etc when they are plentiful “in season”, especially those sold as ‘seconds’ re: non-approved size, branch-rubs etc ; these are often all the more delicious:)
      *I made/sewed many of my Christmas gifts this season instead of purchasing them.

      I’d love to win the kit using recommended ingredients (shipped to me here) since these ingredients are not easily obtainable in NZ. eg I could buy the stated soap 1 bar for $NZ16 or NZ$20 (grated) per bar – not the 0.99c shown on your page! I’d also like to buy generic-type sodium percarbonate that some folks say you can get for $1.00 in the US!

    • #446805

      We do not eat out except for special occasions, I cook every day.

      I create my shopping list from the sale papers and then create my weekly menu from that list.

      I am learning to make my own spice blends instead of buying the grocery store mixes.

    • #446809

      I grow my own veggies, I menu plan, and I take my lunches.

    • #446812

      I love to grow and can vegetables. I wash and reuse food storage bags. When we have left-over meat or vegetables, I freeze them to add to/use when I make a stew.

    • #446814

      I make my laundry soap. I make the jam we eat from wild black berries. I collect wood in our forest to heat the house with our wood stove.

    • #446819

      I make my own butter and cheese from our goats’ milk and we use herbals that we grow and then mix for things like hoarhound candy for sore throats and echinacea tea for immune support.

    • #446829

      I budget like a mad women. I only shop once a week for necessary items. I take my own lunch and I cook at home.

    • #446846

      I just found this website and I love it
      1. I make homemade detergent and fabric softener
      2. My kids love pizza I make homemade pizza
      3. I love crafts I make bows, tutus, I’ve made two dresses that came out awesome a strapless lace dress and a universal dress 27 styles in one

      I love making things

    • #446848

      1) I join sites such as this one in order to share and use the tried and true hints that my internet friends suggest.
      2) I thrift shop… then I divide up the difference between what I spend on a needed item I purchase at a thrift store and the money I would have spent in a retail store between our retirement account, our vacation jar or our Christmas gift jar!
      3) When I cook something that can be frozen, I make enough for more than one meal and freeze the rest in meal sized portions.

    • #446851

      I can my own vegetables.I make our own doggie treats and I make my own seasoning mixes .I am thrilled to run into you .I have yet to make the laundry sauce but I eagerly anticipate that next .

    • #446858

      Coupons either clipping or phone apps, home grown veggie garden and homemade gifts.

    • #446859

      I just discovered your site and am VERY excited to make the laundry sauce!! I’m a teacher, so I do a lot myself to save money……. I do all of our ironing, I use coupons for my groceries, and watch DIY shows to learn how to fix things around the house and yard. I’d LOVE to win a year’s supply of this!! THANK YOU! 🙂

    • #446860

      I make homemade sauces & mixes. I can & freeze vegetables in the summer. I make craft projects.

    • #446862

      I make powdered laundry soap but have to try your sauce I use my own spices and I’ve started baking more from scratchier

    • #446863

      I can vegetables in season.
      I freeze an can fruit in season.
      I make my own jellies an jams in season.

    • #446864

      Since I feed 13 people at every meal I plan out a monthly menu,also All veggies left over get put in the freezer along with any meat this way we can do a couple left over nights and also a grand pot of veggie soup. The Second Thing I Do Is I Take Some Hair Conditioner That Smells Really Good and Mix it With Water Then I add About 6 Wash Clothes to it Let Them Soak In The Solution So while doing Laundry I have Fabric Sheets Just Take one out wring it well add to dryer. And Last but not least when giving gifts we make candy cookies and cakes at home decorate paper plates with ribbons to hold the goodies. We Don’t have to be rich to show our Love and Appreciation To the people we care about. If That was the case I wouldn’t ever be able to give anything.

    • #446868

      Homemade gifts,canning,Thrift stores are my favorite!!!!!!

    • #446875

      I make a cleaning solution of 1 part peroxide and one part rubbing alcohol, put it into a spray bottle and it even cleans cat barf out of the rugs!
      I use peroxide and baking soda to get out stains in plastic ware and tableware.
      And I use vinegar and baking soda to clear drains. Do any of these count?

    • #446876

      Make my own dog toys
      Make Super Laundry Sauce
      Make a grocery list and stick to it while shopping

    • #446877

      Three things that I do (MYO or DIY) to save money are:

      1. I am single, so I usually make large recipes of chili, spaghetti sauce, beef stew for example and freeze portions to enjoy at a later date.
      2. I will buy a whole chicken as apposed to buying cut-up chicken parts (more expensive) .. and cut up the chicken myself. The back of the chicken I will use to make chicken soup.
      3. A lot of household products are very concentrated and can be diluted. They do not have to be used full-strength. Ex.) laundry stain remover.

    • #446878

      I cook at home in lieu of eating out.
      I budget.
      I actually write and use a grocery list.

    • #446892

      1) I take one weekend a summer, get a babysitter, and try to hit every local tag sale and goodwill I can find. I stock up on kids clothing for the next couple sizes up and store them in slide away bins under their beds. I’ve always found every name brand you can imagine!
      2) I try to freeze and can as many of my own veggies as I can in the late summer and fall.
      3) I will buy a large turkey or chicken, cook the whole thing, then freeze it in portion bags for soups, stir fry, etc.

      I can’t wait to try the laundry soap!

    • #446716

      I MAKE my own apple pie shine. This reduces the amt of money we spend out on Friday nights.

    • #446900

      Use essential oils to make health remedies and to make our own non-toxic pest sprays for us, our pets and our garden;
      can/freeze our garden fruits and veggies;
      raised chickens this year to produce eggs for our use and to sell.

      And we’ve only just begun!

    • #446904

      Grow and can vegetables.
      Freeze and can fish and wild game: all fresh caught, in season.
      Grow herbs which we use fresh or dry those that will die off during winter.

    • #446906

      As of Monday December 30, 2013 at 7:59 am, this Goodie Giveaway has officially ended.

      multistars smilie Congratulations to our 2 randomly Selected Goodie Giveaway Recipients:

      1. Mimisbuddy1
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      Members, please be sure your CORRECT Mailing address is listed in your User Profile so your Super Laundry Sauce Kits will be received on time without delay!

      We just gave away a couple Super Laundry Sauce Kits, complete with a box of Borax, Washing soda and a bar of Fels Naptha!

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      Curious as to how Winners are chosen? Here’s a quick rundown for you!

      Thanks for playing & Stay tuned for additional Challenges coming your way!

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    • #446907

      We garden and can produce, we burn firewood as a primary heat source, I make my own seasoning mixes for cooking ie taco seasoning, ranch mix, onion soup mix.

    • #446918

      My three things are:

      1. Cook / eat at home. I can see a TREMENDOUS savings when we do this as opposed to eating out.

      2. Buy generic. I have a few things that I buy name brand, but VERY few. 99% of what I buy is store brands. And we like them better 99% of the time!

      3. Stay out of the store when I don’t need anything or have money to spend. As an impulse buyer, this is a huge saving strategy for me. If I go “window shopping” – locally or online – I always end up buying something. Usually something I don’t need. Avoiding temptation is the best solution to this problem I’ve found yet.

      Love the site and look forward to seeing other folks’ ideas for this challenge.

    • #446942

      1. Make my own mixes and sauces, condiments etc.
      2. Never eat out, especially when I can make it at home with the Copy/Clone recipes.
      3. Make my own laundry soap.(love the laundry sauce)

    • #446944

      Congrats… You two!!!!

    • #447011

      wow that is really neat.

    • #447029

      @Budget101 391258 wrote:

      Welcome to our Latest Budget101 Challenge Question!

      What 3 things do you make yourself or do yourself to save money?

      Our Top 3 are:

      1. Make Homemade Super Laundry Sauce
      2. make Homemade Mixes & Homemade Convenience Foods
      3. Menu Plan to avoid too many trips to the grocery store

      in order to enter, simply respond by answering the challenge question above!

      what is the goodie giveaway for this challenge?

      we’re giving away a super laundry sauce kit, complete with a box of borax, washing soda and a bar of fels naptha!

      Learn More about Budget101 Challenges Here!

      #1. made laundry soap for chritmas presents.. family and friends loved it.

      saves lots of moneyanddoes fabulous job. thx. #2.

      make my own bath salts…. #3. ice candles great idea for all used candles.

      not to mention geourgeous.

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    • #447037

      Saved lots on laundry sauce.. Awesome stuff………..#2. Ice candles used left ovrr candles and made ice candles instead of tossi g good old ysnkee candle wax at botto.

      Of jars. 3. Make my own bath salts …….

    • #447047

      Congratulations! Ladies

    • #447333

      We love shopping in thrift stores for all our treasures… brand name clothing, shoes & home decorating supplies. Giving each other haircuts has saved us hundreds of dollars over the years, & it only takes a few minutes!

      Gardening & creating wonderful meals with our canned, frozen & dried produce allows us to not only save alot but we get our exercise, too 😉

    • #447364

      Top three ways I save money are:

      1. Garden, using transplants raised in my living room window from heirloom seeds I save each year.
      2. Make my own mixes, convenience foods, natural cleaning products, and gifts.

      Exercise at home using fitness dvds and walking instead of buying a gym membership

      Ps. We always pay cash, no credit cards here.

    • #447370

      Homemade meat dog food, homemade soups, canned jams and jellies. So much better and cheaper than store bought!

    • #447625

      Can and freeze veggies/fruits from our garden; homemade laundry detergent; homemade cocoa mix; homemade granola bars and more!

    • #447769

      My top 3:

      1. Weekly menu plan-so I can utilize the local loss leaders and let Wal Mart price match them all. (saves gas) lol 😀

      2. MYO mixes and ‘from scratch’ cooking:
      ((rice and noodle mixes, pancake mix, brownies, cookies, cakes, baking mix, etc..))

      3. Home can fruits, jellies, jams, preserves, some veggies AND freeze fruits and veggies.

    • #447777

      I consolidate my trips/errands as we live 16 miles from town. I go once a week, to save on gas.

      We don’t eat Fast Food/ I make my own Copy Cat Recipe’s for our favorite meals.

      I buy fruits and Veggie’s that are in season, can & freeze what ever I can, shop the resale shops for clothing and household items.

    • #450883

      1) make my own laundry detergent (saved a lot since doing this)
      2) make my own dish washing detergent
      3) recycle my clothing to make shopping bags, kids clothes and crochet our winter hats, gloves, scarfs etc
      4) following the tips here – we do not eat out any more but enjoy making our own “restaurant food”

    • #451063

      There are lots of things! I use a “tide” laundry recipe that turns 1 jug of tide into 5 gallons, make fabric softener with conditioner and vinegar, give my dogs their shots (except rabies-law requires it to be a vet), coupon and sale match, shop goodwill and thrift when possible, internet shopping saves money when we know what we need, but can’t find a good deal locally, buy used off craigslist……….anything I can think of to lower our bottom line. I also earn money by making cakes, dog sitting, selling on ebay.

    • #452470

      Super laundry sauce, bathroom cleaner and bread.

    • #453573

      Is your body wash soap-free? How do you make it?

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